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From: Split, HR To: Mostar, BA
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    Split - Mostar

    Split - Mostar is bus lines that more than successfully, connect Split and Mostar and two neighboring countries, Croatia and B&H, every day through the year. If you are reading this and I believe that you are reading this, then you are already on our, Vollo application and searching for a bus lines, or bus carrier, with whom you'll likely travel Split - Mostar, which bus carrier will offer you the most comfort, and with whom you'll travel the cheapest.  

    The average duration of journey Split - Mostar is 3 and a half hours, but this, of course, depends on of the stops at other stations and traveling road or highway, etc.

    If you are in a hurry choose the minimum duration of the trip, but if you are not in a hurry, then you will most enjoy driving along the main road along the Adriatic coast.  Buses at the line Split - Mostar are equipped with air conditioning and TV, so you do not have to worry about weather conditions out there, and each trip will be more enjoyable if you can watch TV during your trip.  Bus station Split, as well as the bus station in Mostar, are very well equipped with additional content such as cafes, bakeries, and kiosks with daily press.

    The bus station in Split is at Riva, a popular promenade of Split, and the bus station in Mostar is also close to the city center. So, in conclusion, so close that are offered on the palm for you while you are waiting for the next connections you should make a tour through this beautiful cities. Because of the vicinity of the bus station in Split and Mostar to the major attractions in both cities you can walk right up to the center on foot.

    List of carriers Split - Mostar

    • Croatia Bus
    • Globtour

    Bus station Split

    Bus station Split is located next to the old core or city center. Next to it is located a ferry port and train station, which, of course, greatly facilitates, connection with one of these transport facilities.

    Bus station Split is equipped with a waiting room within the same station, bars, ATMs, and banks at Riva (one or two minutes of walk), and many pastry shops and mini-bakery with various salty and sweet pastries.

    All necessary information that is not listed in our posts is available at Info Desk of Station. Bus connections from the bus station to the other cities within the country are very common, so do not worry if you need to go to Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula or anywhere else, as well as to neighboring countries and European centers.

    Split - Mostar Journey

    Croatia is well-covered by highway, while this is not the case with Bosnia and Herzegovina. But however, this relation because of the closeness of Medjugorje, the great international pilgrimage center in B&H and because of Croatian south and connecting with Dubrovnik is very well connected by highway.

    The average duration of trip Split - Mostar is about 3 and a half hours.

    Of course, less stopping at other stations (in order to enter new passengers) bringing the shortest duration of your journey between Split and Mostar.

    Bus station Mostar

    By now you've read in the singular "bus station", in Mostar has two major bus stations (East and West). You don't have to worry, both of two stations are extremely safe and are located close to the city center.

    Bus station on the east side of Neretva River is indirectly connected to the train station which significantly facilitates a transfer of passengers who travel by different transport.

    Bus station offers a waiting room and within it, there is a range of cafes, but if you do not need to walk a few meters away and sit in some of the newer cafes. Right opposite the station is a bakery where you can buy salty and sweet rolls at very affordable price. Near the bus station, just a short walk (no more than three minutes), are banks and ATMs, more hotels and a large shopping center.

    The other bus station on the west side of Neretva River is located next to the City Hotel and the Student Centre.

    It is a new bus station, waiting room and cafes that are within the station are modern and comfortably furnished with a free connection to the Internet. If you are waiting for transport, do not worry, the station is equipped with all necessary facilities, from the store at the gas station to the excellent pizzerias and bakeries with sweet and savory pastries. Near the station is a restaurant that offers specialties from the grill (Karting) and is very popular among the local population, as well as a small shopping center. Bank and ATMs are located less than 5 minutes of walk from the bus station.

    Both of bus stations are well connected by buses within Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Donji Vakuf, Livno, Travnik, Bugojno, Tuzla and many others; Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zadar, Pula, Karlovac, Plitvice Lakes, Imotski and many other tourist destinations in Croatia and to Serbia: Belgrade, Montenegro and so on.

    More information about arrivals and departures of buses can be found at Info Desk of the bus station.

    Split - Mostar bus operators information

    All buses that operate at the line Split - Mostar have an air conditioner and TV. These buses will give you free use of Wi-Fi as well as sockets for charging your smartphone.  You can see all of this information at the Vollo's app when purchasing bus tickets.

    Why you should travel from Split to Mostar by bus

    The price of bus ticket in a one-way for journey Split - Mostar is about 16 euros, or 120 HRK, or about 31 KM, enough to think about, and of course be right, that is cheaper than to go with your own car, or by plane, which is in this case extremely unprofitable.

    As you travel from one country to another, our application has the advantage because of credit card payments and conversion of money.

    Bus travel in today's "fast life" besides saving money, saving your time. During the bus ride you'll be able to do other things, rest or sleep, prepare the draft presentation for a meeting, write a blog, or simply enjoy the scenery, which is truly unique, especially if you travel by the old road.

    Bus stops on the Split – Mostar journey

    On the line Split - Mostar ride bus carrier Croatia Bus or Globtour. Depending on your wishes and plans, and of selection of tickets, you'll travel a shorter or longer and pass through some of these places.

    Therefore you will travel the continental Croatia or Croatian coast and pass through Omis, Makarska, Gradac, Ploce, Metkovic, Capljina, Medjugorje and Citluk if you are traveling by coast; and if you go by the shorter way you'll pass through Omis, Makarska, Vrgorac, Vitina, Ljubuski, Medjugorje, and Citluk.

    Omis is a small town closest to Split, famous for its beautiful Cetina canyon, where the Cetina River flows into the sea, beautiful sandy beaches, and pirates, and therefore Pirate battles take place every year in August and it's unique of that kind at the Adriatic coast.

    Makarska is a story of its own.  Above Makarska rises the majestic mountain Biokovo and protects it from cold weather from the continent. The highest peak of Biokovo is St. Jure that rises up to 1762 meters and offers a spectacular view of Makarska, Makarska Riviera, and the islands. Makarska is one of the most famous tourist resorts at the Adriatic coast and is best known for its long sandy beaches surrounded by dense pine trees

    Gradac is at the very end of the Makarska Riviera or at the beginning (depending on where you come), it is a place devoted to tourism, and beautiful beach Gornja Vala attracts many tourists every summer.

    Ploce is known for the Port of Ploce, but less known because of Bacina Lakes that consist of seven lakes that belong to the most interesting part of karst.

    Metkovic is a city at the very border with B&H, besides beautiful scenery along the Neretva, Metkovic is known for The Marathon of Boats that held each year in August. Metkovic is also known for archaeological finds and unique ornithological area and cultivation of tangerines and watermelon.

    Capljina same as Metkovic borders with other country and is surrounded by Mogorjelo and Gabela, medieval architecture, and Hutovo Blato, Natural Park, a reserve of wading birds.

    Ljubuski is the richest with waters in Herzegovina, and that is certainly demonstrated by the beautiful waterfalls of Kravica and Kocusa, and wellhead Vitina.

    Medjugorje is known not only within its own country, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, but also across borders, and probably beyond. Medjugorje is world famous pilgrimage site in the heart of B&H, that annually attracts more than a million pilgrims.

    Going through Citluk you'll see a lot of vineyards and experience Herzegovina in the full sense.

    About Split

    Split, "flower of the Mediterranean" as it is called by its inhabitants.  There are not many cities or their sights in the world that UNESCO put under its protection, and Split boasts thereby. Diocletian's Palace is on the UNESCO list since 1979.

    Once when you arrive in Split, the walk along Riva is an indispensable. If you have not learned to drink your coffee as long as you can, here you'll learn, because it's not just coffee, it's a lifestyle.

    Diocletian's Palace, Church of St. Domnius and its bell tower where you can climb and take one of the most beautiful photos, and Peristil and Prokurative, are just some of the "address" that you "must see" if you are in Split.  If you are in Split do not eat "cevapi", eat "cevapi" in Sarajevo.

    When you are in Split eat fish ... fish at a million and one ways and with each of these ways you'll be delighted, and you can make a fish by yourself if you go to the fish market early in the morning and buy fish just taken from the sea. Split is perfect for "light“ joy, so, if you are in Split, please enjoy. Enjoy in soaking up the sun, enjoy your coffee or cocktail somewhere by the sea, enjoy in the gastronomy, enjoy in "cakule" (talk), enjoy in meditating, relaxation, because the Adriatic Sea doing strange things with our minds.

    About Mostar

    It is interesting one link between Split and Mostar, both have their "trademark" under the protection of UNESCO.

    The most famous sight in Mostar is Old Bridge. Because of the Old Bridge and the Neretva emerald color that stretches beneath it, tourists come from all over the world, almost all year round. Mostar is multicultural and you'll see at the very entrance of Mostar, high bell towers and minarets adorn the sky of this city.

    Besides the Old Bridge and the old core of Mostar, the city is interesting not only for sightseeing and museums but also because of nature around it. You can visit Bila, the spot where you can find a herd of wild horses, only 15 minutes by car away from Mostar, and where, if you're lucky, you can see, feed and photograph horses in their natural environment.

    In the area of Podvelezje, above Mostar, if you love nature and hiking you will find a numerous of forts left over from the Austro-Hungarian period or after World War II. In whatever mood you are and whatever you decide to do, you will not be bored in Mostar. And yes, before I forget, be sure to try traditionally prepared lamb and potatoes (yummy).

    Be bored in Mostar is not an option!

    There is no problem if you need to go back from Mostar to Split. Just check possible daily lines and buy a ticket for the one that suits you the best.