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From: Mostar, BA To: Split, HR
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    Mostar - Split

    Between Mostar and Split there is 167 km distance. The time you need to cross this route is just a little less than 4 hours, making this line ideal for crossing by bus.

    Every day, at least four buses come from Mostar to Split. According to the possibility of choosing travel time and carriers, it is virtually impossible for you to fail in finding a suitable departure for yourself.

    List of carriers Mostar - Split

    Only carrier servicing this line is CROATIA BUS d.o.o.

    Bus station Mostar

    In Mostar, there are two main bus stations (East and West), both located near the city center.

    Bus station East is connected to the Railway Station, which is great for passengers using combined transport. On that station, you will find a waiting room and cafes, which are rather older dates. If you want to relax in the newer café you have to walk just a meter away. There is also a bakery across the station, where you can buy some baked goods and thus overcome the hunger.

    The other bus station, West, is located near the City Hotel and the student center. It is a new station whose cafes and waiting rooms are modern and comfortably equipped with an inevitable free internet connection. You won't be hungry on this station. Namely, near the station, there is shop within the gas station, bakery, and pizzeria.

    In the immediate vicinity is a restaurant that offers grilled dishes, as well as a small shopping center. At less than 5 minutes walk from the station you'll find a bank and cash machines.

    Mostar - Split Journey

    On your way from Mostar to Split, you'll pass 167 km in 3 hours and 45 minutes as long as the journey takes about. Please note that Croatia is well covered by motorway, which can hardly be said about BiH.

    However, because of connecting with Dubrovnik, but also with Međugorje, the famous international pilgrimage center in BiH, the roads corresponding to the standards, and driving is safe. Therefore, while driving on the Mostar - Split line, traffic should take place without any difficulties.

    Bus station Split

    In Split, the bus station is located at Obala Kneza Domagoja 12. Near it, there is a ferry port and a train station. You presume this is certainly a great news.

    The bus station is equipped with a waiting room located in the building itself, cafes, ATMs and a bank, which is only a minute or two away from the station. There are also pastry shops, bakeries, as well as nearby fast food.

    Mostar - Split bus operators information

    Buses of the line Mostar - Split are equipped with air conditioning and TVs.

    Most of them have WiFi and sockets where you can charge your smartphones. On the other hand, forget about the toilet in the bus. Rare are those who have it.

    Why you should travel from Mostar to Split by bus

    One-way ticket Mostar - Split costs from 14.35 EUR. A good price is just one of the reasons we think the bus is the best choice on this route. There is no doubt that you will save some money traveling by bus.

    It is because, fuel is much more expensive, and you must add a toll price. But what is much more important, especially if you are traveling tired after a full-day job, is that you can use the driving time to put your hands in the air and rest.

    Bus stops on the Mostar - Split journey

    By bus from Mostar to Split the bus passes: Čitluk, Međugorje, Ljubuški, Čapljina, Metković, Ploče, Gradac, Makarska and Omiš.

    Čitluk rope from numerous, cultivated vineyards and this is an excellent opportunity to experience the true, pristine Herzegovina. Međugorje, a world-class pilgrimage site, probably could not be described more closely. Below is Ljubuški, a city famous for numerous waterfalls, and then Čapljina - surrounded by Mogorjel and Gabel, medieval architecture and Hut's mud.

    Then Metković, Croatia, famous for archaeological finds and a unique ornithological area. As you travel further, go through Ploče, Gradac, and Makarska to Omiš. It is a small town near Split, famous for its beautiful Cetina canyon and the unique Gusar battles that take place every year in August.

    About Mostar

    Already at the entrance to Mostar, you will notice its multiculturalism. Minarets and bell towers clearly indicate that different cultures mingle in Mostar.

    For sightseeing, be sure to visit: The Old Bridge and the core of the city, various attractions and museums, wild horses in Bilam, Podveležje with fortifications left behind from the Austro-Hungarian period or after the Second World War.

    About Split

    Split is the second largest city in Croatia and the largest on the coast. Once you are there, take a walk on Riva and Marjan, sit in a café on a long, Split-like coffee, take a swim in Bačvice.

    Peristyle, Prokurative, Diocletian's Palace, Church of St. Duje ... are just some of the sights. Visit them and sit down in one of the restaurants. :)

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