Bus Station Mostar East

Address Trg Ivana Krndelja b.b.
Phone number +387 36 552 025
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About Bus Station Mostar East

    How to get to the bus station?

    Mostar is a city that does not have a short transport so people or walk on foot or use taxi service if they are not in their own vehicle. Prices of taxi service in Mostar are affordable, which means that taxi costs 1KM per kilometre (half a EUR). Taxi calls may be sent to 1503 (charged start 1KM (half EUR), 1506 (free of charge of start), 1508 and others.

    What can I find here?

    Bus station on the east side of the Neretva River is older and the station is in use more than 30 years. At the bus station are many cafes, but those, at the bus station are generally older, smoky, dilapidated and enter into them only if you must. At the bus station is newsstand with daily newspapers, and a bakery is across the street. If you come at the bus station much earlier (e.g. an hour before departure) we recommend you to sit in one of cafes across the street or nearby the station, not at the station.

    Time to spare?

    You are in the most famous city in Herzegovina, so do not need to worry about where you'll spend your free time. The most famous tourist attraction in Mostar is Old Bridge from the 16th century, which is at the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2005.

    Enjoying in the view of the Neretva from the Old Bridge or refreshing drink next to the River Neretva you'll lose your sense for time. Considering that Mostar has two parts of town, one ancient and one modern, I supose that after all you'll wish to treat yourself with a massage in one of many spa centres in city or go to the cinema.

    Are you hungry?

    One of the favorite dishes in Herzegovina are definitely lamb or veal with potato prepared on traditional way under the bell. If you do not have time to wait to get this dishes, you will not make a mistake if you order one of the Mediterranean dishes because Herzegovians and Dalmatians have similar eating habits. And if you're in a big, big hurry, you can buy a pie or something similar in one of the many bakeries that are all around the city.

    Where to stay?

    Due to the large influx of tourists throughout the year Mostar has more hotels, hostels and rooms for rent. Prices vary depending on the comfort that it provides.