Bus Station Mostar West

Address Vukovarska b.b
Phone number +387 36 348 680
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About Bus Station Mostar West

    How to get to the bus station?

    In Mostar, there is no a short bus connection, so if you thought to sit in the bus and from the point "A" try to get to the point "B" we will have to disappoint you, it is impossible. Citizens of Mostar, or drive their cars, or goes on foot.

    This bus station is relatively young, which means that there are only four to five years and can be reached on foot or by taxi. Taxi in Mostar has a unique price no matter which service provider you choose, all charged 1 KM per kilometre.

    What can I find here?

    Bus station at the west side is from recent date, few years old. At the bus station is City Hotel Mostar and student complex. Since, this is recently opened, cafes are made in a modern style, and has a pizzeria within the bus station, and a bakery that offering a various sweet and salty rolls. Near the bus station (some 3 minute walk) is a small shopping centre Piramida where you can buy newspapers, go to the store and so on.

    You have free WI-FI in any bar, if it is not open, ask staff for the password. Prices in Mostar do not differ much from the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you'll pay: latte - 1,5KM (less than 1 EUR), Ness Cafe 2.5KM (little bit more than 1 EUR), juice - 2.5KM (little bit more than 1 EUR), beer 0.33 - 2,5KM (little bit more than 1 EUR). Price of rolls are from 0,5KM (30 cents) to 2.5KM (little bit more than 1 EUR), which of course depends on the type and size of the rolls.

    Time to spare?

    Mostar is the most beautiful in the spring and fall. The Old Bridge in Mostar is a world famous tourist attraction. The entrance to the Old Bridge is free of charge and souvenirs are very cheap. Be sure to visit the Church of St Peter and Paul called the Franciscan church and climb to the top of the bell tower 50m high (entrance 5 KM (around 2,5 EUR)) that offers a wonderful view on city.

    The city is full of cafe bars and if you have time, while you walking and sightseeing through Mostar, you'll easily choose where to rest with drink. As the largest city in Herzegovina, Mostar offers various tourist attractions.

    Mepas Mall is a large shopping centre and a hotel, besides the shopping place, here you can find a bowling alley and cinema on the fourth floor of Mepas. On the ground floor is McDonalds, and if you have more time you can go to the fourth floor and treat yourself with a delicious delicacy in a restaurant Prestige. If you have a need to "stretch" after a trip you can go to the Stari Trzni (Old shopping centre - five minutes’ walk from Mepas) where you have a newly opened gym and fitness centre (6KM per hour or around 3 EUR).

    Where to stay?

    There are numerous hotels in the city on the Neretva River, so you have a City Hotel, Hotel Mostar, Hotel Mepas and many others. Hostels are near the Franciscan church, close to the Old Bridge. Prices may vary.