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About this trip

From: Zagreb, HR To: Venice, IT
Buses 3
Average trip duration 6 h 41 min
Tickets from 30 EUR

Bus companies operating on this route

    Zagreb - Venice

    Depending on the day of the week depends on the number of regular bus lines from Zagreb to Venice. So on Thursday, you have only one connection with departure from Zagreb at 8 a.m., and the expected arrival in the 12 hours and 45 minutes. On Sundays, you have the best buses connection on the route Zagreb - Venice, starts in the morning at 8 a.m. and ends in the evening in 23 hours with a total of 6 offered daily bus lines.

    Duration of travel between Zagreb - Venice is between 5 hours and 9 and a half hours for a distance of 376 kilometers. The cheapest bus ticket in one direction is 141,37 HRK or 19 EUR for a bus that departs from Zagreb on Tuesdays at 09:45, and the most expensive is of the same transporters Flixbus with departing on Wednesday at 09:45 and price are 368.3 HRK or 49,5 EUR.

    Buses on this route are equipped with air conditioning, some of them provide free Wi-Fi and do not charge luggage.

    The bus station in Zagreb is the main station in Croatia with a total of 44 platform which provides a numerous of options for transportation from Zagreb to other destination. The station is 10 minutes from the city center of Zagreb if you use public transport.

    Bus Station Venice or Central bus station in Venice is next to the Piazzale Roma, and this is also the entrance for many tourists and travelers. Piazzale Roma is close to the large parking lot for the airport buses, transit buses, and numerous of Taxi-drivers. There are a wardrobe and storage for luggage that you can leave while exploring Venice. Annual through Piazzale Roma pass millions of tourists.

    List of carriers on the route Zagreb - Venice

    • Vincek
    • Flixbus

    Bus station Zagreb

    Bus station Zagreb is the main and largest station in Croatia. It has very good signalization at the station in Zagreb, so those with bad orientation will have no trouble at the station.

    The biggest crowds are at the station during the morning hours when school children go to school so you may have problems with the loading of luggage into the bus.

    The bus station in Zagreb has numerous counters for ticket sales but that does not mean that all of them works, so it could be a large crowd while you waiting in line to buy a ticket, so, the best option is to buy a ticket online.

    At the station in Zagreb you have a toilet that is charged 3 HRK and wardrobe for leaving your luggage, the price is from 2,5 HRK up to 10 HRK depending on the sensitivity and size of luggage.

    The bus station has a couple of cafes, a bakery, and a pharmacy that working non-stop. ATMs are well arranged at the station so no need to worry about runs out of cash. And do not forget the city center, Ban Jelacic Square is only 20 minutes’ walk from the bus station in Zagreb.  If you use the tram or bus you will arrive at your destination even faster.

    Journey Zagreb – Venice

    Buses that operate between Zagreb - Venice are traveling safely and comfortably. Each bus has air conditioning, and most buses also offer free access to Wi-Fi, and some of the transport companies on this route do not charge luggage.

    It is difficult to determine the average travel time because of the large difference, but you will also find buses that cross the 376 kilometers in 4 hours and 45 minutes, some for 6 or 8 hours, and others again for 9 hours and 53 minutes. It should be noted that the journey from nearly 10 hours placed entirely during the night. Buses on this line run throughout the year.

    Bus station Venice

    Bus station Venice i.e. the central bus station is located in Piazzale Roma, just a few steps from the Central train station or Venice Train Station - Venezia Mestre.

    Bus station and railway station connects modern pedestrian bridge, Calatrava. A system that practiced movement by one strip and is usually called the "human mover" connects Piazzale Roma with port and terminal. All this goes in favor the traveler who wants to have all transport options at his fingertips. From the Piazzale Roma is easily accessible whatever you want and need.

    Zagreb – Venice bus operators information

    Traveling from Zagreb to Venice is a quite long trip, even 376 km, therefore and buses that operate on this route are by the European standards, and each has air conditioning, comfortable seats, some of them offer free internet access and no charge for luggage.

    Why you should travel from Zagreb to Venice by bus

    Already been mentioned that the cheapest ticket from Zagreb to Venice is 141,37 HRK or 19 EUR and the most expensive is 368,3 HRK or 49,5 EUR, neither for any of those amounts, you cannot arrive from Zagreb to Venice by car because of an overpriced toll that pays during your traveling.

    The direct railway line between those two countries for many years does not drive and does not connect the two countries.

    Could you travel by plane? Are you sure you can fit in these costs, even with the cheapest airline options? Neither the airport in Zagreb nor both airports in Venice are not in the city center, so if you think of that, you'll know that you'll have to pay for transportation to the airport or from the airport to destinations in Venice.

    We will not argue that the bus ride compared to a plane lasts longer, but it is certainly cheaper, and if you take a night bus, then duration times does not matter because you'll sleep all that time.

    Bus stops at the Zagreb - Venice journey

    From Zagreb to Venice aren't stops, we mean there is no standing at bus stations for entry and exit of new passengers.

    Only stops that driver makes for short break depends on the bus driver or the transport companies and their established habits.

    There are three countries through which you travel, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.  The journey can take between 5 hours and 9 and a half hours, so use every opportunity during the downtime or rest to go to the toilet and freshen up.

    About Zagreb

    Zagreb is a city that has about one million inhabitants.  The most famous decoration of Zagreb is a charming Upper town with interesting architecture and cobbled streets which are very reminiscent of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. It is difficult to enumerate what you should see and do if you are in Zagreb in a short paragraph like this. But, let's try!

    The first, as we mentioned is Upper town, explore as much as possible, and the most famous in the Upper Town is Cathedral, Stone Gate, and Strossmayer promenade that for a nice day becomes an open scene of painters, musicians, and other artists.

    Be sure to walk through one of the most famous Zagreb streets, and that is Tkalciceva or Tkalca, enjoy in the surroundings of the old facade and the many bars and restaurants with the rich gastronomic offer.

    Go through numerous natural oases of Zagreb such as parks Maksimir and Zrinjevac, Natural Park Medvednica, Lake Jarun and Bundek and discover the charm of each.

    Ah yes, not to forget, enjoy a free Internet network throughout the city of Zagreb in cafes and restaurants, and the open network is at Ban Jelacic Square and at the Croatian National Theatre.

    About Venice

    Venice is a "sanctuary" of course we do not mean literally, but we mean when we say that it is almost the same as 600 years ago. Venice is situated on 118 small islands. One of the most famous landmarks is certainly St. Mark's Square with a 175 meters long space, a church, and the bell tower 99 meters high, mosaics and arches. May the Venice be mentioned without mentioning the channel nearly 4 kilometers long and which cuts through the city in the form of the letter S?

    A romantic ride along the channel (Canal Grande) is still "must do" for every visitor to this city. Venice can be crossed on foot from one end to the other in a few hours. You'll discover the beautiful art along the way, superb architecture and beautifully maintained urban spaces.  Exploring the city can be hard, you can even lose, but in the end, you will be happy for all what you see.

    Once you have visited the Basilica of St. Mark, next to visit is the golden house or Ca'd'Oro (Palazzo Santa Sofia) which is thus called because of the richly decorated facade. Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale) is one of the most famous historical centers of political power. Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) is the most famous and most important bridge in Venice, and the Bridge of Sighs which according to some legends was named after the sighs of lovers, and don't miss to visit Santa Maria Della Salute building which is the best witness of the luxuries Venice.

    Venice is a recognized and highly regarded because of one of the old crafts that still lives. From one of the islands of Venice, namely the island of Murano comes and distinctive colored glass and making of rigid glass.

    Venice became the first tourist country in Europe in the 19th century when European aristocracy started to show some kind of interest for Venice. Tourism is its major driver, according to some statistics Venice is visited with about 50,000 of tourists every day. The most famous events are the Venice Film Festival, Venice Biennale, and the Carnival.

    Venice has only a few cafes that provide Wi-Fi, do not think that they are free of charge, it is charged about 6 EUR per hour.

    In short, Venice is built on 118 islands, surrounded by more than 170 channels and has more than 350 bridges.

    Impressive and worth traveling from Zagreb to Venice. And when you get tired of gondola return from Venice to Zagreb will be even easier, or would you rather travel by some "discount" to Trieste, Rome, Ljubljana, London, Paris or some other tourist centers.

    Vollo Tips

    The worst time to visit Venice is during the Carnival and during the period when it rains. Venice can be very dark when it rains, depending on the period in which you visiting Venice you'll even have to buy waterproof footwear which is sold on the streets at a price of 20 EUR. During the rain and due to the high humidity of Venice itself, there is a big danger of mosquitoes and flies invasion.