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From: Zagreb, HR To: Sarajevo, BA
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Average trip duration 7 h 56 min
Tickets from 28.3 EUR

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    Zagreb – Sarajevo

    Zagreb - Sarajevo are bus lines that connect major cities of the two neighboring countries, Croatia and B&H, therefore, offer for bus travel is more than good.  Needless to say that the best and most reliable is buying of bus tickets is over Vollo's, that suits you to choose what day you'll buy your ticket, is that yesterday or today, tomorrow, in the morning, afternoon, evening, whatever, because we are available for you 24/7.

    The earliest departure from Zagreb is at 6:30 in the morning, the average length of travel Zagreb - Sarajevo is 7 hours with 3 stops (rest). Your journey mostly depends on the bus carriers, how many times the bus will stop, what route will be used (the old roads or highways) etc.

    Luckily, Vollo has a browser of duration of the journey or travel schedule, but before you buy a bus ticket Zagreb - Sarajevo, be sure to check offers more detailed and select the one that suits you best. Bus ticket for one person in one direction ranges from 16.93 EUR up to 34 EUR.

    Weather conditions do not need to worry you, because almost every bus have an air conditioning, which depending on the season and needs, heated or cooled.  During your journey Zagreb - Sarajevo, you can watch a movie or surf the Internet using Wi-Fi of the bus (which, however, sometimes, can be "down" due to a full bus of people).

    Bus station Zagreb, as well as the Bus station Sarajevo are well equipped with additional amenities such as cafes, newsstand and bakeries.  Bus stations in Sarajevo and Zagreb is located in the vicinity of city center, and are 10 minutes away by public transport from the city center.

    Because of proximity of the city center it would be great if you look around and see why the both of the cities are at the lists of cities that are worth visiting.  In both of cities are lot of excellent hotels where you'll feel like home.

    List of carriers Zagreb - Sarajevo

    • BlaBlaCar
    • Croatia Bus
    • Globtour
    • Centrotrans

    Bus station Zagreb

    Bus station Zagreb began with work 1961. This station with 44 bus platform easily connects Zagreb with other parts of the Croatia, and neighboring countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and other European centers, and bus carriers such as Puntamika Line, Centrotrans, Globtour, Zeni Tours, Fils and many others will do anything to make your travel pleasant.

    Due to the large offer in and around the bus station, you can rely that you will buy sandwiches, a bottle of juice or water, newspaper and all what is necessary for a pleasant journey.

    Besides numerous cafes, bus station has a wardrobe where you can leave your suitcase or personal belongings. The entrance to the toilet is charged 3 HRK.

    For all information that we have forgotten to include in the contents about this bus station and you are interested to know you can ask at the information desk of bus station.

    Zagreb – Sarajevo Journey

    With the construction of highways in Croatia are significantly shortened length of travelling between Zagreb and Sarajevo. If the bus drives by the highway and there is no stops in the cities, duration of your travel is minimal and from point A to point B you can be reached by 5 and half hours, and if, however, bus stops at each bus station it could significantly increases  length of journey between Zagreb and Sarajevo and then the average duration of travel is 8 hours.

    Travelling by highway is satimefer and faster. Stops that are marked with individual offers of bus carriers from Zagreb to Sarajevo indicate stops at the bus station in some cities.

    You have them indicated in the list of our application, and when you buy a ticket you can see at how many times the bus will stops at the bus station to pick up a new passengers.

    In the case of bus stops at gas stations, which is not indicated in the list as a stops, you have about 15 minutes and that you can use to stretch your legs and go to the toilet, or enter into the store and take stock of candy or something else. Should not even mention that the prices are a little bit higher in places like this than in the shops in the villages or cities.

    Bus station Sarajevo

    The new bus station in Sarajevo was opened in 1968 and has become irreplaceable in the functioning of daily life and communication. Bus station Sarajevo by its network of bus lines makes a real traffic within B&H to all major cities such as Mostar, Banja Luka, Tuzla, etc., as well as connecting all other small cities and villages within B&H.

    From this bus station in Sarajevo is easy to come to Croatia and its tourist centers such as Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Imotski, etc., Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and there is also regularly bus connections to the most European centers.

    Zagreb – Sarajevo bus operators information

    Most of buses that drives from Zagreb to Sarajevo and vice versa are equipped with air conditioning and TV, and Wi-Fi and power outlet, all information about bus you can see when purchasing bus tickets through our application.

    Why you should travel from Zagreb to Sarajevo by bus

    Bus ticket and its price is the first reason why should we go with the bus and the comfort and insouciance trips are just some of the reasons why we should opt for the bus on the route Zagreb - Sarajevo.

    Considering that these are the two capital cities of the two countries, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, even air travel is not excluded, but just think about duration of stay at the airport, customs duties and inevitable higher price of airline tickets.

    We do not need to describe you in detail all the benefits of bus travel, besides you choose the duration of your journey, and there are a lot more if you choose bus transport than air transport, you can choose the day or night driving, which, depending on the mood, can mean seeing the landscape or night sleep.

    And here we come to another reason for choosing the bus, if you drive car, travel costs could be much higher than the bus ride, we think of the fuel and toll. The train ride between Zagreb and Sarajevo could be as exciting as in a movie but the duration of your travel will be longer.

    Bus stops on the Zagreb – Sarajevo journey

    The majority wants as soon as possible to arrive at the destination, of course, the best way to do this is a direct line to your destination without stopping at other bus stations. If, however, you don't mind about length of your journey, then you can choose a cheaper bus ticket and enjoy in the thrilling scenery from Zagreb - Sarajevo that changes from the urban landscape, plains, and the mountain in Bosnia.

    Cities and villages where the bus stops for the entry of new passengers are mostly in Bosnia and Herzegovina and include: Stara Gradiska, Bosanska Gradiska, Nova Topola, Laktasi, Banja Luka, Rekavica, Krupa na Vrbasu, Crna Rijeka, Barevo, Podmilacje, Jajce, Vinac, Torlakovac, Babino Selo, Donji Vakuf, Turbe, Travnik, Vitez, Busovaca, Brestovsko, Kiseljak, Han Ploca, Ilidza.

    Centrotrans stops at all these places. Banja Luka is the capital of the Republic of Serbian, and it is dominated by the Vrbas River and the old fortress Kastel. In the city and its surroundings are intertwined different cultures, traditions and influences.

    All this has left its mark on the architecture of some parts of the city, but also the large number of cultural and historical monuments are witnesses of different epochs of human creativity. Because of the many green areas in Banja Luka, the town is known as a city of greenery.

    In the area of Jajce has registered even 29 monuments of national culture that belonging to the long period of 1,800 years, different civilizations, and religious and ethnic units, that are worth everyone's attention.

    Travnik was the capital of the Bosnian kings in the Middle Ages, and later the Ottoman Vizier. After Ottoman Empire occupy Bosnia, Travnik is being developed as a commercial and crafts center. Many of the buildings from that period are still well preserved and interest to tourists, such as the numerous mosques, oriental homes, clock towers, fountains and the old town from the 15th century.

    Vitez is a small town that was developed after World War II, and today is recognized by numerous shopping and business centers.

    Globtour carrier stops in Slavonski Brod, Derventa and Doboj. Slavonski Brod in Croatia by size and importance is the second city in Slavonia, and in 2009 was declared as the most beautiful city in Croatia, after the selection of the Croatian Tourist Board.

    Doboj originated in the 12th century around the fortress that is even today very visited by tourists.

    The carrier Fils stops at bus stations in Slavonski Brod in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bosanski Brod, Jelah, Magaj, Zepce, Zenica, Kakanj and Visoko.

    If you visit Maglaj, you must know that in the historical sense, the most important area of the city is the old part of town, where to this day are preserved fortress, Yusuf Pasha Mosque Kursimlija, Fazli Pasha Mosque and the Sukija Mosque, and Church of St. Leopold, which was first mentioned in 1638.

    Zenica is an industrial city, the fourth largest, after Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    About Zagreb

    Zagreb is increasingly frequent mention as a "hit destination" on the global web portals. Despite the fact that the Croatian capital is metropolis, Zagreb offers to its visitors a rich historical life that is best illustrated at the Upper Town, and the offer of the museum will fulfill the expectations of cultural and artistic life of Zagreb.

    There are a lot of things what makes Zagreb a special starting from the Upper and Lower Town, the Cathedral, Zrinjevac Park, Mirogoj cemetery, Medvednica Nature Park and the old town Medvedgrad.

    Zagreb Bus Station are distant from the city only 15 minutes, and Zagreb, itself, is very well connected by bus and tram lines, and therefore you do not have to fear that you will not get to your destination once you decide on this.

    After touring the city, you'll probably want something to eat, we recommend you the turkey with dumplings, ajngemahtec, strudel, pepper cookie or apple strudel. Zagreb offers something for everyone, so do not be afraid if you are a vegan or eat only fast food, Chinese, Turkish, Italian and so on. Everything is possible in Zagreb.

    About Sarajevo

    The capital and largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo. With the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in 1914, in Sarajevo, started the First World War. Sarajevo boasts the fact that was hosted the 14th Winter Olympic Games, in 1984.

    An essential part of Sarajevo is well-preserved old town, Bascarsija, which was created in the period of Ottoman rule.

    Sarajevo is a city that cherishes culture, so there isn't wonder a large number of museums and events like the Sarajevo Film Festival which was launched in 1995, Sarajevo Winter and the Sarajevo Jazz Festival, which is equally famous as Bascarsija Night Festival.

    And finally do not forget to eat cevapi if you are in Sarajevo, do not miss the unique gastronomic flavors, mixture of oriental and European.

    It is time to go back from Sarajevo to Zagreb? No problem, just check possible daily lines and enjoy your ride.