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07:00 14:14
Date: 21.07.2024.
07:00 14:14
7:15h 1
25.24 EUR
15:00 22:14
Date: 21.07.2024.
15:00 22:14
7:15h 1
28.95 EUR
17:30 01:30
Date: 21.07.2024.
17:30 01:30
8:00h 4
24.57 EUR
23:00 06:14
Date: 21.07.2024.
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7:15h 1
28.95 EUR

About this trip

From: Zagreb, HR To: Munich, DE
Buses 5
Average trip duration 5 h 57 min
Tickets from 24.2 EUR

    Zagreb - Minhen

    The route Zagreb - Minhen is 545 km long by the road. The average duration of the journey is about 8 hours. Too long? We agree that it is a quite long journey compared to some other lines, but remember that the Zagreb - Dubrovnik line is even longer. It is about 600 km. Did you go to Dubrovnik with a bus? You did? Why not to Minhen then? This line is worth passing especially if you haven't been there before.

    The buses travel on average 12 times a day. The first departure for Minhen is at 4:45 am and the last one is at 10:45 pm. The fastest way to get to your destination is to choose one of these two departures: the one at 7 am, or the other that starts its journey at 3 pm in the afternoon.

    For both departures the carrier is Panturist, and the journey lasts for a total of 7 hrs and 15 mins.

    The longest drive is the one that starts its way at 4 pm. By choosing this line you will travel to Minhen for 9 hours and 30 minutes, so you will reach the point destination late in the night. Specifically, at 1:30 am. In this case, upon arrival, the TAXI service is best choice to take you as quick as possible to your accommodation.

    The cost of a one-way ticket ranges from 18 EUR to a maximum of 32 EUR. Buying the return tickets you'll usually get some extra discount. If you're interested in some specific lines and prices, check them on our Vollo page, or the application, or inquire at the information desk at the bus station.

    At the information desk you can also find out the correct information, schedule, offers, actions for different categories (children, students, retirees) and so on.

    List of carriers Zagreb - Minhen

    • AP Imotski - Autoherc
    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.
    • Crnja Tours d.o.o.
    • FlixBus
    • Jelinak d.o.o.
    • Panturist d.d.

    Bus station Zagreb

    The Zagreb bus station is a place where it's not a problem to "kill" the time even if you need to wait an hour or two. Station is located on a very busy location circulating a large number of people independently of the station itself. For many of them, this station is on their way to work or school. Therefore, there's no need to be surprised by the high frequencies of the population.

    Equipped with bakeries, local grocery stores, cafes, ATMs, the post office, exchange office - it gives you an opportunity to do whatever you need to.

    In addition, there is the shop of the most popular Croatian candy brand named - Kraš. So in case you forgot to buy a souvenir, which can be a local dessert, you can be sure you'll find something sweet & delicious in Kraš.

    If you need to get rid of your luggage there's a wardrobe at the bus station and in case you need a parking lot one is just behind the station. Plus, the bus station is situated close to the railway, so in the case of combined transport the fact that the stations are close to each other is a great advantage for travelers.

    Zagreb - Minhen Journey

    The road distance from Zagreb to Minhen is about 550 km, and for which bus will need around 8 hours, mostly by a highway. Therefore, you won't have the opportunity to see the cities through which you'll pass through the bus window. The advantage of this is, of course, faster arrival at the final destination.

    Although it depends on the route the longest part of the trip is in general the A10 highway. On its way the bus will stop one to a maximum of two times.

    On its way from Zagreb to Munchen bus stops last from 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes. Just enough time to stretch your legs, breathe in fresh air and do whatever you need. A little note: prepare some coins. The toilet is usually charged and you have to be ready for it.

    Bus station Munich

    Central Bus Station in Minhen is close to the train station. Practically, similar situation as in Zagreb, the Croatian metropolis. This also means that once you get out of the bus you are very close to the city center.

    But we must mention that not all bus companies coming to Minhen, will stop at this particular station. Because of that it's really smart to check this information with the carrier just before the trip.

    If you get a bus at this station you don't have to worry about staying hungry or thirsty. In addition to it, station is well-equipped with all kind of facilities. You can find whatever you need - from cafes to bakeries and fast food restaurants.

    Zagreb - Minhen bus operators information

    All the buses that operate on the Zagreb - Minhen line have air conditioning and TV. Plus, most of them have free Internet access too, or in other words WiFi.

    Apart from that, if you're a huge fan of surfing the Internet, make sure you have your own Internet connection.

    Many carriers have equipped their buses with toilet for passengers. Besides that, it's not so often and that's why it's not too smart to count on that possibility. That's also the reason we suggest you to use the toilet which you can find at the bus station just before you sit in the bus.

    Why you should travel from Zagreb to Munich by bus

    Contemporary equipment, comfort, professionalism and driver experience, unladen driving and affordable ticket prices guarantee a safe and comfortable ride and are the reason why the bus from Zagreb to Minhen is the best choice. Although the line is a little bit longer, that's no obstacle for choosing the buses and the fact that driving is safer and more comfortable compared to some other options.

    If we compare a bus with some other kind of transport, we'll see that airplane tickets, ranging from 200 EUR up to 270 EUR, are obviously much more expensive than those for the bus.

    Also, the plane doesn't land in the city center. Forget it! You better prepare yourself to plan the transfer from the airport to the accommodation. Clearly, it's an additional cost, isn't it?

    The car on the Zagreb - Munchen route is not the happiest choice either. Calculate that by choosing a car, you're choosing to drive literally for hours on the highway.

    It's a fairly straightforward drive that usually doesn't "lean" to the driver. And by the way, don't forget to add the cost of a toll to the fuel cost.

    The train could seem like the best option on this trip from Zagreb. Even though it goes on a daily basis and offers a somewhat specific driving experience, it will also make your trip much, much longer. The price of a return ticket for train is around 105 EUR. For the comparison, if you pay a two-way bus ticket at the most expensive price, it'll cost you about 65 EUR. After all, it's best to look at the price list. Agree?

    Bus stops at the Zagreb - Minhen journey

    On the way from Zagreb to Minhen, there are several options depending on which cities and places you're going to travel through. However, taking the most common carrier option, most likely you will pass: Novo Mesto, Ljubljana, Bled, Klagenfurt, Salzburg and Rosenheim.

    Novo Mesto is the center of Dolenjska in Slovenia. It is located on the banks of the river Krka, close to the Karlovac - Ljubljana railway line and the Ljubljana - Zagreb highway. It is a kind of industry center in which the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are developing.

    Ljubljana is the Slovenian capital and the largest city in the country. It is famous for the numerous bridges under which the river Ljubljanica is running. The most famous bridge is Tromostovje. Don't forget to see it.

    Bled is a tourist paradise. The area of a beautiful, or better to say gorgeous nature. The lake and the island. Ship. The immediate vicinity of the Slovenian Alps. Mountain tourism. The list and epithets could go to infinity.

    Klagenfurt and Salzburg are Austrian pearls, and we don't doubt that you have heard of them. Klagenfurt is the capital of the Austrian federal province of Carinthia. Usually it is frequented by one-day excursions to Minimundus. Once you find yourself there, you can see the cathedral of St. Trinity, Alter Platz, St. Egid and Neuer platz with fountain dragon.

    Salzburg is a baroque town surrounded by castles, cathedrals, fortress Hohensalzburg, which you can see from almost every corner of the city, which is especially beautiful at night. It is also the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    Rosenheim is in the federal German state of Bavaria. Going alongside it know that you are only 52 km away from your final destination.

    About Zagreb

    The metropolis, Zagreb, was first mentioned in 1094. when Biskupija was founded. It is located on the slopes of Medvednica on the one hand and on the other on the coast of the Sava River. Soon after you start your Zagreb tour it will justify its title of a central center of Central Europe.

    Its center can be divided into two parts - Upper and Lower Town. The Lower Town is dominated by the main square - Ban Josip Jelačić Square and the Zagreb Cathedral.

    In the Upper Town the most important subjects are St. Marko Square and the church of St. Marko.

    Besides visiting the city center, go to Lake Jarun or Bundek depending on the available time. Although the choice between these two options is not easy, whatever you choose you won't make a mistake. If you are not in the mood for a walk in nature, we suggest a theater or a visit to an art gallery or museum. In the recent times, the most popular are these three: Museum of Illusions, the Technical Museum and the Museum of Interrupted Connections. In addition, ask locals about the most interesting events in the city.

    If you want to explore this country further from its capital, we suggest you to visit cities and towns: Rijeka (famous port), Pula, NP Plitvice lakes, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Varazdin, Osijek and Pozega. These cities and places didn't disappoint us and somehow we believe that neither will they leave you indifferent.

    For information, news, bus lines and ticket prices be free to visit our Vollo website or application. If you have any doubts about the routes feel free to contact the selected carrier.

    About Minhen

    Since 1175. Minhen has the status of a city, more precisely the "northernmost Italian city". Today it is the third largest city in Germany and has roughly 1.3 million inhabitants.

    Its specialty is the 'weissbier' beer and the Oktoberfest - a famous beer festival whose tradition is over 200 years old.

    The mentioned beer doesn't consist of wheat. Specifically, because of the different process of production, ie lack of pasteurisation, it can't stand for too long. This is why it's not exported anywhere outside the country or even across the country.

    By the beer and the festival, Minhen is full of interesting sights. The Marienplatz square, the Hofbrauhaus beer garden and the Justizpalast Justice Palace are just a fraction of what Minhen has to offer to its visitors. Well, there is also a wonderful clock, Glockenspiel, who, every day before the dawn, has his own play.

    Further, the advantages of Minhen are: multiethnicism and multiculturalism, bicycle routes, well-organized public transport, low crime rates, a large number of born and rich cultural offerings. Simply Minhen deserves to be visited and sighted even apart from the famous Oktoberfest.

    If you're returning from Minhen to Zagreb check the available buses online and to obtain your ticket in time. And of course, don't forget to use our Vollo website or application.