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01:30 09:30
Date: 21.07.2024.
01:30 09:30
8:00h 4
24.57 EUR
07:45 15:01
Date: 21.07.2024.
07:45 15:01
7:16h 1
28.95 EUR
15:45 23:01
Date: 21.07.2024.
15:45 23:01
7:16h 1
25.24 EUR
23:45 07:01
Date: 21.07.2024.
23:45 07:01
7:16h 1
28.95 EUR

About this trip

From: Munich, DE To: Zagreb, HR
Buses 4
Average trip duration 7 h 28 min
Tickets from 24.2 EUR

    Munich - Zagreb

    Munich and Zagreb share about 545 km, and around 10 buses run on this route daily. Clearly, it's important to emphasize the overall travel time. It is on average over 6 hrs.

    Every day, the first bus from Munich to Zagreb starts at 7:45 in the morning. Then there is a minimum of around seven daily rides and finally the last departure in the day. The last one starts its travel at 11:45 pm and arrives in Zagreb at 7:01 am. If you like to take a nap during the travel, bus is definitely the best option.

    When it comes to the length of the Munich - Zagreb route, the fastest way to get from Munich to Zagreb is to choose bus that starts at 6:45 pm.

    That way you will find yourself in Zagreb at 2:00 am. The carrier is Panturist, and the time it takes for this ride is 7 hrs and 15 mins.

    By contrast, the slowest way to your final destination, or in other words Zagreb, is the line that is scheduled for 7:30 pm. After driving for 8 hours and 55 minutes, you will be at your destination with two adjacent stands.

    The cost of one-way bus tickets Munich - Zagreb range from 18 EUR to the current highest of 32 EUR. If you need a two-way bus ticket, please inform yourself about discounts at the information desk. Here you can also find details about the timetable, the new offers and the arrival in Zagreb. Reservations and purchases, however, can be done at sales counters.

    List of carriers Munich - Zagreb

    • AP Imotski - Autoherc
    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.
    • Panturist d.d.

    Bus station Munich

    The main bus station in Munich is close to the railway station. Stations located close to each other are great news for passengers using combined transport. If you are one of them then you are lucky.

    However, if you are coming to Zagreb by bus please check with the selected carrier is this Munich station is the right one. Namely, it is not uncommon to find buses at other bus stations in the city, or to be more specific - in Munich.

    You are hungry or thirsty? No problem. This main station is located in the city center of Munich. There, on arrival, choose one of the many cafes, shops, or restaurants to meet your needs.

    Zagreb - Munich Journey

    The distance from Munich to Zagreb is approximately 550 km. The bus will take longer than 6 hours to pass it. The road is mostly done by a highway. On your way to Zagreb you are mostly passing beautiful, picturesque, landscapes.

    By the way forget about sightseeing towns. Namely, the fact that you drive by highway means that you will not go through urban environments that include dense traffic junctions.

    Don't worry. Upon arrival in Zagreb you will not miss the urban environment. Since the station itself is located near the center, you will immediately jump into the crowd of people and different events.

    Depending on the distance, the buses will no doubt have to stop at least once on their way from Munich to Zagreb. It is usually up to a maximum of three times. We suggest you to use that time, usually 10 to 15 minutes, for a short walk, coffee or a sandwich. If you need to go to the toilet first prepare some coins!

    Bus station Zagreb

    At the bus station in Zagreb you have all the necessary facilities. From grocery stores, post office, ATMs, cafes and bakeries to toilets, wardrobes and parking lots.

    Located on Marina Drzica 4, Zagreb Bus Station (AKZ) makes a door in the center. It takes only a couple of minutes by tram to get to the popular Tomislavac. The main railway station and the Importanne center are also within reach.

    The vicinity of the railway station is great if you need a train. While Importanne Center provides the first shopping opportunity in Zagreb. There are literally many different stores there. Of those with clothes and shoes, up to pet shop and grocery store.

    Munich - Zagreb bus operators information

    All buses on Munich - Zagreb line are equipped with: air conditioning, luggage storage space located above the seats and TVs. At these TV receivers, the driver sometimes decides to release a movie for passengers to help shorten the time spent on the road. Of course, this also depends on the people's wishes.

    According to trends, most buses also offer free Wi-Fi. It is not wise to completely rely on it. Especially if you can not stand to be without the Internet. Because of the large number of passengers trying to connect and use this service at the same time, signal congestion is often encountered. 

    Note: Don't count on bus toilet! Use the one at the bus station.

    Why you should travel from Munich to Zagreb by bus

    Quality equipment, experience of drivers, comfort and affordability of bus ticket prices are the main reasons why the bus from Munich to Zagreb is the best choice. The bus is certainly a more comfortable and more convenient option than some others.

    Are you traveling to Zagreb by plane? One-way ticket cost from 200 EUR to 270 EUR. The disadvantage of a plane is that the airport is located outside the city so in that case you need some extra transportation to the center. Consequently, the reduced air distance is definitely compensated by the time it takes to check in and arrive at the city as the airport is located outside the same.

    Deciding on a car this is a demanding distance that requires drivers concentration. Hours and hours of driving will enjoy only true fans of cars. 

    After all, count only a little less than 70 EUR to be spent on fuel. If you add tolls and the cost of renting a car, in case you don't have your own, again it is another clear advantage for the bus.

    The train could be the best option on this route. Sure, it will give you some new, specific experience. The amount of a two-way train ticket is around 105 EUR.

    Additionally, if you pay a two-way bus ticket at the most expensive price, it will cost approximately 65 EUR. Savings for the same line in the amount of 40 EUR, you agree, are not bad at all. You do not believe us? Review the price list or search the web.

    Bus stops at the Zagreb - Munich journey

    Going to Zagreb there are several options in the dependencies that change the cities and places you are going through the journey. However, the most frequent option of a carrier involves passing in parallel to these places and cities: Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Bled, Ljubljana and Novo Mesto.

    Salzburg is a Baroque town that is complemented by the cathedral, the Hohensalzburg fortress and the castles. You can see the fortress mentioned above from almost every corner of the city, and its beauty stands out at night. The specialty of this Austrian town is the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For many tourists it is undoubtedly one of the favorite destinations.

    Klagenfurt is a small town that is usually visited as part of one-day excursions to Minimundus, the city of miniature buildings. Take a look at it: the cathedral of St. Trinity, Alter Platz, St. Egid and Neuer platz with fountain dragon.

    Bled is very easy to describe as a paradise for tourists. It is, in fact, a beautiful, beautiful place, whose main attraction is the Bled Lake. Rent a boat and, by driving, absorb the irresistible beauty of the Slovenian Alps.

    The Slovene metropolis, Ljubljana, is the largest city in the country. In it, along the main square and numerous bridges, it is worth to visit: Filipov Dvorec, Robb's Fountain and the baroque church of St. Nicholas. Let's emphasize that Ljubljana has its most famous bridge. It's Tromostovje bridge which is located in its center.

    Novo Mesto is the center of Dolenjska in Slovenia. It is a kind of industrial center where chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are developed and dominated.

    About Munich

    Munich has 1.3 million inhabitants and carries the nickname "the northernmost Italian city". It is especially known for 'weissbier' beer and Oktoberfest, but it is also possible to add quality, well-organized public transport, cycling trails, low crime rate and high birth rate.

    Oktoberfest is the largest fair in the world, which is held every year in this city. The arrival of rivers of tourists is mostly related to this event.

    Have you ever wondered why it is called by the month of October when it is mostly held in September? The reason is historical. Namely, the first time the fair held was on October 12, 1810.

    The 'Weissbier' beer is not made from wheat, and it is specifically because of the different production process, which does not involve pasteurisation, so it quickly breaks down. This should be the reason for the absence of exports outside Germany, but also in some parts of the country.

    Independent of Oktoberfest and beer, Munich (Munchen) abounds with sights worth seeing. The Marienplatz Square, the Glockenspiel Gymnasium and the Justizpalast Justice Palace are an example of this.

    Finally, Munich is also perfect for experiencing and being part of merging different cultures. Reason for this are mainly students who come to Munich from different parts of the world.

    About Zagreb

    Zagreb is the Croatian metropolis and its largest city. On one side it is located on the slopes of Medvednica, and on the other side of the Sava coast. It is particularly interesting in many neighborhoods that, especially in recent years, are striving to provide their residents with everything they need in a narrow neighborhood area, so they almost don't have to go outside, except for school/work and night out.

    Namely, the quarters are well equipped with primary schools, kindergartens, children's parks, dog parks, shops (either smaller neighborhoods, or large commercial chains), cafes, banks, ATMs and post offices.

    However, the center of Zagreb is divided into two: Upper and Lower Town. The Upper Town is dominated by Mark's square and St. Mark's Church, while the Lower Town is dominated by Josip Jelacic Square and the Zagreb Cathedral.

    On the other hand, those who prefer nature suggest a visit to one of these two lakes: Jarun or Bundek. You can use public transport, bus or tram, to get from one place to another. The lovers of culture and art are welcomed in one of the theaters, art galleries or museums.

    If you are interested in further exploring in Croatia, we suggest these destinations: Rijeka (famous port), Pula, NP Plitvice lakes, Split, Zadar, Sibenik, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Varazdin, Osijek and Pozega.

    News, information and your bus tickets are waiting for you on our Vollo website, or the mobile application. If you have any unclear details or doubts it would be best for you to contact the selected carrier.

    Want to return to Munich? No problem. Search Vollo website, buy ticket and enjoy your departure.