Bus schedule

08:00 15:56
Date: 17.05.2021.
08:00 15:56
7:57h 27
27.09 EUR
15:30 23:21
Date: 17.05.2021.
15:30 23:21
7:51h 27
27.09 EUR

About this trip

From: Dubrovnik, HR To: Zadar, HR
Buses 2
Average trip duration 7 h 54 min
Tickets from 26.7 EUR

Bus companies operating on this route

    Dubrovnik - Zadar

    The road distance is 348 km, while the airplane distance is 282 km which is far less. Dubrovnik-Zadar is one of the most popular and, also, the most busiest journey or in other words route in Croatia. It is easy to plan your appearance in Zadar no matter when it fits you, so this could be during early morning, around twelve o'clock or in late afternoon.

    Moderate travel extent is 3 hours. The bus from Dubrovnik to Zadar leaves 5 times per day, but to be more precise, first bus leaves at 08:00, while the last one leaves at 22:00.

    The most economical one-way ticket is 178 HRK and the most expensive ticket is 283 HRK. We recommend, or, to be more specific, we advise you to check transport operator and type of the road before the eventual purchase of bus tickets. Travel duration and number of stops depends on transport operator and the selection of the road - the brand-new highway, or the old road.

    Besides that, Dubrovnik central bus station, as well as Zadar bus station are positioned adjacent the city center, so if you have a little more energy before departure or after your arrival go explore the city and sightseeing the sights. Both bus stations are well equipped with great and useful conveniences, such as: coffee shops, wardrobe, toilet, a little grocery store and a kiosk.

    List of carriers Dubrovnik - Zadar

    • Autotrans d.o.o.
    • CROATIA BUS d.o.o
    • Flixbus

    Bus station Dubrovnik

    Added to numerous cafes, bus station has a wardrobe which gives you the opportunity to leave your suitcase and go sightseeing the sights.

    This is the place where you can ask about price charts, new discounts, information and services. For all the extra information, e.g. the best place to eat near bus station or toilet location, you can ask at the information desk of bus station.

    Well, if you show up earlier to the Dubrovnik Bus Station do not rapidly sit down in the first cafe at the station and stay there for hours. We recommend you to walk and search for some internet cafe, fast food restaurants and bakeries where you can grab something to eat or drink.

    Journey Dubrovnik - Zadar

    Dubrovnik and Zadar share roughly 348 km. Time travel commonly depends on the selection of the road and also on the number of bus stops which as a rule take about 15 minutes each. If you want to reach the station the fastest as you can we suggest you to look, or in other words search for time travel before you buy and get your ticket.

    While travel you can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding fields, forests and meadows. Bus stop gives you just enough time to go to the toilet, drink coffee or eat.

    Bus station Zadar

    Upon arriving in Zadar, leave luggage in the wardrobe and drink a cappuccino in one of the cafes, and yes, it would be fine if you go to the restroom and fresh up after travel. At the Zadar bus station you are able to take sandwiches, chips, sticks, bottle of your favorite drink or coffee at nearby fast food restaurants, bakeries, shops and kiosks anytime during the day.

    Dubrovnik - Zadar bus operators information

    Perhaps the best idea for you is to browse the cyberspace or take a short rest. All buses on this journey come equipped with television and air conditioning. TV set gives you the opportunity to watch comedies from early 2000.

    Several of these carriers have a toilet and is equipped with electrical outlets for charging tablets and mobile phones. Fans of surfing shouldn't expect too much from free Wi-Fi in the bus.

    Why you should travel from Dubrovnik to Zadar by bus

    The bus ride between Dubrovnik and Zadar offers the best correlation for money in terms of speed, comfort and cost.

    The train ride from Dubrovnik to Zadar wasting more time, but further more money. If you think about the car, you must include a cost of gas, also if you are going to drive by old road, you will not have to pay the toll, but you'll drive an hour longer compared with a bus. Price of bus tickets in one direction Dubrovnik - Zadar ranges from 178 HRK to 283 HRK, or from 23.86 EUR to 38.00 EUR.

    Bus stops on the Dubrovnik - Zadar journey

    Fields where buses pass or stops include: Fields where buses pass or stops include: Mokošica, Zaton Veliki, Trsteno, and Slano. In case you want to get faster from Dubrovnik to Zadar, try to choose a direct line without any stops and if this is impossible or impractical for any reason, get the fastest line according to travel duration. While travel you can experience gorgeous views of cities, places and fields that you catch.

    About Dubrovnik

    While visit Dubrovnik be certain you appreciate lovely nature about the city. To be clear, we know that you possibly came here for culture, tradition and history and because of that let us tell you that from the center square, you are in a marvelous location for further sightseeing.

    Thereafter touring the city, you'll possibly wish something to eat, so we recommend you to ask hosts about the most popular or trendy restaurant or pizzeria or in case you want to save some cash we suggest you to find fast food restaurants or bakeries nearby the city center. Even though it is a small municipality it offers you so much to taste, see and experience and don't waste this unique opportunity just because you're tired.

    About Zadar

    This loving town is a summer home for lots of domestic and foreign passengers, so be clear to book your apartmant on time. Plentiful events, festivals of urban music and fairs interest tons of travelers regularly. When it comes to the Zadar passengers are overjoyed with the cultural legacy and all its sights, which has tons.

    After journeying the city and enjoying the landscape the time has come to say goodbye to Croatia and go on. Okay then, if you want to visit some new places we suggest you consider destinations such as Berlin, Budapest, Prague and Sarajevo.