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Date: 26.04.2021.
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22.99 EUR
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Date: 26.04.2021.
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About this trip

From: Zagreb, HR To: Vienna, AT
Buses 3
Average trip duration 4 h 41 min
Tickets from 16.5 EUR

    Zagreb - Vienna

    The distance by road between Zagreb - Vienna is 372.38 km, while the air distance is 268.31 km. When it comes to the bus Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is around 5 hours away from Vienna.

    While riding from Zagreb to Vienna the bus will stop maximum two times. Usually, those stops are at the gas station where you can also find: restaurant, grocery shop, coffee machine and a toilet. 

    Both cities, Zagreb and Vienna, are main centers of theirs countries and are their capital cities too. It is interesting that Zagreb is one of the youngest european capitals but, besides that, it is also one of the oldest european cities. Furthermore, Vienna is very popular among tourists from all around the world. It is a historical pearl so nobody will miss the opportunity for a visit.

    Bus ticket for one person in one direction, in this case from Zagreb, prices ranges from 17.93 € to 31.79 € and while buying a ticket for a round Zagreb - Vienna ride you’ll, for sure, get some discount.

    List of carriers Zagreb - Vienna

    • AP Varaždin d.d.
    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.
    • Črnja Tours d.o.o.
    • Flixbus Dach Gmbh
    • OBB-PostBus GmbH
    • Panturist d.d.

    Bus station Zagreb

    Zagreb Bus Station is located near the center of the city and the main Zagreb train station. To be more specific, station for buses is situated on the address Marin Držić Avenue 4. So if you came to the city by train and need to continue your journey using the bus, it’s good to know that you don’t need more than 10 minutes by a tram to get there.

    Zagreb bus station is well equipped with wardrobe, toilet (price 0.5 ) and offices where you are able to buy or reserve your bus ticket.

    In case you don’t like to wait in the line Vollo gives you the opportunity to search and buy your bus tickets online using our website or application. That way you will also get some extra information about the journey you have chosen.

    Bus station Zagreb offers their passengers the information desk. There you can ask the employee about actual discounts, departure and correct information. For specific questions, such as: extra luggage and transport of pets, it would be best for you to contact the carrier.

    Zagreb - Vienna Journey

    Journey Zagreb - Vienna is around 370 km long. According to that, minimum time you will spend on the road by bus is 4 h and 26 min to maximum 6 h and 15 min. Big difference? Yes, we can agree with that. But the difference in time of a journey it’s not about the carrier. It is obvious because in both of this cases the carrier is Croatia Bus.

    Clearly, the main reason for this important difference is the number of stops while using Zagreb - Vienna bus line. For example, bus who starts its journey from Zagreb at 3 p.m., rides without any stops and arrives in Vienna at 7.25 p.m.

    On the contrary, bus who starts its journey from Zagreb at 11 p.m., the last day line, stops two times and arrives in Vienna at 5.15 p.m., which means much later. It’s best for you to choose lines depending on the time you want to find yourself at your point destination, which is in this case Vienna, and, also, according to time you are ready to spend on the journey.

    Bus station Vienna

    The main Vienna Bus Station is Stadion Center Kolodvor. It is located in the street Engerthstrasse 242-244, or in other words, 5,1 km from the city center. Station is full of international bus lines and many of them lead you to: BiH, Slovenia, Germany and so on.

    Besides that, bus lines which leads you from one city to another are also very often so you won’t have any problem finding a ticket if you need to go from Vienna for some other city, such as Graz, Linz and Salzburg.

    Vienna Bus Station and its surrounding area are full of every little thing you might need. For example, shopping center, ATMs, kiosks, coffee bars, fast food, toilet and a parking lot. A large number of hotels and hostels are located close to Vienna bus station so if you’re looking for accommodation you now know where to look for.

    Zagreb - Vienna bus operators information

    All of the buses that operates on the line Zagreb - Vienna have TV and air conditioning. Most of them also have free Internet access. Some of the carriers have equipped their buses with toilet for passengers. Besides that information, this is not so often and that’s why it’s not too clever to count only on that possibility. Before take off make sure you have used the toilet which you can find at the bus station.

    Why you should travel from Zagreb to Vienna by bus

    The cost of the one way ticket for one person is range from 17.93  to 31.79 . The amount vary depending on the part of day during which you travel, number of stops and the carrier.

    On this route there are about 15 buses per day so there’s no chance you won’t find the one that suits you the best. You find yourself uncertain about which public transport you should use on your journey from Zagreb to Vienna? Let us give you some information on this subject.

    Airplane is much more expensive than bus. For one way ticket it costs from around 180  to around 270 . On the other side, there are everyday flights just like everyday bus lines. Furthermore, when you add time which you must spend to get to the airport and later from the airport to the city it is obvious that the difference in spent time is not so big.

    The cost of round trip ticket for train from Zagreb to Vienna is around 60 . That way you can save some money if you go with minimum one other person. In that case you can buy your ticket for the amount of 49,10 € per person. Passengers who are under 15 years old and who are traveling with their parents are free of any cost. But to be clear, this ride isn’t the cheapest one and is also definitely much longer.

    If you think about using a personal car, for the distance between Zagreb and Vienna, you must count gas spent in the amount of around 70 € and add to that the cost of vignettes. Wanna know how much will that cost? It depends on the path you have chosen. If you go through Slovenia and then, of course, Austria you’ll need to buy vignettes for both of these countries. Plus, by choosing the personal car you must be aware you won’t be in a position to relax and simply enjoy your ride without any pressing.

    Bus stops on the Zagreb - Vienna journey

    Since Zagreb - Vienna buses generally drive on the highway you can be sure that even if you choose to get there by a car during the ride you’ll pass by different, beautiful, landscapes. Sounds boring? Maybe for the rider, but not for passengers who can take that precious time to easily relax themselves or to fall asleep.

    On this route you’ll go through: Ptuj, Maribor and Graz. Ptuj is the oldest city in Slovenia and also the oldest wine cellar. There you’ll find Terme Ptuj where you can enjoy yourself in hedonistic wellness experience which will fill you with energy and peace.

    Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia, plus it is a home for about 113 000 inhabitants. This city is a great choice for everyone who is exhausted by a work. Beautiful nature, mountains and the Drava river make this town the first choice for everyone who is in need of getting away from all kind of problems.

    One of the first cities that you will pass once you get in Austria is Graz. When we talk about Graz we talk about popular shopping destination. Besides that, Graz has rich history which you are able to discover once you get there. There are for example: Hauptplatz - the central square, Rathaus -  the town hall and Murinsel - the artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur river.

    About Zagreb

    As we said before, Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of its country. To its visitors Zagreb offers the ideal combination of gorgeous nature, old buildings and the large number of museums and galleries. Added to that, you can also visit Zagreb ZOO, theatres, cinemas or one of the many concerts.

    If you need to get to a shopping mall you can reach it by all kind of public transport or by using Uber. On the East side of the city there are: City Center one East and Garden Mall, while on the West side you have even bigger choice. There you can choose between: City Center one West, King Cross, West Gate or Point. It is good to know that Point is only five minutes away from the Jarun lake so that choice gives you the opportunity to visit both of these locations.

    In case you want to stay in the city center you can use Dolac - the farmers’ market located in Gornji Grad. Besides that, while exploring Zagreb you should definitely visit the Zagreb Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church, Ban Jelacic square and popular streets nearby main square such as: Ilica, Radiceva and Tkalciceva.

    If you have an extra day you can use it to visit some of these destinations inside the country: Karlovac, Osijek, Vukovar, Pula, Rovinj, Split, Sibenik, Zadar and Dubrovnik. Osijek is the largest city and the economical and cultural center of the eastern country region of Slavonia, while Pula is well known for its amphitheatre which was constructed during the 1st century AD.

    About Vienna

    Vienna is former center of Habsburg Monarchy and according to that today it is the main destination for those who seek culture in Europe. Belvedere and Schönbrunn are simply must-see places. Furthermore, there are: Staatsoper - one of the leading opera houses in the world, city hall, parliament, Hofburg - the former imperial palace and Stephansplatz - one of the most important squares.

    Vienna is all about culture, music and dance. It is about the finest sweet bites and history. This capital has around 1 700 000 inhabitants and it is a great choice for anyone who is looking for great melodies, good rhythm and delicious tastes.

    Patience and culture is what you’ll find in Vienna. This city offers you numerous parks with colorful flowers. Wanna know which one to visit? We suggest you to start with one of these two: Stadtpark or Parter.

    You are ready to visit different european cities? Consider destinations like: Ljubljana, Budapest, Prague and Berlin. On the other side, if you’re traveling back from Vienna to Zagreb,  don’t worry about your departure, you are now close to the Adriatic sea and beautiful destinations situated on the Adriatic coast.