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04:00 09:25
Date: 19.06.2021.
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26.99 EUR
04:15 09:00
Date: 19.06.2021.
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4:45h 1
28.05 EUR
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Date: 19.06.2021.
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4:45h 1
16.83 EUR
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Date: 19.06.2021.
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Date: 19.06.2021.
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About this trip

From: Vienna, AT To: Zagreb, HR
Buses 5
Average trip duration 4 h 30 min
Tickets from 16.5 EUR

    Vienna - Zagreb

    The road distance between Vienna and Zagreb is 372.38 km. As expected, the air distance by these two cities is a bit shorter, or in other words it is 268.31 km. While on this route, the bus will usually stop one to maximum two times.

    Driving by the highway, those stops are at the gas station. There you’ll be able to find: restaurant, caffee bar, a grocery store, coffee machine and a toilet for which you’ll have to prepare some money. Most of them also have a park where your kids can enjoy their time off travel.

    Talking about time needed to get to your point destination, it’s good to know that in this case it takes around 5 hours.

    Depending on the part of the day at which your journey starts (day/night ride) explore surrounding area, read a few pages of your favourite book or just close your eyes and relax yourself for a while.

    The cost of the one way tickets ranges from 18.5 € to 32 €. It’s important to mention that, unlike buying one way ticket, when you’re buying a ticket for a round Vienna - Zagreb journey, no doubt you’ll get some discount.

    Writing about Vienna and Zagreb we write about two capital cities. Added to that, each of these two is also historical and cultural center of their country.

    List of carriers Vienna - Zagreb

    - AP Varazdin d.d.
    - Croatia Bus d.o.o.
    - Crnja Tours d.o.o.
    - Flixbus Dach Gmbh
    - OBB-PostBus GmbH
    - Panturist d.d.

    Bus station Vienna

    The main bus station in Vienna is Stadion Center Kolodvor and it is 5,1 km apart from the city. If you’re not good in finding a location in foreign city, here is the address: Engerthrasse 242-244.

    This station is full of international bus lines and many of them lead you to different countries, such as: BiH, Slovenia, Germany and France.

    Besides that, you have a great opportunity to explore some of the most popular destinations in Austria, f.e.: Graz, Linz and Salzburg. If you came too early at the bus station you can shorten your time using some of these facilities: fast food, coffee bar or shopping center.

    Vienna - Zagreb journey

    The route Vienna - Zagreb is long, roughly speaking, 370 km. To cross this distance you'll need a minimum of 4 hours and 30 minutes for a shortest lines to a maximum of 6 hours and 11 minutes. The difference in the length of the journey isn't to the selected carrier, but to the chosen route. Specifically, it depends on the number of stops on your way to the point destination.

    We're sure about this because both, the minimum and the maximum duration of travel, are related to the lines of the same carrier, which is in this case the Croatia Bus.

    In addition, the fastest bus on this route don't stop at all while travel, while the "slowest" one stops two times which is the maximum number of stops for this route.

    The summer road crowds could potentially make the Vienna - Zagreb travel route even more longer, but if you travel in that period, you probably already know that. Forget an express trip. Generally, bus lines are much slower than usual in that period.

    Zagreb Bus Station

    Zagreb Bus Station is located at Marina Držića 4, and is the main station in the Republic of Croatia. What does that mean? It means that once you reach the bus station you're in the center. Alright. Maybe you're not exactly in the center, but in a ten-minute tram ride to the Main Railway Station, you'll be there.

    At the railway station there are stops for all intercity and international trains routes that Zagreb offers. For this reason, especially for combined transport, the mitigating circumstance is that the stations are close to each other.

    The bus station in Zagreb is equipped with a toilet for passengers, a wardrobe, as well as with a counters for purchases or book reservations.

    However, consider that most of the time there are too many clients which a relatively small number of station counters simply can't handle, so if you're not a fan of waiting in the line you can easily search for your tickets by using the Vollo service.

    Use the information desk to find out about: news and accurate information, just like about the current discounts of independent categories that mostly cover: retirees, students and children. For specific questions such as carriage of pets and additional luggage, please contact the selected carrier.

    Vienna - Zagreb bus operators information

    Buses on the route Vienna - Zagreb are equipped with the latest European standards and consequently in the buses are: WiFi, TV, air conditioning, power outlets and an additional space for storing hand luggage.

    The toilet on the bus is not so frequent. But you can always rely on regular bus stops. If there isn't any ask the driver to simply stop the bus at the nearest gas station or something.

    Why you should travel from Vienna to Zagreb by bus?

    The one-way ticket prices for Vienna - Zagreb range from 18.5 EUR to 32 EUR for one passenger. With an average of fifteen daily departures from Vienna to Zagreb, it's undoubtedly that you won't find the one which, with the price and hour of departure, is appropriate for you.

    Giving advantage to the bus? There are many reasons for that. Frequent departures. Great flexibility. Freedom to choose literally hour of departure. By driving by bus you'll be in the hands of professional drivers. They usually have years of experience in crossing the route so that guarantee the security. Furthermore, the modern equipment of the Vienna - Zagreb buses provides comfort, and the air conditioner ensures that the temperature in bus is not too high or too low.

    An airplane ticket from Vienna to Zagreb would cost you from 1400 kn/188 EUR up to about 2000 HRK/270 EUR. Even though planes just like the buses depart from Vienna to Zagreb every day, you'll need to think about is it worth paying that much for the plane ticket while the maximum cost of the bus ticket is 32 EUR.

    The biggest advantage of traveling by plane is evident in a faster arrival at the destination, which is in this case - Zagreb. But once you add the time you need to spend to get to the airport, and then from the airport to the city itself, somehow even this last advantage fades.

    If you compare a bus with a train, it's important to say that the average ticket price for the Vienna-Zagreb train line is around 60 EUR. At best, the price for a train is the same as for a bus. However, certainly a driving time is much different. The train, without a doubt, drives much longer to cross the same distance.

    Finally, there's a personal or rented car. First of all, you'll spend about 70 EUR on gas. Furthermore, since it's an international route, don't forget to buy a vignette. Whether you are going through Slovenia or not, you'll pay for the vignette as soon as you leave Vienna. There's no way of avoiding it completely. Anyway, the difference between Slovenian and Austrian vignettes is definitely in price so be sure to check them before you get on the road.

    Bus stops at the Vienna - Zagreb journey

    On the road from Vienna to Zagreb, the traffic is mostly running on the highway. Drivers often complain that this ride is particularly boring since there is no significant turning in the way, but everything is somehow straightforward. Alright. It's fair to admit that this is really a possible aggravating circumstance, especially if you're tired and you have to drive. But when you're driving in a bus this is definitely a good chance to give a break to your mind and body. On your way to Zagreb you'll pass through: Graz, Maribor and Ptuj.

    Graz offers visitors a chance to see and enjoy: the central square Hauptplatz, the Rathaus and Murinsel Town Hall - an island that was built within the bridge, making a connection between the two parts of the city. The Museum of Contemporary Art dominates the more modern coast, while fort Schloßberg dominates the more traditional one.

    Maribor is the second largest in Slovenia. More precisely, it is just behind Ljubljana - the Slovenian metropolis. Despite its size, this is a good choice for staying for those who are exhausted from everyday commitments. Its slower pace doesn't significantly accelerate even for the most frequent hours of the day. Apart from this, Maribor is proud of its particularly beautiful nature which both, mountaineers and fans of rivers, can enjoy.

    Finally, let us mention Ptuj. The oldest town in Slovenia, best known for its Terme Ptuj. Great choice to recover yourself from hard working week.

    About Vienna

    Vienna was once part of the powerful Habsburg Empire, and based on that historical title and cultural-artistic construction, today is the true cultural capital of Europe. Austria can really be proud of its main city that culminates with its cultural monuments. The City Hall, the Parliament, Schönbrunn and Belvedere Castles, the Opera Building - the Staatsoper, the Hofburg and the Stephansplatz Emperor are just part of the sights, and are equally delighted by the lovers of art as well as the great acquaintances of history.

    Vienna is Europe's center of culture, music and dance. So while visit you can try some of the finest sweet snacks and learn some of the long forgotten manners. This Austrian capital is an ideal choice for lovers of quality melodies, good rhythm and delicious snacks.

    The beauty of the city is also reflected in the parks decorated with flowers. The meticulous and meaningful combined colors of this flowers talk about the culture and classics of the city.

    Scurry, conflicting colors? No, that's not a picture of an Austrian metropolis. Rather it is a simple combination of red and white color. Moderate, rigorous and relaxed.

    An example is the Park Stadtpark, which is the first public green area in Vienna. It is spread over 65,000 square feet and is a mandatory station for lovers of flowers. Then Park Parter within the same fun park. It is decorated by bushes along a 4.5 km long promenade.

    Once you find yourself in Vienna, you'll be very close to the other European destinations: Ljubljana, Venice, Mostar, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Berlin and Munich (Germany).

    About Zagreb

    The Croatian capital, Zagreb, offers its visitors an ideal combination of beautiful nature, old historic buildings located in the center and a large number of bars and clubs for long night outings. In addition, the youngest guests are definitely the most interesting in Zagreb Zoo as well as in numerous children's playrooms and outdoor performances and events, especially during the spring.

    Regardless of where you need to go, by using public transport or Uber service you'll be very quickly at your destination, no matter in which part of the city it's located. It's because Zagreb has a fairly well-organized public transport.

    The price for public transport is 10 kn/1.35 EUR for one hour and a half, or 4 kn/0.50 EUR for half an hour.

    Zagreb will for sure give you a chance to enjoy its nature. How? Simply by visiting the park Maksimir and Lake Jarun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, and if it's summer, you can freely enjoy swimming in the Lake Jarun along with the local people. Zagreb, apart from Maksimir and Jarun, offers Bundek and Ribnjak. If you don't find these four locations enough go visit Medvednica.

    In case you prefer to walk around the center we suggest you to visit: Upper Town with St. Mark's Church, Dolac Market, Radiceva and Tkalciceva - popular streets with numerous bars, the Cvjetni square and its newly built shopping center, Ban Josip Jelacic Square as the central city square, but also beautiful parks Zrinjevac and Tomislavac. Indeed, there is so much to see, to visit and to taste in the center of Zagreb.

    In case you still have some time to spend in Croatia we advise you to visit one of the following destinations: Samobor, Karlovac, Osijek, Vukovar, Rijeka (the most famous harbor), Pula, Rovinj, Umag, Split, Skradin, Sibenik, Trogir, Plitvice lakes, Zadar, Makarska and Dubrovnik.

    If you need to go back from Zagreb to Vienna, there's no problem. By using the Vollo application, or the website, look for the first matching bus and your trip can begin. There's no doubt that you'll find a line that suits you, just make sure you find the right bus terminal on time.