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About this trip

From: Vienna, AT To: Sarajevo, BA
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    Vienna - Sarajevo

    The Vienna - Sarajevo line is 775 km long. By bus, you will need about 12 hours and 20 minutes to cross that distance. Despite a rather long ride, the buses are modernly equipped and guarantee a maximum comfortable ride.

    Each day 4-5 buses depart from Vienna to Sarajevo. The departures are usually deployed from 3 pm to 8 pm. Which means that practically anytime in the afternoon and in the evening you can plan the beginning of your trip to Sarajevo.

    List of carriers

    • Biss Tours d.o.o.
    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.
    • Eurolines

    Bus station Vienna

    Stadium Center Station, or the central bus station in Vienna, is located at Engerthstrasse 242-244. The distance to the station from Vienna's city center is 5.1 km.

    At the Vienna station, you will find a shopping center, parking, toilet, fast food, coffee shop, traffic, ATMs.

    The Vienna Bus Station offers many international lines. Accordingly, a large number of them travel to Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia.

    Vienna - Sarajevo Journey

    The route Vienna - Sarajevo is quite long to cross by the bus. You will drive approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes, for which one-way ticket will cost you from 29 EUR upwards depending on which departure and carrier you choose.

    When purchasing a bus ticket, don't forget that you can usually get an extra discount on this regular price. Especially if you are in one of these categories: children, students, retirees. Wondering what to do while driving? Enjoy the peace and quiet.

    Bus station Sarajevo

    The bus station in Sarajevo is located at the address of Put života 8, and you will need less than 20 minutes walk from the city center to get there.

    The content you will find at the station is as follows: luggage storage area, Cafe Time, ATM and toilet.

    Besides that, near the bus station, you will find accommodation in case you haven't previously booked it. At your choice, you have hostels, hotels, private accommodations (rooms and apartments).

    Bus operators information

    The buses running on the Vienna - Sarajevo line of equipment have space above the seats for storing hand luggage, the air conditioner and the light and the loudspeaker above the seat.

    A large number of buses also have WiFI, which is free to passengers, ie no extra charge. Anyway, if you are a big fan of surfing, make sure you have your own access to the net since this one often fails due to a large number of users.

    Why you should travel from Vienna to Sarajevo by bus?

    A Vienna - Sarajevo bus trip is a bit longer and it is quite expected to ask if there is a solution for a shorter trip.

    There is of course. A plane or a car. But both of these options are more expensive and even a bit more complicated.

    Organizing a ride to the airport and later from the airport to the city. And, when it comes to a car, there is no driver so you can simply put your hands up and enjoy your ride. No, you are the one who has to be concentrated on driving.

    Bus stops on Vienna - Sarajevo journey

    Traveling from Vienna to Sarajevo, you pass a large number of towns and places. This is not surprising given the length of the trip, as well as the fact that you will go through several countries. Yes, yes ... it is certainly Slovenia and Croatia.

    About Vienna

    In the past, it was the seat of the mighty Habsburg Empire. Today, the capital of culture and tradition of Europe.

    While in Vienna from the sights we suggest you visit the following: the Opera - Staatsoper, Parliament, Schönbrunn Palace and Belvedere, the city hall, the Hofburg Palace and the Stephansplatz.

    Besides the beautiful architectural buildings, Vienna boasts many parks that complement beautiful, colorful flowers. Parter Park is part of the Amusement Park, decorated with bushes along a 4.5-km long promenade along the Danube.

    Plus, we must mention the City Park Stadtpark, which is the first public green area in Vienna. This park stretches for as much as 65,00 square meters.

    About Sarajevo

    You haven't been in Sarajevo if you haven't tried ćevapi in Baščaršija, the old part of town! There you will find a few popular restaurants, so if you are staying in town for a few days, try them in multiple places.

    As far as other locations are concerned, the buildings that attract visitors in Sarajevo, are these: The Town Hall, the Latin Bridge, the Sarajevo Museum, the Vrelo Bosne, the Pionir Valley and the Tunnel.

    After so many walks and getting to know the city you will definitely need a coffee. Sarajevo has a lot of places where you can have a delicious coffee, but we are still advising you to look for places that offer desserts with coffee. Why not try, for example, baklava or halva?