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From: Venice, IT To: Zagreb, HR
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    Venice - Zagreb

    The route Venice - Zagreb is 384 km long. It takes bus about 6 hours to pass that distance. One of the Crnja Tours buses starts its travel at 3:25 pm. Arrival at the point destination is scheduled for 9:35 pm. This means that the duration of journey is exactly 6 hours and 10 minutes, during which bus stops only once - in Trieste.

    The one-way ticket for this carrier cost 38 EUR. Also, for the return ticket you can be sure you'll get some extra discount. So the two-way journey costs around 57 EUR. It's important to emphasize that the bus departs for Zagreb every day. Including the weekend.

    Flixbus is also one of the carriers on this line. When it comes to them traffic from Venice to Zagreb takes place every day of the week except Wednesday. Departure is at 2:25 pm and the scheduled arrival time in Zagreb is at 8:25 pm. So, with Flixbus, you'll be 10 minutes ahead in terms of arrival at the point destination.

    The price of their Venice - Zagreb bus ticket is 50 EUR. Too much? Yes, maybe we can agree with that, but the online price for the same bus ticket is 19 EUR. Extra discounts? No, just an online shopping which is obviously much more affordable.

    List of carriers on the route Venice - Zagreb

    • Crnja Tours d.o.o.
    • Flixbus

    Bus station Venice

    Piazzale Roma is the place where you can find the central bus station in Venice. Not far from it is the main railway station - Santa Lucia. In fact, these two stations are connected by the Calatrava bridge.

    Stations are located a few meters away from each other. For sure this is a great advantage for those who are using the combined transport.

    After all, the proximity of Santa Lucia suggests close proximity to shops, souvenir shops, ATMs, public transport (Vaporetto) and a host of other amenities.

    Journey Venice - Zagreb

    The journey from Venice to Zagreb is about 380 km long and it suggests a pleasant ride in the hands of experienced drivers. Feelings of safety and comfort should be the first that comes to our mind when we think about bus transportation on this occasion when 6 hours of traveling doesn't seem so terrible, but as a chance to relax and simply enjoy our ride.

    Depending on the previous statement, there is no significant difference in dependence on which carrier, or better to say bus, you choose to get you to Zagreb from Venice. Again, the time needed to get from Venice to Zagreb differs literally in 10 minutes. Irrelevant, right?

    Bus station Zagreb

    The Zagreb Bus Station is the largest and also the central station in Croatia. Various facilities are located at and around the station. Here you have the opportunity to grab something to eat in a bakery, have coffee at a cafe, visit a drugstore, use several ATMs or post office, change currency in the exchange office, leave luggage in the wardrobe (0.30 EUR) or go to the toilet (0.40 EUR). You can park your car in a parking lot at the back of the station.

    If you want to explore Zagreb, sit on one of the trams in the direction of the center and in ten minutes you will enjoy the view of Tomislavac.

    We suspect that you will be immediately go shopping, but it is worth mentioning that at Importanne Center, which you will see as soon as you exit the tram, you can buy virtually anything you could think of. The shops with clothes, pet shop, mobile operator shops, groceries and tailoring shops are just a small part of the offer.

    Venice - Zagreb bus operators information

    Buses which are driving from Venice to Zagreb are equipped with: air conditioning, TVs, space where you can put your luggage, a luggage storage area, and comfortable seats.

    There is also a free WiFi in a bus, but the low signal can be a real problem for those who adore surfing the internet.

    Why you should travel from Venice to Zagreb by bus

    Although there are many, the reasons are quite simple. Good and modern bus equipment, comfort, an ideal distance for buses and driving safety with a professional driver driving in a concentrated and careful manner. In addition, there are also good prices for bus tickets, which distinguish the bus from other forms of transportation.

    The most affordable one-way ticket for adults is 38 EUR. Return tickets for bus cost around 57 EUR. The most favorable tickets for children are 7.5 EUR or 15 EUR for a trip in both directions.

    Students will pay 28 EUR for one direction, and if they want a ticket in both directions, the bus will cost them 49 EUR. We're talking about the Crnja Tours company. For Flixbus, we have previously mentioned that online payment is often far more favorable than this classic purchase option.

    Compared to other means of transport, bus travel is cheaper. Everyone can find it at a much cheaper price compared to other forms of transportation.

    The plane is far more expensive, and the airport is located outside the center so you have to provide extra transportation. The savings in time spent on the journey, ie a shorter time travel, are lost on the importance of adding the time needed to arrive first to the airport, then again from the airport to the city. 

    A car is quite a problem in the old, island part of Venice. If you come here by car, once you find yourself in Venice you can forget about it. Leave it somewhere and continue walking or pay yourself a ticket for Vaporetto. 

    The train doesn't exist as a travel option. Italy and Croatia haven't been linked with rail traffic for many years.

    Bus stops at the Venice - Zagreb journey

    Going from Venice to Zagreb you'll pass through these towns and cities: Portogruaro, Palmanova, Monfalcone, Vrhnika, Ljubljana, Novo mesto and Samobor.

    The first are these three: Portogruaro, Palmanova and Monfalcone in Italy. Then there are three in Slovenia: Vrhnika, Ljubljana and Novo mesto. The last one, Samobor, is located in Croatia.

    Of these, it's the most important to mention Ljubljana as a Slovenian metropolis. There are numerous bridges that are an additional reason to attract a large number of tourists.

    The most unusual of them is the Tromostovje Bridge, the "3 in 1 Bridge". If you didn't see it, maybe it's time for you to plan a visit to Ljubljana.

    About Venice

    When planning a trip to Venice, especially if you do it through travel agencies, before paying be sure to check in at which place you are staying. Find map locations and browse the location. When it comes to this it is good to know that Mestre is part of Venice but situated on the mainland, the continent, and the Lido Island is even further from the mainland than the central Venice.

    For travelers it means additional transportation costs to that part of Venice that they came to, but also cheaper rental. Travel guides in Venice can be very handy. From them you will learn more about the history of this idyllic place.

    Venice is abundant with sights. These are just some of the sights: Basilica of St. Marco (a reminder on Byzantium), the Rector's Palace (formerly a political and judicial center) and Torre dell'Orologio (a tower that you will not be able to miss anyway).

    The largest canal is logically named Canal Grande, with bridges over it, such as Rialto Bridge and Ponte Degli Scalzi.

    If you are tired of sightseeing, it is time to relax. Try delicious Italian coffee and originally prepared ice cream while enjoying the restful look of centuries-old buildings. Numerous historical editions and colorful stalls. Watch and absorb everything. Once you leave it you will want to get back at least for a moment.

    If you are considering the next destination, we suggest choosing between these cities: Vienna, Berlin, Budapest, Florence, Graz, Milan, London, Padua, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sarajevo and Trieste.

    About Zagreb

    Zagreb is the capital of the Republic of Croatia. Additionally, it has a convincingly large number of inhabitants. But are you wondering if this is all about its specialties? No way. Namely, the beauty of this city lies in a variety of offers depending on the interests of the individual.

    If you are traveling and love history and art we suggest: sightseeing of Upper and Lower Town with a visit to the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, the Croatian History Museum and the Zagreb City Museum.

    In case you are more in love with nature, we recommend a tour to Medvednica with its highest peak at Sljeme, then: Jarun, Bundek and Maksimir Park, which includes Zagreb Zoo. In addition, there is an indispensable station - the Croatian Natural History Museum located in a historic noble palace.

    If you would like to explore Croatia as a potential destination, please visit Dubrovnik, Pula, Plitvice Lakes, Rijeka (port), Umag, Split, Sibenik, Varazdin and Zadar. Use Vollo website or App as this is, believe us, the easiest way to get to your tickets! :)