Bus Station Zadar

Address Ante Starčevića 1
Phone number 060 305 305

About Bus Station Zadar

    How to get to the bus station in Zadar

    The bus terminal in Zadar is one of the rare bus stations on the coast of Dalmatia that doesn't have a view of the sea. :( More over, it isn't located near any of the culturally significant monuments or tourist attractions so you'll have to turn on your phone's GPS if you want to find it on your own.

    A far more easier route is to take the city bus named “Liburnija" (one-way bus ticket costs 10 kn and lasts 50 minutes) or call a cab. Taxi Denis offers the cheapest taxi fares. You'll only pay 20 kn for 3,1 miles/5 kilometers (30 kn in summer season). Other cab drivers are significantly more expensive - you’ll pay some 40 kn more for the same trip, distance-wise.

    What can I find here?

    OOnce you're there, you'll find several decent cafés, public toilet rooms, luggage storage, bakeries, news stands and fast food joints. Arguably, fast food “Nana” serves the best chicken burgers in town. ;) Prices don't differ too much from the rest of the town's offer, although drinks and snacks tend to be a bit pricier at the newsstands than they would be at a typical grocery store. Speaking of which, there are two big supermarkets nearby. One of them is located right across the street from the bus terminal while the other one is located on the right side of the bus station, along with a McDonalds restaurant. It's useful to know that WiFi is available across entire bus terminal.

    If you’ve got time to kill

    Zadar's peninsula is THE "go-to" place here, not just for tourists. If you want to dig into the town's rich historical background, we suggest you visit The Church of St. Donatus, the old market square Forum, The Cathedral of St. Anastasia and the Museum of Archeology. Tall buildings provide natural shade on the Old Town's narrow streets, so you can explore them at any time of the day. You can easily reach the peninsula by taking the city bus line number 2.

    When you're done with sightseeing, take a break in one of the prominent city cafés like Forum, La Bodega, Garden, Kut, Ledana... Or have some lunch at one of the many scattered seafood and mediterrenean restaurants..

    At the end of the day, take a walk along the promenade to see Zadar’s iconic sunset and hear the sounds of the unique Sea Organ.

    If you're not so keen on sightseeing and you'd rather spend time tanning and swimming in the sea, you'll be glad to know there's a city beach only ten minutes of walking away from bus terminal. The Kolovare beach features an open water polo pool and 32,8 feet/10 meters tall diving platform. You can totally jump from it if you feel like it. Or, what’s most often the case, if you've lost a bet with one of your friends. If you're not feeling that brave, you can also jump from lower, 16,4 feet/5 meters and 9,8 feet/3 meters diving platforms.

    Vollo Tip You can also take a break near the University of Zadar. This area is populated with relatively cheap cafés, such as Arkada, Kutić or Caffe Bar 72.