Bus Station Tuzla

Address Bosne Srebrene 60
Phone number +387 35 281 124
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About Bus Station Tuzla

    How to get to the bus station?

    Bus station Tuzla is located at Bosne Srebrene 60. For those who come to the city for the first time, it is good to know that the bus station is located 3.5 kilometers from the city center, which takes about 10 minutes by car.

    Since it's not a negligible distance, it's best to call Taxi in case you don't have a family or friends who could drop you off. There are many taxi companies in Tuzla, so you won't be in a problem if you book your car at the last minute. Those who are lucky, so the issue of transportation has resolved, need to know that there is a car park near the bus station at a cost of 1.02 EUR / 2 KM per hour for the first two hours, and each subsequent hour is charged at a cost of 0.51 EUR / 1 KM.

    If you're using a combined transport, know that nearby to Tuzla Bus Station there is the Tuzla Railway Station. It's less than 300 meters from the Tuzla Bus Station.

    What can I find there?

    The bus station Tuzla consists of 12 perons, and within the building, the passengers are free to use these facilities, the waiting room, wardrobe, bank, kiosks, and cafes. Apart from that, while they're waiting for their bus, passengers can use free internet access or Wi-Fi.

    Tuzla bus station also provides a display that provides passengers with information on the exact time of departure of the bus lines.

    If you want to leave your luggage in the wardrobe, know that this service charges 1.02 EUR / 2 KM for up to two hours of service usage, and each subsequent hour is charged at a price of 0.25 EUR / 0.5 KM. If you need to keep your luggage all day long, you should know that the price of the wardrobe for 24 hours is 3.57 EUR / 7 KM.

    The recent reconstruction of this bus station, built in the 1970s, provided passengers with a range of complementary facilities such as hairdresser, restaurant, tourist agency, fast food, rent a car service, exchange office, ATM ... Tuzla has got a modern bus station meets the needs of almost all passengers. Also, a new ticketing system is secured that facilitates the process itself to both passengers and employees. By this, Bosnia and Herzegovina get a modernly equipped bus station.

    Time to spare

    Tuzla is one of the oldest settlements in Europe. It's interesting that the name of the town comes from the Turkish language and means the Solana. To make the most of Tuzla experience, we will highlight some of its interesting features. First and the most importantly preserved, sacred objects. For example Turalibegova or Polish mosque, Hadžihasanova or Čaršijska mosque, Djevojačka or Jalska mosque.

    In addition to this, many cultural institutions will be highlighted: National Theater Tuzla, Historical Archives, National and University Library, Behram beg library, International Gallery of Portraits Ismet Mujezinović and East Bosnia Museum.

    You can say that you were in Tuzla even if you were only passing through the car window while you were passing through it, but you can't say that you met Tuzla until you've visited at least some of these locations in the city, Panonian Lakes, and Archaeological Park, then Trg freedom, as well as Soni Square.

    OK, I have no luggage, what now?

    When you solve the baggage question whether you left it in the wardrobe, whether you left it in your hotel room, that is the right time for a city tour. If you're tired of sight-seeing, sit in one of the many coffee bars and then later continue your walk.

    As for specific dishes, in Tuzla, you'll encounter all kinds of food. It's certainly a tip to try what you haven't had the chance to try, even at a price you don't like. Even the bus station itself has a restaurant so if you don't have too much time or you're simply overwhelmed, sit there and enjoy the delicious bites.

    Where to go next?

    Tuzla abounds in long-distance and international routes. The most popular intercity lines from Tuzla are those who go to these towns: Gradačac, Kalesija, Milići, Modriča, Ormanica, Šekovići and Vlasenica. Popular international routes lead to Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig and Mannheim.

    In case you can't decide on your next destination, we suggest you visit Sarajevo as the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Zagreb, which is, on the other hand, the center for Croatia. Both of these cities, abound with lines that further lead you to other cities in Europe. But, in addition, these are the cities of an intersection of history and culture for their states. Of course, besides Zagreb, Croatia offers a wealth of interesting content in these cities: Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Šibenik, and Dubrovnik, so consider them too.