Bus Station Slavonski Brod

Address Trg hrvatskog proljeća 1-2
Phone number 060 310 310

About Bus Station Slavonski Brod

    How to get to the station?

    Bus Station Slavonski Brod is located at Trg hrvatskog proljeca bb. It's important to note that it is situated in the very center of the city, exactly 166 m from the center and on the other side it is located near the railway station. If you need a train, it is only 238 m away.

    Taxi services at this distance don't make any sense, so if you're standing there with your luggage with no family and friends to lean on, it's best to ask someone for help.

    Once when you are at the Bus Station Slavonski Brod and want to continue your journey, you are free to choose between the different forms of transportation: taxi, train and of course the buses that can get you almost anywhere if you want to explore other parts of Croatia and beyond.

    If you are visiting Slavonski Brod for the first time and you need to find a bus station, it will be best to ask one of the locals for short instructions. Believe that there are practically no chances of getting lost. After all, we are talking about a city of 50 km² whose center is so tiny that you won't miss anything in it. Namely, from shopping centers, small shops and ATMs to a large choice of restaurants and cafes.

    What can I find here?

    Bus Station Slavonski Brod offers everything you might need while waiting for your transport. The bus station building has a waiting area. Therefore, in the event of rain or any other weather inconvenience you have no reason to worry. During autumn and winter you won't get wet, and for spring and summer you won't be fried in the sun.

    In addition to the waiting area, there is also a kiosk where you can buy juices, or snacks that will allow you to overcome the time of waiting. That's great, because we often become nervous while we're just waiting for something, and we don't know what to do with our hands. This way you can get some chips or chocolate.

    For those who skipped lunch or dinner, there is also the fast food that offers various sandwiches, burgers, cheeseburgers and all that at average Croatian prices.

    If you need a toilet, it's located in the Bus Station Slavonski Brod building. You won't miss it because there are table labels that lead you to it. 

    Furthermore, if you love to read newspapers or just love crossword puzzle while waiting to arrive at your final destination, you have no problem. Go to a kiosk and buy yourself a newspaper, magazine, crossword ...

    If you've got time to kill

    When you arrive in Slavonski Brod, we recommend using the time you have available to visit these historical sights: the Franciscan monastery, the Brod Fortress, and the Brlic's House.

    The Franciscan monastery was built according to military designs similar to a fortress, as evidenced by foundations over 3.5 m thick and walls over 2 m. Long 38 m, 13.5 m wide 13 m high, this Franciscan church is the largest church in Slavonia. In addition, the cloister of the ship's monastery is the most representative cloister of the monastery architecture of the Croatian north and one of the most striking baroque buildings in the Slavonian area.

    The Fortress Brod was built on the river Sava by Austria in the period from 1715 to 1780. The fortress itself, together with the established Slavonian baroque towns, Osijek and Old Town, belongs to a large defense system that has had enormous significance in the past.

    If you've got even more time to kill

    After settling in a hotel or apartment, take the time to see the city. In addition to the aforementioned sights, go to the center. Enjoy the sixth largest city in Croatia, which was declared the most beautiful in 2009.

    After a walk, and since you're probably still tired of the road, sit on the terrace of one of the many cafes and watch the city and the people there.

    In the case of hunger there is no need for nervousness. Slavonski Brod offers an enviable number of restaurants that offer to enjoy a variety of flavors. Prices are more or less average. That is, depending on your affinity and the place you choose.

    Where to go next?

    Slavonski Brod is certainly one of the cities that has the utmost potential to impress their guests. But when your visit is nearing the end, it's good to know where to continue your journey. The options that bus station in Slavonski Brod offers to its tourists, and within the continuation of the trip are Osijek, Vukovar, Vinkovci, Zagreb, and Zupanja. Obviously, this concerns the continental part.

    With regard to more popular seaside destinations, it is worth mentioning these cities: Crikvenica, Pula, Porec, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, and Sibenik.

    Zagreb deserves to be visited not only as a Croatian metropolis but also as the intersection of cultural and historical life of Croatia, which is enriched with natural beauties. Rijeka is the most famous, or rather, the most important Croatian port also offers a lot of content for young people, while the towns of Split and Pula need not be further emphasized. The wealth of Split is still widely known, and the Arena in Pula is something you know even if you haven't been there.

    Bus station Slavonski Brod also operates on international routes, and for all the necessary information, including timetable, line details and travel costs, contact information desk.