Bus Station Sarajevo

Address Put života 8
Phone number +387 33 213 100

About Bus Station Sarajevo

    How to get to the bus station?

    The main bus station in Sarajevo, located at the address Put života 8, is the easiest to get by taxi or public transport such as trams or buses. The ticket price for trams is around 1 EUR.

    Furthermore, keep in mind that during the morning there is a special crowd around the city center, and, of course, in the afternoon when people are returning from work.

    The reason for the morning crowds are workers and students who go to their jobs and at their faculties or schools, and most of them need to arrive at the exact time.

    But don't use the services of private taxi drivers who you can see at the bus stop, because they are too expensive and will use the insecurity of each visitor to charge a larger amount than it should otherwise be. Taxi service numbers in Sarajevo are 033 760 600, 033 663 555, 033 15 15 or 033 570 900. All taxi drivers will drive 5.50 EUR / km and depending on the driver for some start-up pay.

    What can I find here?

    Bus station Sarajevo has ticket counters and information desk, waiting area, check-in and checkout buses.

    Prepare some small coins for the wardrobe and toilet, as in the main, these services are not too expensive. Plus, you will most likely need to buy yourself a coffee, and possibly some chocolate and something tiny for snacks. Sleek money in the aspect of travel is very important and you need to prepare it on time.

    The information counter is where you can freely express your dissatisfaction with some of the segments of service, file a complaint of your tickets (if you bought them at a point of sale at a bus stop), check how to confirm the hour and time to return, etc.

    Fast food, bakery, mixed grocery store, exchange office, ATMs and many other facilities and services are located in and around the bus station so don't stay in one place. Sarajevo Bus Station itself has long been built and in quite a neglected condition. Cafés located close to the bus station are mostly open long ago and haven't been renovated in the near future so if you don't rush, we recommend you to make the next step and sit in a newer date cafe or the one equipped with newer standards. Beside the bus station, there is a very famous "Zmaj" restaurant, for which many claims to have the best ćevapi, traditional meat meal, in the whole of Sarajevo. Since they are just what you shouldn't miss in Sarajevo, it's not bad to know where they are the best.

    Time to spare?

    For those who have the exact time before leaving for the bus, it is ideal to leave their luggage in the wardrobe and then go for a sightseeing tour of the city of Sarajevo.

    Around 250 meters from the bus station is Avaz Twist Tower. The building is 176 meters high and offers a beautiful view of Sarajevo and its surroundings, the entrance price is about 2.55 EUR/5 KM. At the top of the tower are modernly decorated cafes with slightly higher prices compared to the rest of Sarajevo, but definitely worth visiting.

    If you try to go to the student campus from the bus station after 400 meters you will reach the main road in Sarajevo. There is also a small shopping center - Importanne, where you can also relive the road in one of its beautiful cafés. Immediately after Importanne, you come to the National Museum - a museum that every visitor of Sarajevo should visit.

    Next to the main street is Marijin Dvor, and there are Parliament, SCC, and Alta. We strongly recommend Food Market in SCC where you can taste food from around the world at very low prices.

    After lunch in the SCC, take around 3 minutes to Vilson's promenade along Miljack where, despite the season, you can meet many people.

    The well known Baščaršija is the most famous part of Sarajevo and is around 15 to 20 minutes by tram from the bus station, or if you are walking, it is about half an hour on foot. We don't even doubt that you'll come to Baščaršija once when you're here.

    Definitely, one of the best views of the city is from Trebević. Trebević is a nearby mountain, only a half an hour drive from Sarajevo. After leaving Trebević you can relive after the nature walk in the well-known and award-winning Pino Nature Hotel. In addition to the well-designed hotel, there is also Sunnyland, a fun park overlooking the city of Sarajevo where you can imagine being "small" and having fun as never before.

    If you're not a sightseeing person, rather enjoy relaxing and watching the city from the nearest cafe. Watch Sarajevo and absorb that, by the way, a special city, its streets and people who make it alive, that is, all your life.

    Where to go next?

    Suppose you are nearing the end of a tour of Sarajevo and you don't want to get too far away from the current location, it's worth knowing that there are interesting towns in the vicinity of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Zenica, Tuzla, Mostar, Bugojno and many more. When you go and meet Sarajevo and plan to move to Croatia or another country in the region, we suggest you visit one of the following destinations: Osijek, Zagreb, Rijeka and Plitvice Lakes.

    In addition to the significant cultural monuments in these cities, especially in the summer, you will also enjoy interesting events throughout the year, and because of that, we're sure you won't regret your arrival. For all these places and cities you can get bus tickets via Vollo.

    Finally, you can always decide on a trip to some of the European centers such as Vienna, Stuttgart, Venice, Zagreb, Belgrade, Podgorica and many others.

    Vollo Tip

    WI-FI is open and free of charge throughout Baščaršija as well as in all market centers and most cafes. Somewhere you might need to ask for an access code, but the waiters give it no trouble.