Bus Station Pula

Address Trg 1. istarske brigade 1
Phone number +385 (0)52/544 537
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About Bus Station Pula

    how to get to the bus station IN PULa

    If you are situated somewhere in the center of Pula, the cheapest and fastest way to get there is on foot. If you’re coming from further away, bus lines 1, 2, 2a, 3, 3a, 6 and 9 drive directly to the bus station and other bus lines stop in the vicinity. Ticket price is 11 kuna (1.5 euro) in one direction.

    A Taxi will cost between 30 and 50 kuna for up to five (5) kilometers, which is pretty expensive, but at least you have the option of leaving in case there are no more buses. Negotiate with taxi drivers, they can be flexible with the price.


    At the Pula Bus Station there’s a toilet and it’s free of charge, but all further comfort stops at that point. There is no soap, no toilet paper and no other facilities. There are several coffee bars near the station where you can catch a free(!) WiFi, if you order coffee which costs 8-9 kuna (1.1 euro).

    time to spare?

    The Arena in Pula, the most important tourist attraction, is just a ten minute walk away from the station, which means that if you have 30 minutes to catch a bus and have not yet seen the Arena, you should probably get going right now. Don’t forget that it’ll also take you around 10 minutes to get back, so be careful not to be late for your bus.

    The entry fee to the Arena will cost you 20 kuna (3 euro) if you’re a (college?) student and you have a card/document/ID that confirms it. Otherwise, it costs 40 kuna (almost 6 euro) to take a peek inside the Arena.

    Of course, you’re in Pula, the city is full of ancient Roman remains and interesting things, so you don’t have to pay a ticket for the Arena, you can simply walk through the city. Naturally, the prices get lower the further you are from the Arena.

    Are you hungry?

    Burek, a traditional traveller’s dish, isn’t very good in Pula. But rolling kebabs and pizzas are delicious, so if you’re a tourist on a modest budget you’ll have to sate your hunger by eating kebabs and pizzas - and remember, the prices get lower the further you are from the Arena.

    For a real meal we recommend Kaufland or Plodine. They’re only 10 minutes away from the station and are known for affordable prices of food and drinks.

    where to stay?

    Vollo got you here, but now you need a place to sleep for a few days until you move on? The choice in Pula is really wide, from apartments, hostels, to 5-star hotel rooms. Pula has it all.

    If you’re willing to go to the outskirts of the city’s core, there are numerous campgrounds, tourist resorts and villas and all along the coast.