Bus Station Novalja

Address Špital bb
Phone number 053 661 114

About Bus Station Novalja

    How to get to the bus station?

    Bus station in Novalja is located at the very entrance to the city whose center is 1.5 km away. The address of Novalja bus station is the following: Spital, Novalja 53291, Island of Pag. Given that a large number of tourists go further to the popular beach Zrce, it is good to know that from the bus station in Novalja to Zrce there is only 2.5 km of road distance.

    This bus station is well connected with its lines to other places on the island. Also, the bus from Novalja goes regularly to Rijeka, Zadar and Zagreb, while new bus lines are being added during the season, ie for Sibenik and Split.

    If you choose to go to Split, you should remember that from there Dubrovnik is no longer far away, so if you haven`t seen it, here is the chance. Why? Well, Dubrovnik offers a unique experience of history and tradition. Furthermore, if you look for something different, once you are in Novalja, there won`t be any problem for you to go to the next preferred destination, even if that destination means leaving Croatia, for,  f.e.: Trieste, and Ljubljana.

    What can I find here?

    Regarding the services offered at the station in Novalja you can count on the following: information and ticket shopping; kiosk for the purchase of food, drinks and other small, daily, necessities; travel agency services; waiting room; parking and taxi services.

    You can, therefore, be sure that you won`t be thirsty or hungry. Plus, your friends or relatives who were so good to drop you off to the station don`t have to worry about the parking lot, because the one at the bus station in Novalja is pretty huge.

    In addition, near the bus station in Novalja, only 171 m away you will find the shopping center/supermarket.

    The first petrol station is 140 m away from the station, while not far from the bus station there are hotels and hostels where you can look for your accommodation if you haven`t booked it in time.

    If you need an airport, you should know that the closest one is in Zadar which is about 96 km from Novalja. Another option is the airport in Rijeka-Krk. From Novalja to that airport you will have to pass 116 km.

    Time to spare?

    You should also remind yourself that once you are in Novalja, you are also in the tourist center of the island of Pag, as well as one of the top destinations for active vacation and fun. Okay, if you only have a couple of hours, you probably won`t be able to try that wild night life, but Novalja will not disappoint you either.

    No, no... it's virtually impossible to get bored in Novalja, and those few hours you have in front of you will probably pass too fast. So we suggest that you plan a new visit as soon as possible.

    In case you are hungry, just stay near the bus station Novalja. Here, as we have stated above, you will find everything you need through these few hours of waiting. Buy sandwiches and juices and then simply sit in the waiting room and enjoy it while you wait for your bus to come.

    If you've got even more time to kill

    After you place your luggage in the wardrobe, you are free to go research. What you will emphasize depends solely on your affinities. Fans of history and culture will probably be embarking on exploring remarkable buildings and archaeological sites. It is our recommendation to visit the church of Mother of God from Ruzarija with the remnants of early Christian mosaics, but also the parish church of St. Catherine, built in 1906, not far from the Archaeological Collection of Stomorica.

    If you just want to relax yourself we suggest that you visit some of these gorgeous beaches: Caska - east of Novalja with sandy access to the sea, the already mentioned Zrce - undoubtedly the most attractive beach, Strasko - 5 km long beach, which offers a sandy bottom after the more stone entrance, Lokunje - the town beach Novalja, Babe - the finest beach offering the coolest sea, fine sand under the feet and recreation.

    Where to go next?

    From the Novalja bus station you are free to head directly to almost every corner of Croatia. Namely, buses depart from here for these cities and towns: Crikvenica, Rijeka, Zadar, Pozega, Dakovo, Slavonski Brod, Karlovac, Split, Zagreb and Osijek. Those are all wonderful locations and cities offered by Croatia, where you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy your time during the sightseeing.

    If you decide to head for Zagreb, the Croatian capital, you will certainly not be disappointed. Tourist attractions are not lacking, and Zagreb itself is also rich in cultural monuments, natural beauties, hidden, peaceful holiday locations and a variety of gastronomic offerings.

    On the other hand, it's good to know that the international lines from the Novalja bus station are not unknown. From Novalja you can also plan your visit to Ljubljana or Trieste.

    You can check specific lines, detailed information and schedule according to the destination you want on our Vollo website.