Bus Station Travnik

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About Bus Station Travnik

    How to get to the bus station?

    In Travnik, the bus station is only 400 meters from the city center. Therefore, you have only five minutes of walking from one point to another, which even with luggage is not a problem. Correct address of Travnik Bus Station is Kulina Bana.

    However, if your accommodation is further away from the city center, the best option is to rent a taxi company or taxi driver to pick up your luggage. There won't be a problem getting a taxi driver because there are many of them. For example Taxi "Adam" Travnik and Taxi "Memo" Travnik.

    What can I find there?

    At the bus station you'll find a kiosk where you can get some juice or some chocolate, chips... whatever you think will be able to help you with thirst and resolving hunger, and by the way, you can buy a daily press. In addition, there is a counter where you can get your bus tickets.

    If chocolate sounds too small compared to your hunger, then go to Restaurant “Kod Muje”. The portion of the ćevapi with onion will surely make you feel full a certain amount of time.

    In Travnik, a bus station isn't located far from the Central Bosnia Canton Government, behind which 150 m away from the station there is a grocery store. Close by are a post office, pharmacy and several cafés where you can relax and have coffee before you go on a bus. Also, Travnik Hospital is only 500 m away from the bus station, while the Travnik Center for Culture is just across the aforementioned government building. According to this, it's clear that while you wait for the bus, you have a plenty of options. You can to go to the post office, make a purchase, taste food, rest with a coffee enjoying the town.

    Time to spare

    Regardless of the fact that the area isn't large, Travnik has a number of sights that will ensure that you don't feel bored, not for a second. The Travnik County Museum, The Memorial House Museum of Ivo Andrić's Birthplace, the Clock Tower on Musar, the Jeni (Hasan-agina) Mosque and the Colorful Mosque are just some of the sights we recommend to visit.

    The Travnik County Museum is one of the most important museums in BiH. It was founded in 1950 and has a fundus of about 80,000 exhibits divided into archaeological settings, natural history, and the "Life and customs of the people of the grassland".

    The reconstructed Rodent House of Ivo Andrić was opened in August 1974 as the Spomen Museum of the Nobleman of Literature, Ivo Andrić, born on October 9th. 1892 in the Travnik's Mahogany Zenjak.

    The name of the colorful mosque comes from unusual art decorations on the interior and exterior walls. In addition to that name, it's also known as Sulejmani. After the World War II suffered damage and the lack of maintenance of the oronula, in the eighties of the last century its restoration was completed after which it received its beautiful appearance complemented by unavoidable plant ornaments.

    OK, I have no luggage, what now?

    When you leave your luggage, it's time to get used to the town and how to do it faster than to sit in a cafe and drink coffee while watching the city and its hosts. You won't be looking for a cafe too long. Wherever you are located, be sure the cafe is nearby. We'll just mention some of the cafes: Jack, Gallery, Questionnaire, Summer Gala, The "V" Club, Vanilla, Nostalgia ... The list is too long to put it all down.

    As for lunch, visit some of the restaurants and try a homemade food, pizza, kebab or whatever you like. Obviously, we always strive for traditional homemade cuisine. Tarabovac, Port Alba, London, Doner Kebab, Pizzeria Cedar, Tenić, and Hari are examples of places where you can look for a delicious bite.

    Where to go next?

    From Travnik you can directly reach many cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of them are bigger and more touristy cities. Take for example Sarajevo, Mostar, and Zenica. If you plan to continue your journey outside of the country, you can directly from Travnik go to the following states or cities: Austria (Vienna, Graz), Croatia (Zagreb, Osijek, Split) and Montenegro (Herceg Novi, Bar, Ulcinj).

    Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Zagreb, Split ... each of these cities offer interesting facilities and sights that are just waiting for you. You haven't been in Sarajevo and have walked through Baščaršija for years? It's time to jump onto the bus and remember! :)