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From: Sarajevo, BA To: Mostar, BA
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Average trip duration 2 h 39 min
Tickets from 8.2 EUR

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    Sarajevo - Mostar

    Sarajevo - Mostar is connected with several daily bus lines. Ticket price for the trip Sarajevo - Mostar is average about 16 KM or 8 EUR. The average duration of travel Sarajevo - Mostar is less than 3 hours for a distance of 130 km.  The buses are equipped with air conditioning and free internet access.

    The bus station in Sarajevo is located near the city center i.e. 10 minutes by public transport. At the train station is taxi stand and you are well connected with the rest of the city. Bus stations in Mostar are located near the city center, and if you are in a hurry, you can always call one of the many taxi services that will take you a ride around town.

    List of carriers Sarajevo - Mostar

    • Croatia Bus
    • Globtour

    Bus station Sarajevo

    Bus station Sarajevo dates back to 1968. Bus station Sarajevo is the mover of everyday life and an indispensable part of the functioning of everyday life. From the bus station in Sarajevo is easily accessible all Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you can choose destinations such as Konjic, Travnik, Tuzla, Brcko, Bugojno, Banja Luka, Jajce and so on.

    Besides that, Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is easiest to arrive at neighboring countries such as Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and cities such as Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Belgrade, Podgorica, Budva and many other European centers

    This station is well equipped with additional amenities such as cafes, kiosks where you can buy newspapers and water or bakery.

    Due to good connections of this station with the city center, it is very easy to reach the city center and see why other praise this city.  Sarajevo is very visited by tourist and the attendance steadily rising, because of that it would be good to have a reserved seat on the bus.  If we missed some information such as departure you can check that closely in our app or at the Info Office at the Bus Station.

    Sarajevo – Mostar Journey

    The journey at the relation Sarajevo - Mostar is very often a topic on portals. Why? Because of the magnificent nature, you'll have a beautiful view from your seat in the bus.

    The roads around Sarajevo are modern and can be connected to the highway to Tarcin.

    From Tarcin to Mostar you'll drive through the wide main road through beautiful landscapes. The average duration of travel on this route is less than 3 hours and by using of WI - FI in the bus we can surely say that your travel will not be bored.

    Bus station Mostar

    There are two bus stations in Mostar. One is located on the east bank of the Neretva River and the other is on the west, both stations are safe for travelers and are located near the city center.

    Since the bus station at the east side is much older so it is deliberately created to the train station and for those passengers who change different transport facilitates travel.

    At the station, you have a large selection of cafes, the bakery is very close to the station and a kiosk for newspapers. In the immediate vicinity is Hotel Ero and Hotel Mepas and ATMs and banks, as well as big shopping center Mepas Mall.

    Bus station at the west side is located within the complex of Hotel City and Student Centre. Station has been recently built and therefore within it have a modern and pleasant offer of cafes, bakeries and other facilities required to passenger. Banks and ATMs are just a few minutes’ walk from the station, same as the restaurant where locals enter every day.

    Sarajevo-Mostar bus operators information

    All buses that operate between Sarajevo - Mostar have air conditioning, free Internet access, and power outlet for smartphones.

    Why you should travel from Sarajevo to Mostar by bus

    Without lying and twisting bad things in cellophane, this is one of the few destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina where you will truly enjoy while traveling by bus. The ticket for one person in one direction, in average, is about 16 KM or 8.5 EUR.

    I know you'll agree that for this money you cannot travel by your own car and get from Sarajevo to Mostar and pay the toll. This is according many ones of the most beautiful travel tour.

    World media when writing about Sarajevo and Mostar inevitably mention this route, something like "you must do", which is among other things known for its beautiful canyon of the Neretva that follows you almost from Konjic to Mostar.

    Along the way, you can see the company of Coca-Cola in Sarajevo, old bridge in Konjic, the bridge over the Neretva in Jablanica where was a battle for wounded in the Second World War

    Bus stops on the Sarajevo – Mostar journey

    At the Sarajevo - Mostar drive buses Croatia Bus and Globtour's. Buses stop at three bus station including Hadzici, Konjic, and Jablanica.

    Hadzici - Speaking of Hadzici, we must mention the famous Olympic Mountains Bjelasnica and Igman that are part of the municipality.

    This is also the best tourism sector in Hadzici, where winter sports facilities equipped with the most modern ski trails and ski lodge with more than 50 beds.

    These forests are also rich with wildlife so therefore should not be ignored either hunting outside the skiing season. Hadzici municipality is known for rural tourism and natural food with an emphasis on cheese and cream cheese, and fish that inhabit the rivers and streams.

    Konjic - Through the center of the city of Konjic flows River Neretva. The old city of Konjic is very nice for walking, as well as the city center and walking trails along the Neretva. It is inexcusable to be in Konjic and not walk over the old stone bridge which was built in 1682. On the territory of Konjic is located about 4,160 Stecci or tombstones, old stone sleepers as I like to call. This medieval tombstones are from the 2016 included on UNESCO's World Heritage List

    Stecak or tombstone you can see, already, in the city center, this is due to its value one of the primary things you should do in the Konjic. One of the Stecci was at the world exhibition in Montreal, and a medieval tribunal bench was at an exhibition in Paris.  The bunker or Tito's tunnel as it is called by the local population is one of the tourist attractions of recent times. The tunnel extends into the interior of the hill and its purpose was that in the case of nuclear attack is a war command. The tunnel was dug to a depth of 280 meters below ground, and it was supposed to primarily serve as protection for then-President and his Members, Tito and his family and closest associates.

    This tunnel is a fully preserved shelter that reminds the maze with over a hundred rooms and fully preserved inventory could ensure the smooth life for 350 people for six months.

    This was kept secret until the 90s (before the breakup of Yugoslavia), and in the tunnel was invested 4.6 billion $. WOOW, can you imagine that!

    Jablanica - is a small town along the Neretva with very rich history. The first thing you will notice traveling from Sarajevo to Mostar is Jablanica Lake. The lake stretches from Konjic to Jablanica, and its beauty attracts many swimmers and anglers. Jablanica is surrounded by mountains Prenj and Cvrsnica and the mountains are a challenge for many hikers. Jablanica is rich in cultural and historical monuments, so you will see a national monument immediately to the main road.

    Full complex with Museum is located at the exit from Jablanica to Mostar. There is the collapsed bridge from the battle for wounded from Second World War.  You'll also see exposed old train Ciro and the guns that were used during the Second World War.

    Besides the bridge, that is known far away and Jablanica lamb is also known, so you'll see dozens of restaurants that offering this indigenous dishes when you leave Jablanica towards Mostar.

    About Sarajevo

    Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also a tourist destination in B&H.  Many of those who visited Sarajevo are admire the old town, its narrow streets, Bascarsija, the famous shopping street Kazandziluk and food so characteristic for Bosnian culture.

    The most famous are cevapi, and for them not far behind are sweets like tulumba, hurmasica, tufahija etc. It is just a few of those who their stay in Sarajevo doesn't rich by going to one of the famous Olympic Mountains that surrounding Sarajevo.

    Maybe you did not know, but in Sarajevo started the First World War after Austro-Hungarian prince Franz Ferdinand and his wife was killed.

    Therefore, many travelers and tourists want to see Latin Bridge where all this happened. All those who are looking for culture will be happy in one of the many museums in Sarajevo, and certainly should not be ignored events, such as Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo Winter, and Sarajevo Jazz Festival and many others.

    About Mostar

    Mostar has one of the most interesting tourist attractions, world-famous Old Bridge. Old Bridge is on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 2005.

    Throughout the year Mostar visited people from all over the world and enjoy in the emerald-green river Neretva, which mysteriously flows under the Old Bridge. 

    At the entrance to Mostar, you'll notice the high bell towers of churches and the minarets that adorn the sky in Mostar for years. Mostar has a Mediterranean climate and have over 280 days of sunshine during the year, because of this and proximity of Dubrovnik and Split and capital of B&H is always full of tourists.  Mostar is divided into two parts, one is the old part of the city where time has stood in the 16th century and other is modern and you can enjoy all comforts of our time there.

    Mostar is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and hills and is cut by the middle of blue-green beauty Neretva River. 

    In the surrounding hills of Mostar you can see many of Austro-Hungarian fortresses, monuments of that era, bunkers from World War 2 on Fortica and Hum hill, bike trails on Velez and wild horses on the Bila (hill towards Siroki Brijeg). If you wish to relax and eat something, we will recommend traditional dishes such as lamb or veal, or Mediterranean fish specialties, and, naturally, drink good Herzegovinian wine.