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About this trip

From: Sarajevo, BA To: Međugorje, BA
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    Sarajevo - Međugorje

    Line Sarajevo - Međugorje is 153 km long. To cross that distance by bus, it takes only slightly more than 3 and a half hours on average.

    One way ticket on this route will cost you 9.2 EUR, and every day one bus will move from Sarajevo to Međugorje.

    List of carriers Sarajevo - Međugorje

    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.

    Bus station Sarajevo

    Bus station Sarajevo is located at the address Put života 8. From Sarajevo bus station it is easy to reach any part of Bosnia and Herzegovina so you can choose destinations such as Zenica, Konjic, Travnik, Tuzla, Brcko, Bugojno, Banja Luka etc. and it is easy to reach neighboring countries such as Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

    Sarajevo bus station is well equipped with additional amenities. Here you will find Cafe Time which is looking directly at the bus perons, traffic where you can buy daily press and water and bakery.

    Due to the good connection between the bus station and the city center, it is easy to reach the center of the city. Considering that Sarajevo is the city very popular among tourists and this visit is constantly increasing it would be good to have a reserved place on the bus, or to buy a ticket in advance through Vollo application (Android or iOS).

    Sarajevo - Međugorje journey

    Traveling on the Sarajevo - Međugorje line means crossing 153 km for 3 and a half hours. Both of these destinations are popular and often frequent, especially during the season, full of visitors from various parts of Europe.

    If you travel by yourself with a good book, the journey will pass for a moment. In case you have companions you don't have to worry. Conversation kills the silence. If none of this is an option then it will be best to rest your body and mind by watching the beautiful landscapes that alternate with you.

    Most buses have WiFi. Ask for a code and enjoy without worrying about whether to spend too much MB.

    Bus station Međugorje

    The bus station of Međugorje is located at the address of Ivana Pavla II, more precisely, immediately at the post office. From the city center this bus station is only 0.5 km away, or in other words, 7 minutes walk. Located in the very center of the city this bus station is open since 2011.

    Furthermore, near the Međugorje bus station, there is a supermarket where you can make a bigger shopping. For those who are hungry waiting for a bus, near the station you will find restaurants, and if you only need a little extra vigilance, the cafes are also close at hand and you know what to do.

    Sarajevo and Međugorje bus operators information

    Buses operating on the Sarajevo-Međugorje route have air conditioning and most of them have free internet access as well as power supply sockets.

    Why you should travel from Sarajevo to Međugorje by bus

    Line Sarajevo - Međugorje with its mileage and, finally, the driving time itself is ideal for crossing with the bus. The road, just a bit more than 150 km, lasts 3 and a half hours, and it gives you time to relax or read the pages of a book or magazine.

    The second option is a personal car. However, remember that the one-way ticket Sarajevo-Međugorje is 9.2 EUR. Fuel consumption will cost you more than that, and is there more toll? Yes. The bus is a more convenient and simpler option, and in this way, it allows you to rest while traveling, instead of being focused on driving.

    Bus stops on Sarajevo - Međugorje journey

    On its way from Sarajevo to Međugorje, the bus goes through Ilidža, Konjic, and Mostar from where it comes to Međugorje. Once you get there, take advantage of all the time you have. Find all sights, walk around, get a souvenir for your memories.

    About Sarajevo

    Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. When it comes to the tourism it is a highly developed destination. When visitors come to the city, the most dive is the old town, the narrow streets there, Baščaršija and the popular Kazandžiluk shopping street. In addition to this, most of the admiration is fueled by food that, as if to speak about the tradition itself. The most popular are certainly ćevapi.

    Did you know that the first World War started in Sarajevo? After killing Franz Ferdinand and his wife. This is why many tourists choose to visit the Latin Bridge since it was exactly where the murder occurred.

    If you have visited a museum in Sarajevo, it is now time to check for one of these festivals: the Sarajevo Film Festival, the Sarajevo Winter Festival, the Sarajevo Jazz Festival and many, many others.

    About Međugorje

    When you arrive in Međugorje you will find yourself in one of the largest Marian shrines in the world. The most important events in Međugorje are Anniversary of the Appearance, Grand Wedding celebration, Youth Festival, Mass at Križevac, Easter celebration, Christmas and New Year.

    If you arrive in the city beyond the time of these events then you definitely have to see: Parish Church of St. Jakova, the outer altar, the Apparition Hill, Križevac, the chapel of adoration, the statue of the Queen of Peace, the statue of St. Leopold Bogdana Mandić, and Parish Court.

    Hungry and tired from sightseeing, sit in one of these restaurants to unwind and rest your feet, the Viktor Restaurant, Santa Fe or the Herceg Etno Village of Međugorje.