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From: Mostar, BA To: Sarajevo, BA
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    Mostar - Sarajevo

    When you go from Mostar to Sarajevo will be waiting for you a pleasant bus ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Neretva River. During this ride, on the way, you'll spend between 2 and 3 and a half hours depending on the time traveling and transport carriers. Yes, we know, and a bit and a lot for a distance of just 130 kilometers. Mostar and Sarajevo are linked on a daily and regular bus service several times a day.

    The earliest bus departure is already at 6:30 in the morning so you have all day to spend on the way you'd planned. As we said, the trip takes two to three and a half hours and that time you can spend by napping or surfing the Internet.

    Among the many carriers companies that operate on the route Mostar - Sarajevo, the first in the morning depart Croatia Bus / Globtour. Of course, a wide selection of bus carrier resulting in a large number of bus lines that helps in the planning of your journey and arrival in Sarajevo at the time when it is best suited for you.

    While driving from Mostar - Sarajevo bus stops on average about 3 times at other bus stops. You can check in our application time and number of stops, but know that it depends mostly on the bus carrier and choosing the road that runs to destinations.

    List of carriers Mostar - Sarajevo

    • Croatia Bus
    • Globtour

    Bus station Mostar

    The bus station in Mostar greatly differs from other cities. To begin with, you have two bus stations; one on the east side of the Neretva River and one newer on the west side of the Neretva right next to the City Hotel and the Student Center.

    The first bus station was made 30 years ago and from here you can easily connect for further travel by rail, as it is almost leaning on the railway station. You can check the timetable on both bus station, because of that, we emphasize only the basic information in the sense that the bus line Mostar - Sarajevo runs from 6:30 am to 8 pm in the evening.

    For more information and services, accurate notifications, news, and ticket prices check out our Vollo app or ask an employee at the Info desk. Be sure to keep in mind that the discounts usually granted to a particular category, for example, for children, students, and pensioners.

    If you come earlier in one of the bus station in Mostar, do not sit in the first cafe. Okay, maybe you can do it on a new bus station (west) because all the bars there are recently opened and equipped with modern standards, but on the east side do not do that in any case. You'll see why!

    So when you leave your belongings in the wardrobe, make sure to go to the Old Bridge, the symbol of Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the bus station on the east side is located just some 10 minutes by foot. Only 5 minutes from the same station is a large shopping mall and hotel Mepas with a wide range of offers for everybody such as the bowling alley, shops, banks, restaurants, to the sauna and swimming pool.

    The bus station next to the Hotel City and Student Center offers a better offer of refreshment such as a nice small bakery, modern cafes, restaurants, fitness center and, of course, hotel services, if you need one.

    Mostar – Sarajevo Journey

    Of course, if you have a choice, you can choose a transport company which will run by the motorway, and that is a faster and safer way of your journey. Most bus carriers from Mostar to Sarajevo come for 2 and a half hours on average, but it may be shorter or longer and that depending on the time of departure, the bus carrier or the road you are driving.

    Why travel time depends on the type of road you drive, but also about the bus stops? So, if a bus stop on a petrol pump it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, or so, it will extend your arrival to Sarajevo for that time.

    But, use it for your benefit. If the bus you are traveling has similar stops, take advantage of that time to stretch your legs and eat some stuff or drink coffee. Do not forget, and we will point out, that the prices of all products are significantly more expensive at these places in relation to the ordinary city shops.

    Bus station Sarajevo

    The bus station Sarajevo offers its guests or passengers the opportunity to rest in one of the nearby cafe bars and, from the foot, eat a delicious bite for which Sarajevo is known. Upon arriving at the bus station in Sarajevo leave your bags in the wardrobe and go sightseeing, not only the capital but one of the most visited cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Do not miss going to the most famous part of Sarajevo. Bascarsija and Sebilj with lots of pigeons that are not afraid of passersby in are the most photographed place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visit the old craft shops at Bascarsija, buy a souvenir and eat the best "Ćevapi", well known Bosnian meal.

    Mostar - Sarajevo bus operators information

    Buses carrying passengers from Mostar to Sarajevo are equipped with air conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi internet, and some even have a socket for the power supply for your favorite device.

    Bus carriers wish international standards when equipping their buses and quality equipment isn't a surprise in those buses.

    Wireless internet in the bus is something, however, that shouldn't be overly rely, because the signal is often overloaded due to large number of users on the bus. Most buses also have toilets, but do not trust too much in that option.

    Why you should travel from Mostar to Sarajevo Mostar by bus

    The transport line between Mostar - Sarajevo is covered by various forms of transport, therefore, read below comparison of bus with other means of transport. The most common means of transport on this route are: car, bus, train, and plane rarely.

    The car might seem like an ideal solution for transport between Mostar - Sarajevo, but a problem of profitability is growing, especially if we remember that the price of fuel should be added to the toll if you choose to use the highway on that route.

    Traveling by train can be interesting, but not the best possible solution because, generally, involves choosing between a few available lines, and besides that, train tickets tend to be considerably more expensive compared to the bus. With the offer of cheap one-way and return tickets, bus offers a choice of a large number of daily departures and peace of mind and safety while driving.

    Air distance is, of course, smaller in relation to the road distance and this is a significant advantage of a plane compared to a bus, but traveling by plane means spending more money on the ticket than the bus. A disadvantage of this form of transportation is definitely in search of transport from the airport to the city center and from the city center to the airport, and we know that airports are usually situated tens of kilometers from the city.

    Bus stops at Mostar – Sarajevo journey

    Driving by bus on route Mostar - Sarajevo you'll pass through the beautiful, picturesque places and vivid nature such as the canyon of the river Neretva, Jablanica Lake, Ivan Mountain etc. By traveling through those places you have a chance to observe very beautiful areas, and someday, maybe, visit one of those places.

    On this route buses usually stop at three bus stations: Jablanica, Konjic and Hadzici.

    Jablanica is a small town next to which flows the Neretva River. The first thing you'll notice when traveling from Mostar to Sarajevo is the Neretva River, and then the Jablanica Lake. Cvrsnica and Prenj mountains are very challenging for recreations and worth to try. To all those who often go this route is the well-known term "Jablanica lamb", therefore, if the bus makes a break at one of the many restaurants in Jablanica you should definitely try a specialty of this region, lamb from the spit.

    Konjic has around 4,160 stecak or medieval tombstones on its territory, and the stone bridge which was built back in 1682, and famous bunkers, or more respectively, Tito's tunnel. (Tito was a president of Yugoslavia for about 40 years, and Bosnia and Herzegovina was part of Yugoslavia before 1992).

    Stecci or medieval tombstones are listed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016, and several tombstones are located in the very center of Konjic, so, because of their value as a medieval monument of culture, it would be good to put on top of the list sightseeing of this cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tito's tunnel is a recent attraction. To be understandable worth of this you have to know that in the construction of such a tunnel Yugoslavia spent 4.6 billion of US dollars.

    Yes, you read well, $ 4.6 billion. Aaaannd, did we intrigue your imagination with this information? The tunnel was dug out through the interior of the hill 280 meters below the ground and it should be served to protect the President of Yugoslavia. Tito and his family, and his closest associates had the privilege to be saved in this tunnel. This shelter is perfectly preserved with over a hundred rooms. Don't miss to visit!

    Hadzici is known for their Olympic mountains such as Bjelasnica and Igman. Winter tourism is also the most developed branch of tourism in this area with modern ski trails.

    About Mostar

    First of all, when you arrive in Mostar, take a break, and for that is the best one of the many cafes throughout Mostar. You'll meet Mostar the best if you walk around because Mostar does not have a covered city bus network, and apart from that, it's all half an hour's walk away from each other. As we have said before, forget the usual city transport because you came to meet Mostar, and to do it you will have to get a little tired.

    The Old Bridge and the old part of the city are from the 16th century, and that is the first thing to be seen, and then you can tour the other cultural, historical, old, and those newer attractions of Mostar. Museums and galleries are places in Mostar where you will find out even more so do not avoid them but look at one of them to become richer for snippets of ancient ways of life.

    If you are hungry, find refreshment in Mostar will not be a problem. The town is full of small bakers located in every street, so the "snack of leg" is no problem here. From the restaurant, we can suggest "Del Rio" which is right next to the Customs Bridge or a 2-minute walk from the Main Bus Station (east side) and Train Station in Mostar. Next in this direction you will reach the shopping center Mepas Mall where at IV floor have an excellent restaurant "Prestige". If you are for barbecued food, then "Karting" is one of those restaurants where you will go and be assured of the quality of food and services. Karting is located near the City Hotel or the Bus Station on the west side of the Neretva.

    About Sarajevo

    For many visitors, Sarajevo has never been explored to the end. That is the place or town in Bosnia and Herzegovina for which its citizens say that it has something, that it has a soul. Sarajevo is an indispensable destination for any traveler who visits Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore we suggest that you come to its sightseeing as soon as possible.

    In Sarajevo and its surroundings, you will come across many astonishing parks. This city, like the rest of B&H, is rich in history and intertwined culture - all from the mosques, churches and other sacral buildings, old town core and old buildings to the modern facilities and stunning new buildings, buildings and galleries that talk about the present life, museums that hide past life and cultural-artistic works of a recent date.

    Bascarsija is the most visited spot in Sarajevo, and the Sebilj at Bascarsija is one of the most photographed places, next to the Old Bridge in Mostar, in the entire country. So let Bascarsija be the starting point of research of Sarajevo.

    There, at Bascarsija, you can drink "Bosnian coffee", walk through Kazandziluk and admire to craftsmen who hand-made variety of souvenirs. When you leave the old core, be sure to visit the City Hall, the Latin Bridge known because the beginning of World War I start at that bridge and don't miss amazing Academy of Fine Arts.

    The guides in Sarajevo are not necessary if you manage to organize themselves and find information about what to see.

    If you are still unsure about new destinations and where to continue your traveling, we suggest the following destinations: Vienna (Austria), Belgrade (Serbia), Budapest (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Prague (Czech Republic) and Zagreb (Croatia).