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From: Mostar, BA To: Kotor, ME
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    Mostar - Kotor

    The distance between cities of Mostar and Kotor is 188 km. There are four buses on that line every day. The average duration of the journey is 8 hours and 6 minutes. During this time you can simply enjoy a book or observe the landscape you are going through.

    Both countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, have a beautiful nature that leaves the passengers in silence without the text and persuades them to reach for mobile phones and try to take a photograph through the bus window. We all know it never looks perfect, even average good, but that doesn't mean we won't try.

    If you haven't purchased your Mostar - Kotor ticket yet, it's good to know that its average price for one direction is 22.87 EUR / 43.80 BAM.

    List of Carriers Mostar - Kotor

    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.

    Bus station Mostar

    Mostar is a city with two bus stations - the East and the West with regard to the Neretva River that flows there.

    The Mostar East Bus Station has the advantage of being leaning on the railway station so in the case of combined transport it's the easiest thing to go from one transportation to another.

    Furthermore, within this station you'll find, cafes, a kiosk, bakeries, Hotel Ero, ATMs and banks and Mepas Mall - a large shopping center.

    The Mostar West Bus Station was built within the Student Center and Hotel City. Since this bus station is a new date, it's no surprise that you'll come across a more modern offer, cafes, bakeries and other contents that might be needed for passengers.

    Furthermore, a few minutes walk to the west coast of the Neretva, apart from banks and ATMs, you'll find an excellent grill restaurant. Ask the hosts, you'll certainly be happy to recommend it.

    Mostar - Kotor Journey

    When you travel on the route from Mostar to Kotor, remember that it's about a distance of less than 190 km. Bus ticket prices are affordable for everyone's pocket.

    Buying a one-way ticket for the bus will cost you an average of 22.87 EUR / 43.80 BAM. If it's important for you to arrive at your destination as soon as possible, then it'll be best to choose a departure at 7 am. The price for that line, though, is somewhat higher. One way ticket starting at 7 am will cost you 33.89 EUR / 65 BAM.

    Bus Station Kotor

    The Kotor bus station was built in 1981. Equipped with 10 parking spaces, bus parking, taxi stand, and parking for guests, this station offers transportation services within Montenegro as well as outside.

    An air-conditioned waiting room, cash dispenser, cloakroom, coffee shop, daily newsprint, ticket office, as well as information for where you can find new timetables, discounts, and actions - all you'll find at this station.

    Apart from this, there's also a travel agency that is ready to answer all your questions about Kotor and finally Montenegro. Just a small note, you can use this service at the bus station during working hours, ie 06:00 am to 10:00 pm.

    Mostar - Kotor bus operators information

    Buses operating on the Mostar - Kotor line have everything you need to make your trip from one city to another comfortable. Air conditioning and comfortable seats are something that is implied.

    Apart from that, most buses have TVs, WiFi, and charging sockets for your smartphone devices.

    Don't worry too much about the toilet on the bus. Most of them don't have them. However, during the ride the bus will stop so you'll definitely have the opportunity to go to the toilet, and besides, slightly stretch your legs and even drink quick coffee.

    Why you should travel from Mostar to Kotor by bus?

    Very simple. Who wants to sit on the steering wheel for hours, if that time can be used to rest and comfort his thoughts? Who has too much time today, so that they can choose to add a little more work instead of spending time reading a book or filling a crossword?

    After all, in case you are choosing between buses and a car, it's enough to say that car costs exceed the cost of a bus ride.

    Bus stops on Mostar - Kotor journey

    Within 200-kilometer distance you'll drive by the bus from Mostar to Kotor you'll pass by many towns and places. Blagaj, Stolac, Meča, Bileća, Grahovo, and Dobrota. We certainly recommend you to see the beautiful nature.

    About Mostar

    Mostar. The town that is primarily known for the Old Bridge, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2005. Most tourists arrive in the hostel, and even before settling in their room, they go to see the Old Bridge and, of course, the Neretva river that runs under the bridge.

    When you're in Mostar, you're bathed in sunshine in the city and it's even 280 days a year. Numerous places to drink a coffee on sunny terraces are a great opportunity for the soul and body to relax and to forget about everyday worries.

    Split into two parts, the old part of Mostar remained in the 16th century, while the new part offers the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits, or better to say, the benefits of modern, contemporary life.

    About Kotor

    Kotor and its Mediterranean harbor are surrounded by impressive city walls and so far have been preserved very well. They're on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 1979. What the beauty of Kotor additionally contributes to are the cliffs of Orden and Lovcen - mountains rising above the city.

    Kotor has the contours of Italian culture, which isn't surprising if one recalls that it belonged to Venice for a time and had its forts since 535.

    Amongst the oldest walls of the city is the Biskupija right next to the Cathedral of St. Tripun, which was built in 1166 and has a rich collection of art paintings. Of other sights, it's important to mention these: Čampa Karampan, Church of St. Ozane, Church of St. Luke, Church of St. Klare, Church of St. Mihail's Rector's Palace, which was built in the 18th century together with Kul of the City Guard.

    Where's to go next? Podgorica, Budva, and Tivat are just some of the options that others explore and by using our Vollo platform for reviewing, comparing and buying bus tickets, you can easily buy your ticket and visit at least some of these cities.