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From: Kotor, ME To: Mostar, BA
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    Kotor - Mostar

    The distance from Kotor to Mostar is 187 km, and every day on that route there are four bus lines. The first two buses start their travel at 11 am, and they arrive at the destination, specifically in Mostar, at a distance of 10 minutes. One arrives at 7:50 pm and the other at 8:00 pm. If you would like to avoid crowding on the bus, we recommend that you choose exactly one of these two departures.

    The next departure from Kotor at 2:40 pm, and arrival in Mostar at 8:15 pm. The last on the line Kotor - Mostar runs a bus at 10:00 pm, to arrive at the target bus station at 6:30 am, or to be exact, the following day.

    The average journey time is 8 hours. Of course, it's important to note that the fastest line of departure is at 2:40 pm, which isn't surprising since the bus is at its destination for about 5 hours and 35 minutes.

    The price of a one-way ticket on the Kotor - Mostar line ranges from 23.05 EUR / 44.50 BAM to 33.89 EUR / 65 BAM. Keep in mind that when you're buying the return ticket you get an additional discount.

    List of carriers Kotor - Mostar

    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.

    Bus Station Kotor

    Ten perons, a taxi stand, bus parking, and the one for guests is the best description for the Kotor Bus Station. In addition, there is a cloakroom, air-conditioned waiting room, daily newspaper service, coffee shop, post office services and ATMs.

    It's interesting that there's a tourist agency within the bus station that is undoubtedly the best place to look for tips on what to go for a city visit, where to sit on the finest meal or where to have the most delicious coffee. The only thing you need to pay attention to this and other station services is the bus station working time, it's from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm.

    Kotor - Mostar journey

    The road just below 200 km is ideal for a relaxing break and to forget all the worries. Additionally, the price of the bus ticket for the Kotor - Mostar line really matches the service you get for that price. Safe and carefree transport during which you can read a book or solve a crossword puzzle.

    When buying your ticket, don't forget to check for potential actions and discounts for particular categories (children, students, retirees). You can find out about this at the information counter, but also through our Vollo website or mobile app (Android or iOS).

    Bus Station Mostar

    There are two bus stations in Mostar - West, and East.

    The Mostar West Bus Station is right next to the Student Center and Hotel City. This station is in relation to the Mostar East bus station of the newer date and you'll have a number of interesting and useful contents from cafes and bakeries to nearby banks and ATMs and popular, especially among hosts, grill restaurants.

    The Mostar East Bus Station is located on the railway station, which makes it much easier to plan your trip if you have a combined transport on your way. Within this station, the following services are offered, traffic, bakery, cafes, ATMs, banks, Hotel Ero and Mepas Mall - a large shopping center.

    Kotor - Mostar bus operators information

    Buses operating on the Kotor - Mostar line have air conditioning and comfortable seats. In addition, most buses have TV receivers through which the driver often releases a movie for travelers.

    As far as the toilets are concerned, don't count too much on it. The bus will definitely take you around the road so you can take advantage of that break. Also, during these time you can stretch your legs and drink quick coffee.

    Why you should travel from Kotor to Mostar by bus

    With a long journey and a ticket price, the bus is undoubtedly the best choice on the route between Kotor and Mostar. Additionally, it offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourself simply by not thinking about the kilometers that are ahead of you.

    Bus stops on Kotor - Mostar journey

    Dobrota, Grahovo, Bileća, Meča, Stolac, Blagaj... are just some of the places you go through 200 km long journey from Kotor to Mostar. We suggest that you observe the beautiful landscapes that alternate with you for the duration of your journey.

    About Kotor

    Kotor surrounds the impressive walls that have been preserved so far. Furthermore, the cliffs of Orden and Lovcen, the mountains that rise above the city, further emphasize the beauty of the city.

    Have you noticed the outlines of Italian culture in Kotor? It's nothing strange to remember that the city once belonged to Venice and had its forts since 535.

    The oldest wall of the city is certainly the Bishopric just next to the cathedral of St. Tripun, which was built in 1166. There is a rich collection of artistic paintings. Of other sights, it's important to point out to, Karampan čas, Church of St. Ozane, Church of St. Luke, Church of St. Klara, Church of St. Mihail's Rector's Palace, which was built in the 18th century together with Kul of the City Guard.

    Once you are in Kotor, Podgorica, Budva, and Tivat are just some of the options for further travel.

    About Mostar

    Mostar is primarily known for its Old Bridge, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2005. The largest number of tourists visiting the city immediately go by the Old Bridge and the Neretva River running below.

    Split into two parts, the old part of Mostar remained in the 16th century, while the new part offers the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of modern, contemporary living.

    The sun is flooding Mostar even 280 days a year, so coffee on the sunny terraces is a real opportunity for enjoying your time and forgetting all of the everyday worries.

    Enjoy your stay! :)