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About this trip

From: Dubrovnik, HR To: Tivat, ME
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    Dubrovnik - Tivat

    The line Dubrovnik - Tivat takes around 1 hour and 44 minutes for separation or in better words of 67,5 km. It is good to know that prices on this route vary depending on the bus carrier, and a number of other components, for example departure time and so on. Dubrovnik - Tivat has a lot of regularly bus routes.

    Dubrovnik station together with Tivat bus station are located adjacent center of the city, or, to be more precise, the separation is miniature enough so that you can hike. The two bus station and their building and offices are luxurious, or in better words well-equipped with additional niceties like fast food objects, bakeries, cafe bars, kiosks where you can buy something to eat or drink. These cities, Dubrovnik and Tivat, have rich history, beautiful nature and tons of cultural facilities which you are able to enjoy throughout your vacation.

    List of carriers Dubrovnik - Tivat

    Only carrier servicing this line is CROATIA BUS d.o.o.

    Bus station Dubrovnik

    Since this is the central and biggest station in the entire city it is not tough to visualize that it is equipped with all things you could possibly want for a comfortable travel, such as ATMs, fast food objects, kiosks and toilet. Besides numerous counters for ticket sales in just several minutes it could be a large crowd and because of that we suggest to use Vollo web site or app and purchase your ticket online.

    In case you need a WiFi go find a coffee-seller which has gratis internet connection. Added to that, Dubrovnik bus station has a wardrobe where you can leave your luggage and your personal belongings so that you can be free like a bird and go sightseeing the sights.

    Journey Dubrovnik - Tivat

    It is hard to determine the average travel time because if the bus drives by the freeway and there is no pauses in the cities, continuance of your travel is minimal and if, however, bus pauses at every possible bus station it could relatively of in better words significantly escalate period or in better words length of trip between Dubrovnik and Tivat. Buses that operate on this direction are traveling cozily and safely. The average time of travel is 1 hour.

    In the event you forget to do this if bus stops at the gasoline station you have around 15 minutes and you can use that time to go to the toilet and stretch your legs, or to buy something to eat or drink. The connection between Dubrovnik and Tivat is very good over the freeways and superhighways but don't forget to go to the W.C. and fresh up before you sit on a bus.

    Bus station Tivat

    Tivat central bus station is just a few steps from the city center. This station makes a real traffic within country, which includes small towns and villages, just like all dominant or in other words major cities for example Podgorica, Shkodër, Nikšić, Trebinje, and Mokošica.

    Supposing that you think you could use some bonus information maybe it is time to search for the information desk. Central bus station is equipped with all things you could possibly need, just like: bakeries, fast food objects, a wardrobe and toilets. The information desk is the perfect place to ask about terms and conditions, price charts, new discounts and stuff similar to that.

    Dubrovnik - Tivat bus operators information

    Some buses even have outlets for charging tablets, mobile phones and other computer equipment. All of the buses that operate on the route Dubrovnik - Tivat have comfortable seats, air conditioning, free WiFi and TV.

    Also, it's good to know that several bus carriers have W.C. in their buses and no charge for luggage and your personal belongings. All information about buses and their popular routes you can see when purchasing or in other words buying bus tickets through our application.

    Why you should travel from Dubrovnik to Tivat by bus

    If you consider the car, you must add a cost of fuel, and if you are going to drive by old line, you will not have to pay the toll, but you'll drive an hour longer compared with a bus. The bus ride Dubrovnik - Tivat offers the best proportion for money in terms of price, luxury and quickness.

    The flight on the same track takes lot less time, not including the check-in and arrival at the airport which is far away from the urban center and at the same time values a lot more. The train is suitable transportation for passengers but ride Dubrovnik - Tivat wasting more time, and likewise more money.

    Doubtless, the bus is more painless and more economical choice. Worth of bus tickets in one direction from Dubrovnik to Tivat ranges from 18 EUR to 20 EUR.

    Bus stops on the Dubrovnik - Tivat journey

    The majority wants as soon as possible to appear at the destination, of course, the best way to do this is a direct line to your destination without stopping at other bus stations. Supposing that you don't mind about the length of your tour, then you can choose a cheaper bus ticket and enjoy in the thrilling scenery from Dubrovnik to Tivat.

    While traveling you can boast delightful views of places, fields and cities that you catch. Areas where buses pass or stops include: Zagreb, Karlovac, Split, and Makarska, so in order you have any extra time be absolute sure those are all wonderful and pleasant areas where you can go for a trip on your way back.

    About Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is regularly mentioned as a popular destination because of its gorgeous nature, rich history and momentous or in better words powerful culture. This city offers to its visitors a really good opportunity to enjoy the offer of museum which will accomplish the expectations of artistic and cultural life of Dubrovnik.

    The best way for researching is to start at the central square. In case that you find yourself hungry after visiting the sights and exploring the city you can hop over to one of the nearby bakeries or enjoy some fast food at one of the closest restaurants - the choice is yours. It is distinguished by a specific charm, and that is definitely identified by plentiful passengers that you can detect at every step in Dubrovnik.

    About Tivat

    Tivat attracts plenty of domestic and foreign tourists because of various events and festivals of pop music, specifically throughout the summer vacation. Tourists are delighted with the cultural tradition and all its sights, which Tivat has many.

    After visiting and enjoying the city and in case that you want to extend your holiday in another country let us suggest you destinations such as, Berlin, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague and Vienna. Tivat is a summer home for numerous domestic and foreign passengers, so be certain to book your hostel room early enough.