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About this trip

From: Dubrovnik, HR To: Mostar, BA
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    Dubrovnik - Mostar

    The buses on the line Dubrovnik - Mostar run every day. The average duration of travel Dubrovnik - Mostar is 3 hours and 15 minutes during which the bus crosses the distance only slightly less than 140 km.

    The buses that drive on the line are equipped with air conditioning, and often with TV receivers and WiFi. In both cities, the bus station offers additional facilities like buying food and drinks, coffee and etc. Plus, the bus station in Dubrovnik is located 2 km from the city center, while the bus station in Mostar is 1.5 km from the center of the city.

    List of carriers

    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.

    Bus station Dubrovnik

    In Gruz at the address of Obala pape Ivana Pavla II 44 A there is the Bus Station Dubrovnik. For this bus station, we can freely say that it is one of the most modern and best-supplied bus stations in Croatia.

    Recently constructed and located near the ferry port, 2 km from the city center, the station offers these facilities: a kiosk, a wardrobe, and a taxi stand.

    Dubrovnik - Mostar journey

    Driving from Dubrovnik to Mostar is 140 km long, which takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes. A pleasant ride awaits you while enjoying the landscape and listening to music.

    In case you still want to spend your time doing something else, we suggest you: reading a book, surfing or simply filling out a good, old crossword puzzle.

    Bus station Mostar

    Mostar has two bus stations and one bus stop. At Trg Ivana Krndelja bb, 1.5 km from the city center, there is an East Bus Station. At that station, you will find a kiosk, fast food, cafe, ATM, toilet, parking and taxi stand.

    The West Bus Station is located in Vukovarska bb street, which means that it is just a little less than 3 km away from the city center. Considering this distance, if you are in the center of the city to take a taxi to get to the bus station. It will take you ten minutes to reach the destination by car.

    Finally, the Katadrala bus station is also an option. Located 3 km from the city center, it will take you less than ten minutes to get there by car.

    Dubrovnik - Mostar bus operators information

    On the Dubrovnik - Mostar route buses are equipped with: air conditioning, luggage storage space, and TV receivers. Most buses have free Wi-Fi, but also smartphone charging sockets.

    Why you should travel from Dubrovnik to Mostar by bus

    To get yourself from Dubrovnik to Mostar the best choice is to use the bus. In addition to the more affordable prices, the bus allows you to enjoy the ride, or in other words to spend a few hours reading a book or surfing your favorite website.

    A personal vehicle is a much more expensive option. It is not just paying the price for the fuel. You will also need to pay a toll. Remembering that the ticket prices for bus travel are around 15 EUR/113 HRK, it is clear that the bus is a more convenient option. This advantage is particularly evident if you are traveling alone or you have only one companion on your journey.

    Bus stops at Dubrovnik - Mostar journey

    Traveling from Dubrovnik to Mostar you pass many places along the main road. Relax while driving through a number of small places such as Kozice, Rotimil, Hodbina, Bune, Laksevine, Ortiz and others.

    About Dubrovnik

    When you enter Dubrovnik, the first thing you have to visit is the Old Town, with its sights such as the famous Dubrovnik Walls, Stradun, Rector's Palace, the Clock Tower of 1944, Onofrio's Fountains, the Church of St. Vlaha and many others.

    In addition to a whole series of landmarks and eight museums, Dubrovnik has a new attraction - a cable car that goes from Dubrovnik to the hill Srđ, which offers an unforgettable view of Dubrovnik.

    About Mostar

    When you are in Mostar there is no confusion about what you need to see first. The old bridge from the 16th century which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2005. But at the same time, there is no doubt that you should visit other sights in Mostar. For example Biscevic House, Kajtazova House, Karađoz-beg Mosque and Muslibegovic House.

    Before traveling from Mostar to your next destination, check the lines, compare the carriers, check the timetable, search for the place information, ie the city you are traveling to. Do it regardless of whether it is Croatia or BiH or a completely different country.