Bus Station Varaždin

Phone number 042 350 325

About Bus Station Varaždin

    How to get to the station?

    Varaždin Bus Station is located at Zrinski i Frankopana b.b. You would probably like to know that in Varaždin all the distance is about 10 minutes walk, so also the bus station.

    Specifically, if you are in the center of Varaždin you are 0.7 km from the bus station, which is about 8 minutes walk.

    You can order a taxi that will cost you around 2.64 EUR/20 HRK for 5 km. Varaždin isn't a big city, and in this context, its size is a mitigating circumstance and makes transportation more favorable.

    What can I find here?

    At the bus station you have a bakery, which is not bad if you are hungry. There is also a small cafe with decent coffee in which you can enjoy while waiting for a bus. Prices are standard.

    Bus station Varaždin is equipped with toilet, parking, and ATM. In addition to bakeries and cafes, there is a kiosk in case you want a chocolate or any other little thing that can't be found in a bakery or a cafe.

    The station doesn't have wi-fi, but if you go through Varaždin you will come to a free city network that isn't very fast but it works. Sometimes you can catch it even at the train station.

    If you've got time to kill

    Varaždin is known as a Baroque town with a beautiful castle, cemetery, and parks. Wherever you sit in the coffee, there is a great opportunity for you to have a look at the castle, so enjoy it, and if you are curious and have a couple of hours, you must go through the graveyard. Not because we are morbid, but because it's the most beautiful decorated cemetery in Europe.

    When you're already heading towards the city, take a look at the town hall in the old town center and find the statue of Gregory of Nin who brings happiness (hint: not far from the alley).

    Fans of nature who find themselves in Varaždin can walk along the Drava River, get in the forest and enjoy it. If you like Varazdin, you must plan a visit during Špancirfest.

    Why? Because we can freely say that at the time of Špancirfest the entire Varaždin is the stage.  Streets are full of musical, theater and various other programs and workshops.

    Where to stay?

    Varaždin has several hotels ranging from 3-4 stars, but also countless apartments and rooms for rent. There is no hostel, but with this offer of accommodation you'll find something that meets your needs.

    Where to go next?

    It's good news that a lot of interesting places from Varaždin are literally in your hand. For example, Zagreb, Croatian metropolis. Only 62km away from Varaždin, Zagreb is definitely a great opportunity to visit. Upper and Lower Town, Bundek, Jarun, Maksimir and Medvednica are just some of the parts we recommend to visit.

    Rijeka is also one of the most popular options for travelers. Besides the famous port, it's also an indispensable point on the way to Istria, or at least it should be. A city of good music and good places to go out. Also, a city of rain. Or to say a good rain? It's more a matter of personal preference. :)

    You have already visit Zagreb and Rijeka earlier in your life? Alright. Then it's time to get to know Split, and instead of wondering what to do in that Dalmatian center, you'd rather ask which parts to skip. Furthermore, the same goes for Zadar or Dubrovnik, for example.

    If it's time to cross the border and go further there is is no problem because from the Bus Station Varaždin you can easily reach other European destinations. We suggest, for example Vienna, Berlin, Graz, Koln, Maribor, and Munich.

    If you are interested in bus timetable, ticket prices, line details, discounts for transport for particular categories such as students and retirees, ticket deals and stuff like that, contact the officer at the information desk. On the other hand, on our Vollo website, you can browse, compare and buy your tickets!