Bus Station Skradin NP Krka

Address Zagrađe 15
Phone number 022 771 329

About Bus Station Skradin NP Krka

    How to get to the station?

    You're in Skradin and need to go further by bus? Alright. First of all, you must know that Skradin doesn't have a typical bus station. This little town has only a bus stop in each direction where the bus will, if you're lucky, wait for you. Why we say if you're lucky? It's because in case you've bought a return ticket you need to call and confirm the reservation, which means date and departure time, with the carrier. (Read this twice!)

    Pay attention - not with the driver, but with the carrier! Otherwise, if your driver accidentally forget to pick you up, and believe us it's happening, it's all your fault. The fact is that it's pretty bad to get stuck in Skradin if you're not in a position to find someone who can drive you to Sibenik from where you can buy new tickets and go wherever you want.

    For the information, the distance between these two cities is about 20 km. Okay, now when the formalities are resolved, it's time to explain you the easiest way to find those two bus stops in Skradin.

    Both bus stops are looking like a classic stations for public city transport. There's no display showing the hour of arrival of a single bus and the modernization of the standpoint and adaptation to a greater number of domestic and foreign passengers is something that definitely should be done.

    By contrast, bus equipment is the same as on the other lines in the Republic of Croatia. Buses have: air conditioning, TVs, WiFi and sometimes they even have a toilet.

    Get lost in a town with just around 500 citizens? Don't worry, it happens and you still don't need a map to find bus stops. For a moment you'll be on the right track. Skradin is small and its inhabitants are ready to help. Whoever you ask, be sure they'll help you to find your bus.

    Time to spare?

    Even when you visit this city for the first time, you'll feel like you've been spending all your previous summer holidays here. Helpful residents, relaxed tourists and a homely atmosphere guarantee you'll feel very quick like you're at home.

    Considering that the area is so small, Skradin really offers a lot. There are several coffee bars and clubs for young people, as well as the vicinity of Sibenik, where many concerts and similar entertainment events are organized during the summer.

    Skradin offers many taverns where tourists can enjoy delicious delicacies of this little town and home-made wine. Skradin is ideal for: mature age people, young families, but also for entire groups of friends whose only and exclusive goal isn't to go out and get drunk. This tiny little town, located on the right bank of the Krka River, deserves to be respected because of its importance and beauty.

    In Skradin, nothing is typical! So the sea which here, let us be realistic, isn't the sea at all. Speaking in the true sense of the term. A mixture of sweet river Krka and saltwater is the one you'll experience while swimming in Skradin.

    National Park Krka

    Are you planning to escape to NP Krka? We really hope this includes an earlier visit to: the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the bell tower, among which are the Square of Our Lady of the Virgin Mary with the parish hall and the building of the City Council.

    Beside them, upon arriving in Skradin, it's worth visiting the church of St. Spiridon from the 19th century, which was the donation of Emperor Francis Joseph and ACI's marina on which the City Tourist Board is located and which is as well a starting point for ships for the National Park Krka.

    Going by boat from Skradin to NP Krka takes about half an hour. Calculate it double 'cause of your way back. The price of this transportation is included in the cost of visiting the national park, ie the boat is not charged extra. The amount of tickets is expected to change depending on the months of the year. So during these months: 1., 2., 3., 11. and 12. entry will cost you 30 kunas/4.05 EUR. Not that much? Yes. We completely agree with you.

    Months 4., 5., 6., 9. and 10. will cost you 110 kunas/14.83 EUR, and in the case of the most popular months, July and August, you'll pay 180 kuna/24.28 EUR till 16 hours, or 130 kunas/17.53 EUR after that time. Children under the age of 7 are included free of charge, and for other price categories, check the official website.

    From all the contents of the NP Krka visitors find these ones the most attractive: Skradinski buk, Visovac, pedal-hiking trail: Stinice - Roski slap - Ozidana cave, Bilusic buk and Manojlovacki waterfalls.

    There's no need to talk about the stunning nature, the panoramas of this area and the fine offer of souvenirs. This area, undoubtedly, remains in the memory of many visitors, and these excursions are saved among the favorite ones.

    Still, we'll warn you to take swimsuit so that you won't feel jealous of those who swim, literally, under waterfalls. (Don't say we haven't warned you.)

    Where to stay?

    In Skradin you have multiple options to choose from, and yet the most common option is private accommodation. If you didn't arrange the rental before getting here, it'll be enough to walk through the city and ask hosts for help.

    Usually a man from the house right to the station stands there and welcomes travelers. He practically pulls theirs sleeves hoping they need an accommodation. Don't be angry. This, in fact, can be very helpful.

    After all, you would be surprised how much Skradin is popular among the tourists and how difficult it can be to find new adequate accommodation in the peak of the season. Hotel rooms, hostels, private apartments and villas - Skradin really offers each of the potential options.

    Where from Skradin?

    In case you want to get to Zagreb from Skradin, it's important to know that you have a total of 329 km of road distance to get yourself to Zagreb. While driving, simply watch the beautiful landscapes that pass by the bus. Once you arrive in Zagreb know that this is the capital of Croatia. In Zagreb nothing is impossible.

    Zagreb offers a full range of options for killing boredom and to have fun. For example, visiting the sights of its center or sightseeing the natural beauty through the entire range of parks. Zagreb, as you expect, has a bus station, and behind it you'll find a parking lot. The Main Railway Station in Zagreb is quite busy and is located near the city center.  (Near central bus station too.) Ten minutes by tram for which it is best to buy a half-hour ticket for public transport at a price of 4 HRK, or 0.54 EUR.

    Skradin-Split is another popular route for travelers, and it's significantly shorter than Zagreb, as two cities share only 93 km. This means it'll take you less than 2 hours to be at your point destination, Split, so it's best to plan your departure depending on it.

    The bus is an excellent option for this trip as driving guarantees comfort, while driver's professionalism guarantees road safety. This is also the shortest of the described routes.

    Many tourists want to see the southernmost gem of Croatia - the popular Dubrovnik. Skradin and Dubrovnik are 219 km apart from each other. No doubt about the viability of moving that mileage, because what awaits you in Dubrovnik is not waiting for you in any other city. And we don't think about the Republic of Croatia.

    From other locations in Croatia we recommend you to see the following places: Novigrad, Omis, Osijek, Plitvice Lakes, Pula, Rijeka, Rovinj, Sibenik, Trogir, Varazdin and Zadar. The duration of time travel doesn't depend solely on distance. Much of it is about seasonal crowds.

    Regular departure for popular routes, ie other destinations is practically unquestionable. The timetable is respected as much as possible. The chance that the bus will start sooner or later with respect to the timetable is virtually unavailable. The only exceptions are weather disasters, road closure and f.e. accidents. So, with ticket in your pocket, be absolutely calm in anticipation of your trip.

    Would you like to escape to one of the European destinations out of Croatia? We suggest coming to: Vienna, Maribor, Munich and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

    Visit the information desk at Sibenik Bus Station or deal their number, or in other words contact them, for: notifications, news, additional services, offers, etc. Too far? Too complicated?

    Use Vollo website or application and buy your ticket online. On Vollo you can search and compare the prices from different carriers, look for available routes, and find out about the buses equipment. Here you can also find detailed travel descriptions and get to know about discounts and actual promotions.

    Note: If you've been confronted with any illogicality or improper behavior by a driver, please report it by phone, preferably by contacting the carrier directly. Let's stress, however, that departures and arrivals aren't always in the hands of drivers, but depend on a whole series of external factors (weather, road stops, etc.).