Bus Station Rovinj

Address Ulica Mattea Benussia 508
Phone number 052 811 453

About Bus Station Rovinj

    How to get to the bus station?

    Bus Station Rovinj is located in the southern part of city. More precisely, compared to the old town on the peninsula it is situated southeast. However, the distance is practically ideal for a walk. For more information please dial: 060 333 111.

    As we mentioned earlier, you can easily get to the station by foot. There is almost no corner in the city that is too far to get there without using the public transport. However if you have a lot of luggage we suggest you to call the taxi to get you straight to the bus station. Usually, taxi drivers stand in front of the station in Rovinj, so be sure that your ride to the accommodation will be resolved immediately upon your arrival.

    Public transport in Rovinj is available during the season, ie in the period mostly from 1 June to 15 September. But since this can be easily changed rather choose TAXI, or rent a car, which is an especially good idea if you're thinking about visiting the surrounding area.

    For the information, almost every bus that drives in and out of this city have modern equipment. This means that all buses have: air conditioning, TVs, luggage storage space, handbags, and in recent times WiFi. How effective this internet is, or how well it works, is quite another story.

    What can I find here?

    Rovinj Bus Station is equipped with: a wardrobe where it is possible to leave luggage, a ticket office, exchange office, ATM, kiosk and several rooms with covered waiting areas. In addition, the station is located close to several coffee bars, post office and fast food facilities.

    The office hours at which a bus ticket can be purchased varies depending on some factors. During the season the office is available from early morning until 9 pm or 10 pm.

    It's also useful to know that the TAXI station is located in front of the Rovinj Bus Station building and that it is less than 50 m away from Carrera Street, the main shopping street in the city.

    The city bus is also one of the existing options during the season. However, as each year is repeated the procedure for granting a concession carried out by the city administration of Rovinj, it will be best to ask the locals for detailed information about the public transport in the city.

    Time to spare?

    If you have an hour or two to spend in Rovinj enjoy the city, do not spend them alone on the beach by absorbing the Sun's rays. Rovinj is much more than the sun and the beach and it would be a pity to miss it.

    First of all, visit the Old Town core. This protected historical unit is among the most beautiful parts of Rovinj. Drive through the narrow streets of the center to the church of St. Euphemia, the patron saint of the city. This imposing church is situated in a place where it used to be a small church of St. Juraj, which, after the arrival of the sarcophagus, became too small for many pilgrims.

    Based on the legend of Sarcophagus and St. Euphemia each year, in Rovinj, on September 16, hosts celebrate its patrons day when visitors come from all sides and a big celebration is organized.

    In addition to the mentioned events and sights in Rovinj and its surroundings, visit: Rovinj's native museum, the Franciscan monastery, the Multimedia Center, the church of St. Tome, the geological park of Fantasia Monfiorenzo and others.

    The specificity of the city is Grisia - an outdoor exhibition. It's held on the second Sunday in August. On that day, from early morning to late afternoon, various artists from Croatia and different parts of the world exhibit their works, ie cultural creations connecting the main city center and the church of St. Euphemia.

    The catechists are awaiting the proclamation of the winners who get rich and valuable prizes. Rovinj is especially alive on that day. Artistic creations of colorful ornamented streets and houses give a special beauty, and they are rounded by joyful shouts and laughter of children.

    Ok. I get rid of my luggage. Now what?

    If you have left the bus and put your suitcases in the wardrobe at the bus station or in some kind of private accommodation in which you're staying, you're finally free to go a little further from the strict center.

    Lim Bay, Dvigrad, Monkodonja, Ancient Roman Cistern and Palud are only a small part of the natural and historical sights hidden in the immediate vicinity of Rovinj. The last one stands out as the only ornithological reservation which conceals 220 species of birds that have been observed to date.

    Lim Bay is a miracle of nature and is among the most beautiful landscapes of Istria. People also called it Lim Fjord or Channel. The bay itself is longer than 10 km and is full of bends. Wondering where it ends? In Lim Bays ass. (We are serious, his bottom is called - Cul da Limo or in English Lim Bays ass.)

    Within it is the Romuald Cave. This cave is 105 m long and high in its central part 5 to 6 m. It is a spurious phenomenon because crib decorations are only to the left, while the right side is empty.

    Dvigrad is a medieval town located fifteen kilometers from Rovinj. The preservation of the city can be thanked to the fact that during the historical wars it was not broken, but simply abandoned by its inhabitants.

    To this day, it has preserved the following: the city gate, the two rings of city walls, several defense towers and most of the two hundred houses. Unfortunately, the center of the town, the church of St. Sofia, at the beginning of 19th century collapsed. The main reason for this was the lack of maintenance.

    Where to go next?

    If you are wondering where you can go from Rovinj, we will point out some of the most popular bus destinations in Croatia: Novigrad, Pula, Porec, Rijeka, Split, Umag, Zadar and Zagreb. The routes Rovinj-Pula and Rovinj-Zagreb are, without any doubt, the most popular.

    There are also popular routes in towns and places: Labin, Motovun, Moscenicka Draga, Opatija, Plomin, Sibenik and Trogir. Departures and arrivals for these lines can be checked on the service pages of the carrier, but also on the Vollo website or application. It's important to mention Rijeka once again because it's the main port in Croatia. Besides that it's the central point in Istria from where you can visit almost any place in Europe.

    Zagreb appears as one of the undoubtedly the most popular destination in the Republic of Croatia. This is no surprise. Not only because it is a metropolis, but also because Zagreb is full of historical and artistic values ​​that must be visited.

    Consequently, in recent years the significance of Zagreb is increasingly noticed by foreign visitors of Croatia. Zagreb is therefore much more frequent one of their main destinations. Don't worry, the bus station in Zagreb leaves no one hungry or thirsty. Also, there you have a wardrobe, toilet for passengers and various other facilities that could get along with visitors.

    The distance Pula - Rovinj is 35.80 km. Obviously, these two locations are less than an hour's drive distance. Therefore, the popularity of this route is not at all questionable. If you haven't been able to see the Amphitheater so far, you definitely should. 

    After all, if you don't pay for the entrance to Arena, you are always free to simply visit Pula, which doesn't hide its Roman past.

    A similar distance exists between Rovinj and Poreč. They are divided by 34.90 km, which will all fans of adrenaline surely pass. Why? Because there is an adrenalin park called Sky Fox, which offers: White and Yellow Trail, Orange Trail, Red Trail, Large Swing, Human Table Soccer, QuickJump and Bike Trail.

    If you want to go to Umag, Rovinj is 69.10 km far from, or close to it. Depending on whether you are pessimistic or optimistic. :) However, Umag is a special destination. In case you are a tennis fan, it will be even more special to you.

    Seriously, check the timetable and visit: Pula, Porec and Umag. They are located close to each other and at the same time rich in fragments of some other pieces of history, as well as they will give you an opportunity to enjoy some new beaches.

    Great number of tourists that came to Croatia want to visit Dubrovnik. That is why we think you should know that there is over 691.55 km that divide these two towns (Rovinj and Dubrovnik). Obviously, it's possible to get there by bus, but you will have to be very patient during the ride.

    Croatia rarely leaves its tourists indifferent. And even if you aren't in love with the sea and the beach and you had plenty of sun and sea in Rovinj, go to: Osijek, Plitvice Lakes, Slavonski Brod, Varazdin and Vukovar. Varazdin could be especially charming for the lovers of nature, the good wines and the drizzle of Croatian Zagorje.

    Destinations: Belgrade, Ljubljana and Trieste are the most popular international bus lines from Rovinj.

    Get accurate information, news, ticket prices, and a new timetable from your information officer. Keep in mind that while buying the return ticket additional discounts are usually calculated. Inform yourself in time!

    For specific questions like: transportation of larger quantities of luggage, bicycles, pets, etc. it isn't too wise to take the advice of a bus station employee as the definitive one. About these issues you will need to contact the selected carrier so that you can be sure that transportation in the absence of space and adequate conditions will not be prohibited.

    It's clear that Rovinj as a starting point is closely connected with a large number of lines such as Austria (Vienna), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar), Czech Republic (Prague), Italy (Milan, Mestre - Venice, Padua), Hungary (Budapest), Germany (Munchen), Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Serbia (Belgrade). Apart from these, the Rovinj-Trieste line is also one of the most popular.