Bus Station Mali Lošinj

Address Lošinjskih brodograditelja 33
Phone number 060 311 311

About Bus Station Mali Lošinj

    How to get to the station?

    Bus Station Mali Lošinj is located at the address of Lošinjski brodograditelj 33. Contrary to the name it carries, this town is actually one of the largest cities on one of the Adriatic islands. It is also the most visited tourist resort on the island of Lošinj.

    The nearby bus station is located near the ferry dock. More precisely, the narrow town center is less than a kilometer away, and all the parts of the city from Bus Station Mali Lošinj can be reached on foot. Namely, it's a distance of just about 2 km.

    What can I find here?

    At the Mali Lošinj bus station you will find the following facilities: an information counter, a wardrobe and a cafe where you can enjoy the peace while waiting for your bus and drink coffee or juice.

    If you have just arrived in Mali Lošinj and have not booked your accommodation yet, you should know that hostels, hotels or apartments can be found near the bus station. The choice is all yours. Mainly, it depends on how much money you have decided to spend.

    If you've got time to kill

    If you google Mali Lošinj one of the first results will be "the top destination." Indeed, Mali Lošinj is one of the top destinations, at least as far as Croatia is concerned. This oasis of pure nature abounds with aromatic herbs, and its visitors are attracted by the beautiful beaches and the beautiful city core.

    The most popular beaches on Mali Lošinj are the beaches in Čikat Bay, where the emphasis should be placed on the beach Veli Žal.

    In addition, and as we mentioned earlier, Mali Lošinj, by its name, is one of the largest cities on the island of Lošinj. Its specialty is spa tourism since the end of the 19th century.

    While in Mali Lošinj, we recommend that you visit the Lošinj Museum. For information, the ticket price for the individual tour of the museum for adults is 35,00 kn/4.64 EUR, while for children (12-18 years), students and retired people is 20,00 kn/2.65 EUR. Children under the age of 12 have a free entry to the Lošinj Museum.

    After a dose of culture, it is time for a deserved holiday in Mali Lošinj? No problem. Choose one of the nearby cafes, relax and share the impressions of what you have just seen. If you don't have enough of culture, or you are already ready for a new one, visit the Apoksiomen Museum. Just a little note, if you find yourself in town on Monday, forget the museums. It is because on Monday these two museums are not working.

    If you've got even more time to kill

    It is time to try something new. To try and see something you didn't have a chance before. In this segment, we propose or mention the following: Forest Park Čikat, underwater historic park, Providenca Theme Park, Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the monument to Ambroz Haračić - Croatian botanist, the monument to Josip Kašman - world known opera singer.

    Since the tourist offer year by year is more diverse and bigger, looking for specific content is always the best option to ask hosts. They are the first in the city to know when introducing new content or opening up a new interesting place to go.

    Where to go next?

    When your Lošinj adventure comes to an end you need to plan your next destination. From Mali Lošinj, the bus can take you practically to any other corner of Croatia and beyond.

    It is worth mentioning some of the most popular destinations that you can go from Mali Lošinj. For example: Rijeka, Cres, Zagreb, Opatija, Omišalj, Karlovac, Malinska (Krk) and Veli Lošinj. And if you didn't visit these cities: Dubrovnik, Split, and Pula, we would certainly advise you to buy a ticket and visit at least some of them.

    Rijeka as one of the most important naval ports and the intersection of many traffic routes, with the exception of clouds and rain, has a rich cultural offer and offers a great number of places to go. For Zagreb, the Croatian metropolis, it is enough to say that it is a memento of its history and rich culture, which is mostly interwoven in Upper and Lower Town, or the very center of the city.

    Opatija is a special treat for lovers of combining sea fun and visiting cultural sights, while Karlovac is ideal for short summer bathing on one of its rivers.

    Outside the Republic of Croatia, and once you leave Mali Lošinj, or you plan to leave it, keep in mind the following destinations: Trieste (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). From Trieste and Ljubljana, only the sky is your limit. That is, you can plan to continue your journey wherever you are. The same is waiting for you if you decide to get to Zagreb.

    For all additional information, exact lines, ticket prices, return trip, etc., contact the person who is employed at the information counter at the Mali Lošinj bus station.