Bus Station Lugano

Address Via Pian Scairolo 7
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About Bus Station Lugano

    How to get to the bus station?

    Seeing that this is the key bus station in the full city it is clear to imagine that it's equipped with each thing you could conceivably demand or wish for a cushy and safe travel. Amounts or prices of tickets on this station differ depending on the bus carrier and a number of other factors, like departure time and so on. Lugano station has dozens of daily routes which can take you wherever you want.

    To this station you can go by foot but only under one condition - if you do not have a lot of luggage and your personal belongings. Bus station Lugano is placed nearby the town center so you can get there using your own vehicle, public transport or you can call for the TAXI service.

    It is great to mention that Split has beautiful nature and tons of historical and cultural facilities which you are able to enjoy while visit, but you already knew that, right? In case you think you could use some extra information perhaps it is moment to hunt for the information desk. Moreover, besides various counters for ticket sales in just a few minutes it could be a large crowd, your solution is to use Vollo website or app and buy your ticket online. The information desk is suitable spot to ask about price charts, new discounts, information and services.

    What can I find here?

    At the bus station you will be able to search for kiosks, shops and bakeries, just like some other facilities, like: sports betting. Because of modernization and the investments next time you can expect some new improvements. If you come to the station too early we endorse you to sit in one of coffee bars at the station or across the street.

    Before you go to take a coffee leave your suitcase in the wardrobe and, yes, it would be marvelous if you go to restroom and fresh up after hours of travel, wouldn't it? In most bars you will find free WiFi, if it is not open, ask staff for the password. Prices in Lugano do not differ much from the rest of the country which allows you to enjoy the same stuff without feeling any regret. Search the network or stay in touch with your family while you are drinking your coffee. If you have more time you can take a long walk to explore the most important city sights.

    Time to spare?

    In Lugano you are in a perfect position to enjoy so you do not need to worry about where you will spend your free time. Dead sure, you must explore the most important tourist attraction in Lugano and then you must find yourself refreshing and enjoying in one of many coffee shops.

    As one of the most significant city in country, Lugano offers numerous tourist attractions. No joke, this city is full of coffee shops and if you find some time, while you walking and exploring through it, you will easily choose where to rest with a drink in your hand.

    Are you hungry?

    Our first advice would be to ask hosts about one of the beloved dishes in Lugano, or to be more specific in the entire country, but if you think this will take you too much time, which you do not have, you are able to order some fast food or go to the bakery and get something small but tasty, like for example a pie or croissant, to eat. After all, if you want to eat delicious during your vacation, it's good to do earlier research.

    Where to stay?

    A lot of hotels and hostels are positioned nearby city center, while you can find rooms for rent across the city. There are plentiful hostels, hotels and rooms for rent in Lugano and their prices repeatedly vary depending on the comfort and safeness which each of them provide.

    This is a city that offers magnificent gourmet and wine experiences, just like plentiful concerts and festivals, and because of that do not just sit there and waste your time - go explore! If you select to stay in a hostel you will have an opportunity to meet the real city, different from one on the tourist advertisement. Lugano has constantly growing number of travelers which is evident because of the larger number of accommodation capacity and other city facilities for travelers.