Bus Station Livno

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About Bus Station Livno

    How to get to the bus station?

    The Livno bus station is just 500 meters from the city center. To get to the station you don't have to know the city before. It'll be best to ask hosts for instructions. Independently of the luggage you have, don't consider paying for Taxi, but take a walk for these few minutes. Especially if you are situated somewhere in the city center.

    However, if you don't like an idea of walking, and you don't have any other options, it's useful to know that at the end of 2016, Livno received a licensed TAXI service at a cost of 1 KM / 1 km.

    What can I find there?

    Livno Bus Station is less than a kilometer away from the city center. It's, of course, a new station open in the year 2015 where the old bus station was located. Along with twelve newly-arranged platforms, visitors to the city, or travelers, have the opportunity to enjoy many of its accompanying amenities. For example, bars and kiosks. Get some daily newspapers and then sit on coffee.

    Arriving at the bus station itself isn't complicated. The city center is small and the station is located in its immediate vicinity. Through the bus station building, there is a shopping center PTC Forum where you have several restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, shops... In short, whatever you need you will find in the bus station, or in the shopping center just across the street.

    Time to spare

    The bus starts its travel in a couple of hours, and you've already spent an hour or two sitting in the cafe. Now what? Now go for another tour. To begin, go on a walk along the River Bistrica, which leads to Duman.

    Besides the fact that you're in a small town of rich history, Livno has a lot of wonderful natural phenomenon besides Bistrica. F.e. through Livno streams Žabljak and Sturba that are a little further from the center that the Bistrica itself.

    For the past years, the latter, Sturba, is a favorite bathing spot for local people, and in case that it's too cold for you, don't forget Lake Mandek.

    In the vicinity of Livno live wild horses. You can approach them freely, feed them, enjoy their freedom and beauty. Currently, there are about 150, but this number is steadily increasing. The city itself is more and more famous for horses that become the main attraction, and you can find them on the Kruzi.

    OK, I have no luggage, what now?

    When you settle in your room at a hotel or hostel, it's time to go for some lunch or dinner. After that, we suggest you go to one of the clubs. Livno is known as a popular weekend destination, especially among the Dalmatians who go there to enjoy clubs.

    In this sense, between Livno and the city of "alcohol tourism" could stand the sign of equality, because Livno really is the city where young people come to pull off the brakes on weekends, forget about all the worries and simply enjoy.

    In case you haven't arranged a bed, you can find your room from 25 KM / 13.53 EUR. You don't have to worry about free capacity, as there are always empty rooms.

    Where to go next?

    No problem if you want to get from Livno to one of these cities: Mostar, Tomislavgrad, Bugojno or Sarajevo. Since the new bus station has been built, more and more visitors are choosing a bus for their means of transport in and out of the city. If for years you didn't visit Mostar and its Old Bridge, Tomislavgrad and Buško Lake, visited Sarajevo and Baščaršija, now is the right time to do so! :)