Bus Station Bihać

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About Bus Station Bihać

    How to get to the bus station?

    Bus Station Bihać is located at the address of Put Armije Republike. It is only 1 km from the city center, which takes about ten minutes depending on the speed of the walk. Bihać is the city and the center of the municipality of the same name, covering an area of 900 km² and is located in the Bihać field, at the foot of Plješevica Mountains, Grmeč, and Debeljac Hill.

    Depending on where you are located, choose your own transportation to Bihać Bus Station. In the area of Bihać, you have several Taxi carriers, such as "Taxi Bratić Bihać", which is constantly available and is considered one of the most affordable.

    The best and cheapest option is, of course, transportation in your own engagement, ie family, and friends. But since we aren't always in a situation to arrange such a type of transportation, especially during travel, this is when we talk about Bihać's most logical alternative - Taxi.

    What can I find there?

    At the bus station or the Bihać Bus Station, with the persons on, and from which the buses depart, you will find a modest waiting room and toilet. From the facilities near the bus station, you have at your disposal a petrol station where you can look for something to endure hunger and thirst.

    Also, in case you need to wait an hour or two for a bus and you're too tired for a walk, buy a crossword, magazine or newspaper that will shorten your waiting time. Okay, the internet is certainly the most popular option, but sometimes you simply need a break.

    Time to spare

    It's not a philosophy to agree that Bihać is a beautiful city, but once you arrive here, the question is where to start your sightseeing, or how to best use the time you have at our disposal. We, therefore, bring you a list of some of our interesting sights: Captain's Tower, Fethija Mosque, Kameno Turbe, Bihać Bedem, Konak, etc.

    Adrenaline lovers and adventures will definitely be more interested in rafting on the Una, and lovers of nature will be happy to visit Una National Park. The national park area is 19,800 hectares, and this area was declared a national park in 2008.

    If you visit Bihać in winter, with little luck and lots of snow, you'll be able to ski on the recently renovated Oštrelj. In the summer, one of the most interesting events is the "Bihać Summer", Festival of Performing Arts. During the festival, which lasts for ten days, two shows are presented each day, while various activities for children and youth are organized throughout the day.

    OK, I have no luggage, what now?

    Once you put your luggage somewhere safe (f.e. your hotel room), it's finally time to enjoy the city safely. Visit some of the restaurants that offer traditional cuisine, walk around and explore the city and its sights.

    It's certainly a pleasure to have a lunch at one of the restaurants at Una. In this case, we recommend Čardak na Uni, or restaurant Mlin. The Bosnian pot, which you can try in most of the restaurants for 5.5 KM, sounds like a good idea, right? Apart from this specialty, Bosnia and Herzegovina can also boast of many others. Let's take, for example, ćevapi (traditional meat meal). It would be a pity that while you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina you fail to try it.

    Where to go next?

    From Bihać you can still visit some of the places or cities in BiH: Sarajevo, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Mostar... If you're still tired of Bosnia and Herzegovina and want your trip to be out of bounds, you have no problem. Bihać has many international routes, primarily in neighboring states such as Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and so on.