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From: Sarajevo, BA To: Split, HR
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    Sarajevo - Split

    If you go from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to Split, Croatia, count on a 240 km crossing. It will take about 6 hours and 45 minutes, depending on which route you choose. One way ticket for the bus on this line costs around 39 BAM / 150 kn which make the bus the most accessible means of transport.

    Daily from Sarajevo to Split there are two buses, both of which are from the same carrier. One starts its journey at 6 o'clock in the morning and drives for 7 hours and 30 minutes. The second bus starts at 4:30 pm and takes about 6 hours to get you to Split.

    List of Carriers Sarajevo - Split

    • Croatia Bus d.o.o.

    Bus station Sarajevo

    Bus Station Sarajevo can be found at the address of Put života 8. If you are walking around the center of Sarajevo you should know that from there to the station you need 15 to 20 minutes of walking. This does not seem like a lot of time, but that km and a half looks like there's no end when you carry a suitcase in your arms and you have a backpack on your back. In this case, the taxi is certainly a better solution from both - walking and trams.

    From the contents of the bus station in Sarajevo, you will find a toilet, ATM, cafe, and luggage storage area. In addition, there are available accommodation facilities, such as private apartments, ie rooms, hotels, and hostels, near Sarajevo Bus Station.

    Sarajevo - Split Journey

    On the road from Sarajevo to Split, each one of 240 km will slowly stay behind you. Why slowly? Because if you choose a bus that departs at 6 am to Split you will need 7 and a half hours, and if you choose an afternoon bus, which starts at 4:30 pm you will arrive sometime sooner, ie 6 hours.

    Bus station Split

    In the city of Split, the bus station is located at the address of Obala kneza Domagoja 12. Trust us when we say that you will not have any trouble finding the station itself. Namely, there is a ferry port right across the street. It takes you about a 10-minute walk from the center of Split.

    The content you will find there is: a waiting room in the building, a toilet (1 BAM / 3 HRK), a newsstand, a shop, a cafe in the building itself, but also in the surrounding buildings. Fast food facilities, bakeries, and even restaurants are something that is popular in a popular tourist town and is not lacking in the vicinity of the station.

    If you have family or friends who are coming to pick you up, you should know that there is a large parking lot on the back of AK Split. Parking is charged 2 BAM / 8 HRK per hour, ie 32 BAM / 120 HRK for 24 hours.

    Sarajevo - Split bus operators information

    The quality of the buses guarantees that this vehicle is a good choice when planning the route. What do you need besides air conditioner, sockets, WiFi and TVs on the bus? Toilet? It is a bit complicated, but you can always use the one at the bus station just before your journey, or you can use a bus stop to go to the toilet.

    Why you should travel from Sarajevo to Split by bus?

    Except for price and security, the bus is the best choice and because it allows you to simply rest and read a book, that you have been postponed for a few weeks, while driving. The car can be a good solution, but if you add the toll price to the fuel, this option doesn't seem so attractive anymore, right? Especially if only two or three of you travel. If you are traveling alone, and you simply can't share the cost of your trip with anyone, we don't have to mention how much the bus is better, and in the end more logical, choice.

    Bus stops on Sarajevo - Split journey

    From Sarajevo to Split the bus will pass the following places and towns: Kiseljak, Travnik, Bugojno, and Sinj. Kiseljak is located in central Bosnia, at the mouth of three rivers, and what is famous is Sarajevo Kiseljak, Kiseljačka pogačica, Banjska Spa and Thermal waters.

    Travnik is located 90 km west of Sarajevo, due to its strong cultural heritage since the Ottoman Empire, known for its excellent architecture. Bugojno is the center of central Bosnia, where the Church of St. Anthony is located, which is also known as one of the largest churches in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Sinj is the center of Sinjske, but also of the Cetina Krajina, and not only in Croatia, but also much wider, is known for the knight game that has been held in the town since the early 18th century in the name of victory over Turkish invaders.

    About Sarajevo

    The Town Hall, the Latin Bridge, the Sarajevo Museum, the Pionir Valley, the Vrelo Bosne, the Tunnel and the Baščaršija are just some of the interesting things to visit in this town. The variety of traditions, smells, flavors, and colors is what makes Sarajevo unique.

    When you are tired of sightseeing, sit in one of their traditional restaurants and enjoy their special tastes. In case you are more in love with the sweet, Sarajevo in its many cafe bars offers to order a delicious dessert. Among all, the most popular is certainly Baklava.

    About Split

    City under Marjan. A Dalmatian hub that culminates in sights. Diocletian's Palace, Font St. John the Baptist (Jupiter's Temple), Narodni Trg (Pjaca), a monument to Grgur Ninski, Silver Gate, Bačvice... Depending on how much time you have available, elaborate what you want to see.

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