Croatia Through Travellers Eyes – Top 15 Must-See Places

Croatia may be small, but it has a special historical and social significance, cultural heritage and hospitality of local people. In addition to that, since the end of its War of Independence, Croatia has become one of the top tourist destination in Europe. So, if you want to explore rich history and culture of ancient times or gorgeous nature and sea, be sure Croatia is definitely the perfect choice for you.


Dubrovnik is known for its impressive Old Town which is surrounded by massive stone walls. Furthermore, Stradun, Onorfios Fountain, Rectors Palace, Church of St. Blaise, Fort of St. John is only a small part of what Dubrovnik has to offer during the visit. And of course, dont forget beautiful beaches with the striking view of the nearby islands.


Mljet is a heaven for lovers of the outdoors with a breathtaking greenery and beautiful forests. It is situated on the south of the Pelješac peninsula, from which it is divided by the Mljet Channel. Once when you get there, youll find out that there is also National Park Mljet who covers the entire north-west part of Mljet Island.


Lastovo is a great place for nature lovers and people who enjoy outdoor activities such as, cycling, walking trails across the island and sailing. Also, it has 46 small islands, 46 churches and chapels, 46 vineyards and surrounding beaches.


Korcula is located in Southern Dalmatia and it is a place of history, culture, beauty and charm. You ask yourself what you can see or do in Korcula? Let us tell you. First of all, you can cycle Korcula Island or take a walk through its center. After that, you can taste seafood and award-winning wines. Not enough? In that case we suggest you Zrnovo Tour with village walk & culinary experience or Day Trip to the Island of Mljet.

Bol – Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Besides that, it is the most popular panorama of Bol. When we talk about Zlatni Rat, we actually talk about pure miracle of nature. But, it wouldnt be fair not to mention that when we talk Bol, we talk about the oldest town on the coast of Brac.


Split – the second largest city in Croatia, and definitely the largest city of the region of Dalmatia. It is a perfect place if you want to discover how real Dalmatian life looks like. You have some free time? Go explore beautiful islands like Hvar and Brac who are situated close to Split.


National Park Kornati has a nickname “nautical paradise” and its not just for fun. Youll really need “slalom” sailing through the 89 fascinating islands. Thats why once you get there youll test your nautical skills for sure. Additionally, the island of Purara is the center of the special protection area within NP Kornati. Above all, it is a home for a large number of various species of birds and numerous plant species.

Plitvice Lakes

National Park Plitvice Lakes gives you special opportunity to enjoy 16 beautiful lakes which are formed when water flows into the park from nearby mountains. Additionally, those lakes join together cover a distance of eight kilometers, while the National Park covers a total area of 300 square kilometers.


Pula is the largest city situated in Istrian peninsula. Notably, Pulas most imposing sight is this amphitheatre from the 1st century AD. On the contrary to its previous meaning when it was used for gladiators fights, today the Arena is used for numerous performances and events, especially during the summertime.


Motovun, Montona, is one of the most famous and the most attractive Istrian medieval town. Surely, this captivating town is one of the characteristic symbols of the Istrian interior. Besides that and among a large number of events, the one that is the most popular definitely is Motovun Film Festival. Finally, it is enough to say that some tourists call this place – wonderful, charming, cozy, sunny and must see!

Slunj – Rastoke

Slunj is situated above the rivers Slunjcica and Korana and because of its natural beauties, it has always attracted the curious tourists. So, when it comes to the Rastoke, it good to know that it is the historic center of Slunj. Also, the main reason for its popularity are its well-preserved mills and the picturesque waterfalls along the Slunjcica river, which flows into the river Korana at this place.


Zagreb is the capital city and according to that its obvious that it is the political, administrative, economic, scientific and cultural center of the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, while visiting be sure you explore the most important symbols of Zagreb which are: Upper and Lower Town, Zagreb Cathedral and Zrinjevac park. In order you have some extra time you might wanna see: Nature park Medvednica, Maksimir park, ZOO and Jarun lake.

Zagorje – Region

Zagorje Region is located in northwest part of Croatia, behind the mountain of Medvednica. This part of country is gorgeous in nature and rich in history. Above all, it wouldnt be fair if we just skip to mention Castle Trakoscan. Its cultural heritage which is under protection and consists of the castle, the building next to the castle and (forest) park with a lake. Yeah, youre right – you can see it in the above picture.


Papuk is definitely the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia. Besides that, it is protected on the basis of its extraordinary geological and biological diversity and valuable cultural heritage. Lovers of recreation who are in need of adventure should try these activities: mountain biking, hiking, geocaching, paragliding, sport climbing, horseback riding and last but not the least – visiting the caverns.

Kopacki Rit

Kopacki Rit Nature Park is also called European Amazon. It is situated between two important European rivers – the Drava and the Danube. Moreover, for its rare ecosystem, rich biodiversity and important ecological values it became a protected area in 1967. Visitors of Kopacki Rit can enjoy walking through oak forest where they are able to revel in rich fauna and the scent of wild flowers.

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