Our First Hundred Days: Check out What We Do and How We Got Here

When we don’t travel, we actually work in an office

While the thought of working remotely, especially along the Croatian coast, might be alluring, sometimes it’s more convenient to sit down in a cubicle and get things done. Well, most of the time to tell the truth. Luckily, we found just the right place to settle!

Hub 385 Zagreb, Croatia conference and fun

Rumour has it…

Several months ago, we were your typical digital nomads, temporarily located in Split, Zagreb, and Subotica, until we heard about the new coworking space opening it’s doors in the Croatian capital. We had some experience with coworking spaces (We Work, anyone?) but just couldn’t find the right fit in Croatia. HUB385 showed up and finally met our high expectations. We didn’t think too long when we were offered a desk in huge, modernly designed workspace, with plenty of rooms to gradually scale the team, run meetings with potential investors, and casually hang out with new, exciting startups and people. We knew we had to move in!

Three months later

We used the time and workspace to officially open the company, finish and polish our product – hope you like it, there’s more good stuff on the way, subscribe to our blog and social media channels to receive updates. We managed to grew the team, sign deals with dozens of local bus companies, add hundreds of bus lines, arrange a fair amount of partnerships and, of course, grow our business (thank you! 🙂 )

Microsoft Tribes Croatia prizes

Part of a bigger Tribe(s)

Working in HUB385 has provided us with lots of opportunities to participate in a number of workshops and programs. We were honored to be accepted to Microsoft Tribes program that equipped us with hardware (laptop, phones, display dock) and software (Office 365 Personal, Bizspark). And maybe with even more valuable mentorship, contacts and useful lectures on HOT TOPICS like digital marketing, finances, and CRM. We also got two tickets to Microsoft WinDays17 conference, largest IT conference in Croatia. Not bad, huh? If someone didn’t know us better, they would think we’re doing all of this just to travel more.

Vollo bus search engine team

All work, no travel?

No way! Although we recently haven’t had much time for lengthy adventures, we’re frequently taking weekends to explore new places or escape to a familiar refuge. It’s that wanderlust that drives us in making the ultimate bus tickets booking service and we’re eager to share it with you.

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