Check how to use Vollo bus booking system!

Booking a ticket on

While building Vollo, our main goal was to create painless experience of booking bus ticket. We have spent a lot of time researching and testing our product to reduce pain points. Here is simple guide step by step how to book a ticket on Vollo.

Search and compare

First you need to fill out the form.

Fill from – to fields and pick the date you want to travel. If you are are buying return ticket – just pick a date from second calendar, it will automatically switch to return trip search.


Choosing a ticket

If you want to edit your search you don’t need to go back, just hit arrow in top right corner and edit your search from there. When you are finished editing, just make sure you hit ‘Search’ button to refresh results.


When you land to the search details you can use filters to narrow your search.


Also you can use quick filters to compare tickets by departure, travel time or price.

When you decided what ticket is best for you, just select it by clicking green button ‘SELECT’.


If you are buying return ticket you, first you need to select Outbound trip, and then select Return trip, simple as that 🙂


Purple box will show up and there you will see total amount of money you have to pay for you ticket.

Adding Passenger details

When using vollo you don’t need to register in order to buy a ticket. But if you are going to use it more than once, then we suggest to do so. Anyway, after you select ticket, you have to enter passenger details.


If you are buying more than one ticket it is required to enter correct information for all passengers, we are putting those on ticket. Ticket info should match passenger ID info. Always!

Purchasing the tickets

When you are done adding passengers hit ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button. The form is pretty straight forward. All is left to finish is to  enter your credit card information. One look on the right, you will see purple box with the sum of your order, if it is all good press ‘Book now’ button.


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