19 Reasons Summer in Croatia Will Ruin Your Life

So you’ve decided to spend your summer vacation in Croatia. You’ve heard the beaches are nice and that the parties are even better. Nonetheless, Croatia is still one of the few European beach destinations where massive tourism hasn’t crawled in. There is only one problem: once you spent your summer in Croatia, you will refuse to settle for anything less. Sunbathing next to 500 other tourists won’t be fun, and neither will jumping into blurry seas.

Whether you were born in Croatia, or you’re just here for a few weeks experiencing the best summer ever, your life will be ruined. Why? Here are 19 reasons why summer in Croatia will ruin your life:

1. Because you can enjoy beaches like this

2. There are more national parks than you can visit in a week

3. The fish is too fresh – if you get up early enough you can even buy it directly from the fisherman

4. You may not survive the countless, breathtaking views

5. So just accept that your eyeballs will constantly fall out

Whether it’s because of this view…

or because of this one ?

6. Croatians love coffee & coffee dates can last for hours

7. Other food will never taste the same after Croatian specialties

Especially if you’re a seafood fan…

if not, our meat will excite you just as much:

8. Our drinks will not leave you indifferent either: Rakija will get you drunk, and it won’t even cause a hangover

9. There are more than a thousand islands to choose from

10. As there’s no massive tourism, you’ll have too much personal space on the beach, sometimes even the whole island to yourself

11. All the best summer music festivals are in Croatia

12. If all of that didn’t prove our point, just remember that here you can sit on the Iron Throne

13. And that King’s landing is just a bus ticket away

And we’ll help you get that bus ticket online: vollo.net, so you don’t have to wait in line.

14. Croatia is very safe, but in case you need protection from seagulls, you can always count on Khaleesi’s dragons to fly over from Split

15. If that’s not enough, the force will be with you in Dubrovnik

16. Okay, back to reality… back in time that is: because the architecture will make you feel like you’re walking through history

17. And the sunsets will make you realize nowhere else will ever quite be the same

18. You will never be the same

Your past self will reach a wall – but that’s the point of traveling, isn’t it? Plus all the fun ?

19. We will spoil you & that’s precisely why there’s no better decision than to spend you summer in Croatia

Cheers to you for making the best decision ever! Have fun in Croatia, make sure you book all your bus tickets online: vollo.net, and let us know if you discover more reasons why coming to Croatia ruined your life!

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