Hello Vollo

Because you’ve got to start your blog somewhere

Oh, there you are. So, how do you like it so far, this Vollo of ours?

I know what you’re thinking – does the world need another ticket booking price comparing service – oh, yes it does. First, we are starting this thing in Croatia.

Why Croatia

If you’ve ever been to Croatia, you know that it gets little chaotic, slow and strange if you come over in the summer months along with the thousands of tourists from all over the place. It is a pretty national park of a country, with more of 22% under forests and over a 1000 islands along its coast. Some say that bureaucratic chaos and inert locals are what saved it from becoming a concrete encased hotel-coast like many other nice Mediterranean countries. We tend to believe it, but see no proof of preservation of natural beauties after being stuck at a bus stop for hours at terrible heat just because you could not tell the lady selling tickets where and when you want to go. So, instead of being a douche, say thank you.

You’re welcome 🙂

We’ll check everything out for you

Since we will be travelling all over Croatia in the next few months, we’ve decided to share our experiences with you, our favourite visitor and blog reader. If you have a great story about the beauties of Croatia or even better, how Vollo saved you from a tribe of raging donkeys that wanted to roll you in olive oil and bake you under a bell (locals call it peka) – please do share. We’ll put it here for everyone’s amusement and as a cautionary tale. (There are no raging donkeys that roast tourists in Croatia. They became extinct long time ago.)

Did we miss anything

If we did, please forgive us, we are excited about launching this thing we built with our own hands. Let us know, ask us questions, send us articles and photographs taken from your rides all over the place and soon we’ll grow and you’ll be able to Vollo across the globe.

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