Guide to 2016 Hideout Festival in Croatia

Countdown to Hideout has begun

You’ve heard the stories, seen the pictures, booked the tickets last christmas and now, only a month to go till hideout, you’re getting all giddy with excitement and have been trying on outfits. Take it from us, we’ve been there all the previous festivals: Forget the outfits, you’ll be wearing your beach gear most of the time and at night go for something comfortable and without heels, as Hideout happens on a pebble beach. Yeah, not great in heels.

2016 Hideout Line up

Sixt edition of this amazing electronic summer party is about to begin. Hideout Festival will take place from Sunday 26th June until Thursday 30th June. DJs Heidi, Monki and B.Traits will host a three-hour pool party at Hideout on 27 June, which will be broadcast on 1 July as part of BBC Radio 1’s Summer of Dance programme. Some names for this years´s line up: Jamie XX, The Martinez Brothers, Skream, Joris Voorn, Andy C, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxsler… For full line up and ticket information visit official Hideout page.


First of all, how are you getting there

If you book your festival tickets half a year ago, did you sort out the transportation too? You should have, as tickets go crazy during the festival time, due to popular demand. Are you flying to Venice, Split, Zagreb or Zadar and bussing it from there? That seems to be the most popular choice. If you’re not sure about the bus times and such, just use vollo to book your tickets while sipping an espresso on the airport. You can also rent a car and drive thos 3-4 hours to Pag. It’s easy, even without the GPS.

Get there early

Experienced Hideouters usually turn up a day or a few days before the festival. It means you get to familiarize with the place, find your perfect breakfast bar or afternoon spag-bolo pickups before the crowds arrive. The first warm up party last year was probably the best party on the festival- just the right amount of people, everyone taking it easy and having fun, so being there a day or two before the crowds means more fun at pre-parties and after-parties.

Get wet and party

With Papaya and Aquarius refitting and expanding their pools since last summer, splashing and being beautifully wet is how you’ll be spending your daily clubbing, with trips down to the beach for vodka soaked watermelon explosions.


Surrounded by island’s idyllic nature the festival is lively and well all day long, which means a lot of walking and dancing around in the sun so remember to hidrate all the time as midday heat is not your natural surrounding.

Combination of booze, sleep deprivation and heat is ideal for dehydration.

The great expectations

You’ve come prepared. Determined not to sleep a wink for the next three-four days as you just might miss the best DJ set ever played on a beach or that handsome stranger you’ve been looking for since the airport.

You’re wearing comfy shoes and your best clubbing clothes that turn into a beach tent in a jiffy. Water bottle filled with gin is in your sock and other fun stuff is under your baseball cap. All is set. The lights come on, the music takes you and you dance, like you’ve never danced before.

You close your eyes and it is 2 days later, your shoes have turned into plastic bags, you’re wearing a bra on your head, and you fall asleep whenever the conversation stops for more than 30 seconds.

You can either find a shady spot on the beach and recharge or plan your rest according to the lineup. There is a hidden, lonely beach not far from the festival location, perfect for a kip.

Have you booked your boat party

All the festivalgoers say that the boat parties in Croatia are the best part of the festival scene. If you haven’t booked yours, do not despair, just go to the boats and ask – they usually have a few spare tickets available and sometimes people do not show up so you can get their tickets from their mates – who will become your mates when all this is over :)


VERY IMPORTANT: Boats get hot during daytime, so wear as little clothes as possible, preferably the ones you can get wet in, be it from a bottle of water poured on your head or from a jump overboard. Bring cash, as it is the only way to pay for your drinks and apply some sort of sun protection, at least to your nose and lips. It does not look too sexy, but it will make you look smart when the roasting starts and separate you from the sunburnt bunch. Pain is not fun. Oh, and try to time the boat party so you catch the sunset at least once. It is worth the extra effort.

Supermarket is king

One thing all Hideout people mention is going to Plodine for drinks and food, as well as Wi-fi. Strategy is clear. Divide into groups: Group 1. gets the provisions and group 2. goes to a nearby cafe for free Wi-fi. Hey, you have to refresh your social networks on a daily basis. We get it. What is life without an instagram feed to prove you’ve had lots of fun and selfies 🙂

If Hideout ends, fun does not have to

True, festival is going to be great and you’ve waited for sooo long to do this, but once you are inCroatia, why not see some of it’s beauty. Few hours away from the festival sites are several nature parks that can give you a much needed chill out, like Krka Waterfalls, with crisp, fresh water to swim in and relax or Paklenica, not so much further, with walking or free climbing paths to explore. If nothing else, spend an evening in Zadar or Split before flying back home, as these antique cities are filled with young and beautiful things like yourself looking for a bit of fun.


If you bus it to Split, 5 minutes from the bus station you’ll find Bačvice beach, perfect place for a kip, beer and a swim before hitting the town.

In Zadar beach is not so close to the bus stop, but you can hit the city centre, find the sea organ and just relax on the promenade with a beer in your hand.

Zagreb has a lot to offer too, especially during the summer months, when all the life happens on the streets.

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